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MUSC Honor Code

Honor Council Cases 1999-2000

Spring 2000

During the Spring 2000 semester, four cases were brought before two of the college honor councils. The four cases involved a total of five charges.

In one college two separate cases were heard on two separate charges of cheating on a test. In both cases, the honor council found the students to be guilty. The recommended sanction for both students was suspension until the spring semester of 2001. Both students appealed to the dean of the college. The dean upheld the decision but reduced the sanction to failure of the course.

In one college two separate cases were heard by the honor council. The first involved two charges against two students, and was an accusation of duplicate work on an assignment. The students pleaded guilty to this charge, and the honor council recommended placing the students under probation that would end upon graduation. These same students were also charged with sharing answers and work on another assignment. Both students pleaded not guilty. After the presentation of evidence during the formal hearing, one student admitted guilt. The honor council recommended the sanction of failure of the course for this student. It was determined that the acquisition of the common work occurred after the other student had completed the assignment and without that student¹s knowledge. Therefore, the second student was found not guilty.

The second case heard also involved two students. These students were accused of having a test key in their possession. At the Formal Hearing of the honor council, the students pleaded not guilty. The honor council deliberated on each student individually and found both students not guilty of the charge.

FALL 1999

During the fall 1999 semester, one of the six college honor councils heard one case. A student was accused of cheating on a nationalized licensing exam. The accused student pleaded not guilty to the charge. The student was found guilty by a Formal Hearing of the honor council. The honor council decided on a sanction of immediate expulsion for the student. The student exercised the right of appeal to the dean of the college. The dean upheld the honor council's decision but reduced the penalty to a one year suspension and counseling through the University CAPS program.


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