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Student Diversity

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Student Diversity promotes a campus environment that is welcoming and valuing of all people and the diversity in our human qualities and opinions. In additon, the office provides resources and support for students and groups that are underrepresented in the field of healthcare.  

Multicultural Student Organizations

Student organizations have been created over the course of MUSC's history to help advance the educational environment for students whose idententity places them in what is considered to be a marginalized group.  

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Financial Opportunities

Student Diversity is able to offer additional financial opportunities to multicultural students, who are currently enrolled in the university.  We encourage you to stop by the office or call to see if you are eligible for fiscal support that may be available annually. All recipients must be U.S. citizens to be eligible for funding.

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Contact Us

Harper Student Center
45 Courtenay Drive
Ste. 213, MSC 974
Charleston, SC 29425