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MUSC Off-Campus Housing

Living in Charleston

Charleston offers a wide variety of housing opportunities for you! From quaint Charleston single houses where history reveals itself in the piazzas, high ceilings and gorgeous gardens to the airy beach houses that line the perimeter of the islands...the choice is yours! For those who prefer more traditional living quarters, there is a myriad of apartment complexes with a variety of amenities. With careful consideration, you are sure to find a new home that is just right for you.

Living Downtown
If you choose to live downtown, you will be surrounded by the historical homes and cobblestone streets that give Charleston its reputation as one of the country's most charming cities. And, in most cases, you will enjoy the convenience of being within a walk or bike ride of MUSC, local stores and tourist attractions. Downtown living offers many highlights, however, the demand to live on the peninsula is reflected in higher rental rates and limited parking spaces. Furthermore, the downtown area is prone to flooding, and many of the older homes lack good insulation, which can result in higher utility bills.

A few things to keep in mind (especially when apartment hunting downtown):
• Downtown Charleston is prone to flooding.  Does the street, parking area or apartment flood during high tide or heavy rain storms?
• What are my parking options?
• If you have pets, is there any type of yard/grassy area nearby?
• Where do you pick up your mail?
• Is there a washer and dryer in the apartment? If not, are there laundry facilities nearby?

Apartment Complexes
Several areas off the peninsula like James Island, West Ashley and Mt. Pleasant offer traditional apartment complexes and more suburban living.  They vary in location, size, floor plan, cost, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, lease terms and amenities so be sure to take these things in consideration in order to find what will best suite your needs. 

The greater Charleston area provides a wide and often lower range of rental rates and many times rent includes such amenities as access to a yard, pool, tennis courts, fitness center, and plenty of available parking. In exchange for these luxuries, you will need reliable transportation for your commute to MUSC.  Commuting time into the city varies from as little as five minutes to as long as thirty minutes. 

Note:  Be sure to check with the property manager of the apartment complex – many times, they will offer a special discount for MUSC students – it never hurts to ask!

Below are some links to apartment complexes/additional housing information:

IMPORTANT:  We do not inspect, endorse, verify or assume responsibility for any property, service or website.

Regardless of where you choose to live, Charleston is sure to be an exciting and accommodating new home for you. Charleston welcomes you and invites you to experience her unique character and beauty as you continue your education at the Medical University of South Carolina.


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