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MUSC Intramural Sports

Captains and Players Information

The Captains’ Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 5:15 p.m. in the Harper Student Center Auditorium. The Team Captain or a representative from every team is required to attend.

Dates:   Sundays
September 13, 20, 27
October 4, 11, 18, 25
November 1, 8*
*Playoffs, Number of teams taken based on # of teams in league

Times:   1:00 – 7:00 p.m.
~All games will begin every hour on the hour, 1-6 p.m. - no exceptions.
~Game time is forfeit time. No “grace period” will be allowed.
~6 “rostered” players must be present to begin play.
~The referee has complete authority during the game

Location:  North Charleston High School
1087 E Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405
For directions visit:
Weekly Schedules will be made every Wednesday evening and emailed immediately to each team captain.  By Thursday afternoon, schedules will be posted on the web: or, call Student Programs, 792-2693.

Need a bye?  Please see “Bye’s and Forfeits”.


  1. Persons eligible to play are MUSC students and their spouses, MUSC employees, postdocs and Wellness Center members.
  2. Teams in the competitive league may be co-ed or single sex.  Teams in the Co-Rec league must be co-ed with at least 3 female players on the field at all times.
  3. Players may play on one team only. No exceptions will be made.
  4. For the 1st of week of play, rosters will be due on Wednesday, September 9, by 3:00 p.m. in the Student Programs Office.
  5. Additions to rosters will be accepted until Monday, October 12 and may be submitted in person to the Student Programs Office or emailed to  
  6. If any unrostered player plays after the deadline to add players, all games in which he or she participates will be forfeited.


  1. Each team is required to pay a refundable $50 registration fee. Fees should be turned in with the roster to Student Programs prior to the 1st game.  The registration fee must be paid in cash!
  2. Teams completing the season without any forfeits will be refunded in full.  Teams with 1 forfeit for the season will be refunded $25. Teams which forfeit twice will lose the entire sum and be disqualified from the league.
  3. Registration fee refunds should be picked up by the Team Captain in Student Programs within 30 days following the end of the season.
  4. Teams may transfer their registration fee from one sport to the next, but it is the responsibility of the team captain to communicate with the intramural staff regarding the transfer.


  1. Bye and scheduling requests can be made by emailing no later than noon each Wednesday prior to the schedule being made.  There are no guarantees that requests will be honored but every attempt to accommodate will be made.
  2. A team may request one bye.  However, depending upon the number of teams participating, teams may receive more than one bye per season.
  3. If a scheduling conflict arises, the team contact or representative must contact the Intramural Coordinators before 10 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the game date. Conflicts will be handled on a case by case basis.
  4. A team will be eliminated from competition after two forfeits.
  5. In case of a team’s disqualification from the league due to forfeit, a maximum of 1 player from the eliminated team may be picked up by another team.  This holds true only through the 5th week of play (deadline for adding players to rosters).


  1. The referee has complete authority during the game.
  2. All players must present their MUSC ID to the intramural coordinator on duty or referee before beginning play. If a player who is eligible does not have an MUSC ID (such as a student spouse or wellness center member), they must present a valid government issued photo id. Students and MUSC Fac/Staff who fail to bring their MUSC ID will not be allowed to play. 
  3. “MUSC Intramural Flag Football Game Rules” will be distributed at the Captains’ meeting and are available online:
  4. The MUSC Sportsmanship Policy is in effect.  Copies of the policy will be distributed at the Captains’ meeting and is also available online.

An Intramural Coordinator will call team captains if a game should be canceled due to inclement weather.  Captains, please provide a current phone number where you can be reached on weekdays and weekends.  It is the Captain’s responsibility to contact their individual team members.

There are risks inherent in this activity. As with all other endeavors associated with being an MUSC student, each player is responsible for themselves and any medical expenses incurred due to an injury. Students are advised to carry their student ID and health insurance card to games in the case they need to go to Emergency Services at MUSC or another hospital.

Questions should be referred to the Intramural Coordinators at:
In the event you are trying to contact an intramural coordinator the day of a game, please try them at:

Eric Rackley - (724) 554-9384
Partick McGarity - (843) 906-5872
Wesley Talley - (803) 236-9465

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