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MUSC Honor Code

Honor Council Cases 2012-2013


1. Charge: Lying

Decision: Guilty

Sanction(s): Failure of assignment; resubmission of assignment; attend 3 counseling sessions with CAPS on subject of professionalism; notation of "honor code probation" on official transcript until 12/31/12.

FALL 2012

1. Charge: Student altered answer on a previouslygraded examination and attempted to gain credit for the altered answer (students are allowed to review their answer sheets and within a specific time frame are able to make a case for getting credit for an answer marked as incorrect)

Decision: Guilty

Sanction(s): CAPS counseling sessions, probation for 2 years, student not able to get honors in that course this semester


1. Charge: Changing a grade from F to P and Plagiarism

Decision: Guilty on both charges

Sanction(s): Grade of F will remain on transcript until student audits course, completes all assignments, and passes according to course director's criteria.  Failure to pass the course will result in expulsion.  Notation of "Honor Code Violation" will remain upon graduation.  Must complete 5 visits with CAE by 01/01/14.

2. Charge: Plagiarism

Decision: Guilty

Sanction(s): Resubmit assignment, present to faculty, agree to counseling to be determined by the Dean.


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