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MUSC Honor Code

Honor Council Cases 2011-2012


1. Charge: Plagiarism
Decision: Guilty
Sanction(s): Dismissal from program
2. Charge: Falsifying Patient Chart Information
Decision: Guilty
Sanction(s): Failure of course and mandated to retake course, write paper on proper documentation, write letter of apology to supervisors and workers, letter of reprimand put in student's file, and student must work two 8-hour shifts with supervisor.

FALL 2011

1. Charge: Stealing, improper use of technology and cheating
Verdict: Guilty of improper use of technology; Not guilty of stealing; Charges of cheating dropped
Sanction(s): Verbal/written reprimand from the department chair that will remain in the student’s file until graduation from the program.


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