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MUSC Honor Code

Honor Council Cases 2009-2010

Summer 2009

Charge:  Plagiarism
Verdict:  Guilty
Sanctions:  Repeat assignment with the Writing Center's assistance; received
a zero on the assignment, resulting in failing the class

Charge:  Cheating
Verdict:  Not Guilty

Charges:  Cheating off of another student's exam paper; Working ahead/back
on a lab practical exam with stations
Verdicts:  Not Guilty (cheating); Guilty (working ahead/back)
Sanction:  Written letter of reprimand placed in student's file through
the time of their graduation

Fall 2009

Charge:  Cheating
Verdict:  Not guilty

Charge:  Cheating
Verdict:  Guilty
Sanctions:  Written letter of reprimand and recorded on transcript

Charge: Plagiarism
Verdict: Guilty
Repeat the assignment with a grade of zero and receive help from the Writing Center

Charge:  Cheating
Verdict:  Not guilty


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