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MUSC Off-Campus Housing

Add a New Property

STOP - Please read before continuing!

Important Information Regarding Adding Your Property
The top priority of the MUSC Off-Campus Housing Office is to provide information on safe, clean, well-maintained rental properties for our MUSC community.  We offer a free on-line listing service to individuals, landlords, property managers and real estate agents/agencies wishing to rent rooms, apartments or homes via our website.  Anyone listing a property with us is expected to behave in an honest and professional manner toward their tenants.  We reserve the right to deny/delete any listing(s) we find inappropriate or unsuitable to our mission of providing excellent student service.

Explanation of choices under "Listing Category":

Rental: A property that will be available for 6 months or more. The property is completely private and is not shared in any way.

Roommate: An equally shared rental for 6 months or more. Each roommate has equal access to the rest of the apartment/home.

Room for Rent:
A room in your home that is available to rent for 6 months or more. Tenant may not have access to the rest of your home. (Example: a room that is separate from the main house). Please specify in the comments section of the listing form.

Sale: A property that is available for sale. Please specify asking price in the comments section of the listing form and put $0 for the rent per month and deposit price.

Short-Term Rental: A property that is available for less than 6 months. The property is completely private and is not shared in any way. Most of our need is for fully furnished, month-to-month rentals.

Short-Term Roommate: A room in your home or equally shared rental that is available for less than 6 months. Please specify in the comments section of the listing form. Most of our need is for fully furnished, month-to-month rentals. Asking for references is appropriate.

Sublet: Short-term rentals available for the summer months from approximately May 1 – September 1 (could be private, shared, furnished or unfurnished).

You will not be able to view your listing unless you are a MUSC student, staff or faculty member with a MUSC email account. For a sample of how your listing will appear both on-line and in booklet format, click here for Rentals example or click here for Roommates example.

*Real Estate Agents:

Please call us at 792-0394 to list your agency.

*Roommate Information:

If you need a roommate and a place to live, please go to the Roommate Search.


The MUSC Off-Campus Housing website is designed to assist all current and in-coming students/employees find suitable housing. We are happy to provide this free listing service for area landlords, agents, and real estate agencies. While we encourage and welcome an endless number of housing rentals, please note the following restrictions:

• We will not list vacant lots, boat slips, parking spaces or anything other than properties on our housing database.

• We will not list housing that is outside of the greater Charleston area.

• Regarding properties for sale - you may only list up to 10 "For Sale" properties on our housing database. (There is no limit to the number of “Rental” properties that can be listed).

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.

List a property.


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