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MUSC Off-Campus Housing

Rental Checklist

Things to Keep in Mind While Apartment Hunting

  • Does the neighborhood look safe and clean?
  • Are the grounds of the dwelling well kept? Who is responsible for the upkeep, you or the landlord?
  • Where do you pick up your mail? Are there individual mailboxes? Where are they located?
  • Are there dead-bolt locks on the doors? Can windows be locked? Are screens furnished?
  • How many electrical outlets are in each room?
  • Do you need special outlets to accommodate computers, microwaves, etc?
  • Is there enough closet space or an additional storage area?
  • Look under the sink. Does there appear to be any water damage or evidence of bugs?
  • Look at the ceilings throughout the facility. Do you see any evidence of water damage?
  • Are the walls damaged in any way?
  • Will the apartment be painted before you move in?
  • Is the carpet or floor covering in good shape?
  • Can you get an estimate on previous utility bills?
  • Can you talk with previous tenants?
  • Try and talk with some of the neighbors about the area.
  • Is there a shopping area nearby?
  • What are your parking options?
  • Does the landlord allow pets? If so, is there a pet deposit and is it refundable?
  • Is there a washer and dryer in the apartment? If not, are there laundry facilities nearby?
  • Downtown Charleston is prone to flooding. Does your street or parking area flood?
  • If desired, can you have a roommate or other individual living on the property?
  • If planning to leave town for the summer, can you sublet?


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