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Starting A New Student Organization

Can't find the group your looking for?  Have an idea for a new group?  Start your own campus-wide student organization!

Privileges of Student Organizations

  • Meet on campus
  • Reserve and use MUSC facilities, equipment and services
  • Publish organization’s information in the MUSC Student Handbook
  • Disseminate information on meetings, programs and services through the MUSC communication network (student and employee broadcast email systems,  online calendar "Student News & Events" and The Catalyst)
  • Participate in the annual Student Activities Fair held each year in mid-September
  • Establish a MUSC-linked web page
  • Raise funds


Application Process

Any group of students desiring recognition as a MUSC university-wide student organization must complete a New Student Organization Application and submit a copy of the group's constitution and bylaws.

Click Here To Complete Your Application

Requests for new college-specific student organizations should be submitted to the Dean's Office in your college.  Once approved, please be sure to complete the Annual Student Organization Registration



A constitution is the basic framework of an organization.  It should state the purpose and should indicate the number of officers and the method of their selection, requirements for membership, and other general operating procedures which might be subject to frequent change.  Detailed methods of doing business and specific rules belong in a document called the by-laws.  For example, the constitution would establish the fact that dues are a requirement for membership and would outline the method of determining the amount of dues.  The by-laws would then state the specific dues structure.

Click Here To See A Sample


Maintaining Recognition

To retain recognition, student organizations must complete the Annual Student Organization Registration.  This process takes place between April and September each year and allows the university to retain the most up-to-date information for the Student Handbook


Establishing An Organizational Bank Account

Recognized student organizations operate at MUSC under the auspices of the Office of Student Programs.  Organizations requesting use of MUSC’s name and federal ID number on bank accounts must get prior approval from the Executive Director of Student Programs and Student Programs, who will submit a request for approval from the State Treasurer’s Office if deemed appropriate. 

Organizations that opt to set up an external bank account must comply with the University policy memorandum ID# AA-2005-01-STUDENTS found at the link provided above. Compliance includes refraining from the use of the university’s tax ID number and the words “Medical University of South Carolina” in the name on your organization and its bank account.

Persons with questions regarding organization funds and bank accounts should contact their Deans Office and/or the Executive Director of Student Programs and Student Diversty at 843-792-2693 or for more information.

View the Student Organization Bank Account and Agency Fund Policy


Promoting Your Organization

Ready to start promoting your organization and events?  Check out the resources located on the Student Communications page. 


Use of the MUSC Logo

Many student organizations want to reproduce the official MUSC logo on t-shirts, mugs, decals, etc. This is fine as long as the graphics standards for the logo described in detail at are followed. Verbiage that is in good taste and does not misrepresent the University may also be included with the logo according to the specified spatial guidelines.  If the verbiage your organization would like to include with the logo or the use of the logo is at all questionable, please contact the the Coordinator for Student Communications at 843-792-2695.


Student Organization Events With Alcohol

Before planning an event with alcohol, please review the MUSC Student Alcohol Policy.  For questions regarding this policy and your event, please contact the Executive Director of Student Progams and Student Diversity at 843-792-2693.

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