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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SGA Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Reading of March 18th minutes- approved

Old Business

  • Student Lobby Day Report

Jackie: Listened to Dr Greenberg speak, and president of USC and Clemson. Budget needs, and how they would use the stimulus money. Ate lunch with Dr. Greenberg and the lobbyist, spoke to a senator about the stimulus and the cigarette tax to go medicare. Bond bill wont happen within the next two years.  The number of students who went was perfect, not too large. Thank you Kevin for driving.

  • Officer Elections – Congratulations and Thank You
  • Parking Registration

Remaining spaces released on: Monday, April 13, 2009
Do not email Sheldon.
Robin: quite a few spaces left over in all lots.
Melissa: what about sharing spots?
Dachelle: parking management can help you if you go with both students.

New Business

  • Final Meeting – Wednesday, April 22, 2009
    The Buccaneer Restaurant, 5 Faber Street
    5:30 pm – Cocktails (on your own)
    6:00 pm – Dinner
  • One Flag Bearer from each of the six colleges for graduation
  • SGA Evaluation
  • Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Jackie, Anna

 Program Vice President               

Old Business

  • MUSC Art/Photo Exhibit
    Harper Student Center
    Art available for viewing and purchase April 1st-30th
    Andrea: Buy them in SPO office
  • SGA Shem Creek Kayak Tour
    Saturday, April 11th, 10am-2pm
    Andrea: 25$ tickets are in SPO
  • Alhambra – “Gone Coastal”
    Saturday April 18th – 12-5pm @ Windjammer – GET EXCITED!
    MANDATORY; Email Melissa if there is a conflict
    Sign up sheet sent around, had to move you around. If you don’t like your new space, we can work it out. Just let me know. T-shirts are here. Please wear them to the event so people know who to go to if they need help. Shuttles will be going to the same place, shuttle schedule
  • Programs Committee Meeting – SPO

Academic Vice President

New Business

  • UHC Amendments
    Second reading: there have been grammatical changes only, nothing major.
    Motion to move to a vote to approve all seen amendments, second.
  • NCAA march madness contest results:  winners, Jackie Epping 1st, Trey 2nd, Danielle Baskin 3rd place.
  • Representation
    Tyler: we recalculated the number of reps per college. CDM 4, CGS 4, CHP 12, COM 12, CON 5, COP 6. Numbers are based off the current number of students and the algorithm that’s in our constitution.
  • Robert’s Rules Presentation
  • Appropriations request from MUSC live- second read
    Pro con debate- 5 minute period
    John (CDM): how much money do we have left?
    Ahmed: The buffer and allocations committee, $2,500 left.
    Will: what was the date last year? And why?
    Tyler: April, they did this
    CHP and COP won’t be in school at the time of the debate.
    John: if we don’t spend the money, where does it go?
    Ahmed: it will roll over.
    John: I thought it went into a contingency fund?
    Andrea: There was never a contingency fund.  We will clarify this next year. The fiscal year starts in July.
    Will: how much are we going to spend for the rest of the year, versus how much we have in our budget.
    Ahmed: Don’t have the exact numbers.
    Kevin: $24,000 unspent.
    Motion to recall the question:
    So moved. The I’ s have we will now vote on the Bill.
    Bill is passed


Old Business

  • Crisis Ministries (Megan White, Patrick Mille)
  • Kids’ Run (Jessica Friend)
  • Thanks Linnea
  • MUSC Live Allocations Request

New Business

  • Relay for Life (Emily Bauer)
    Friday/Saturday April 17th and 18th; 7:00pm
    Sign-up sheet is still going around, we will have a meeting after this meeting.
  • Service Committee – Review Awards for Service Banquet
    Wed. April 8th @ 12pm; SGA Library
  • Committee Meeting Tonight- will be relay meeting.


New Business

  • Email Issue
    Robin: Will the students be happy to delete this email rather than delete all the emails?
    Will: will delete it anyway.
    Alicia: will keep emergency emails.
    Andrea:  people won’t know
    Will: make it up to the reps to tell our classes
    Amanda: will it have the same
    Hannah: I support this.  The only way to change it is to try something new.
    Andrea: worry about the tickets sales
    Ahmed: if it doesn’t work can we change it?
    Melissa: yes, it’s a trial run
    Patrick: there will be an archive so you can go back. Word of mouth will promote the events as well.
    Motion for a second read, Second read:
    Garrett: opposed because people only read the subject line anyway
    Will: can you unsubscribe to the email?
    Alicia: you can’t do that, once you are enrolled in MUSC you can’t be taken off the list.
    Cari: there are people who aren’t interested
    Hannah: time period is the benefit, if we don’t sell enough tickets we can change it.
    Motion to call the previous question.
    Voting on the resolution
    Resolution is passed.


  • Softball updates
  • Summer 5-on-5 Basketball June- July every Tuesday and Thursday

College and Organizational Reports


Graduate Studies

Health Professions- ALS race is May30th at Isle of Palms. Bar crawl the night before

International Student Association- International Bizarre tomorrow in the library

Medicine- Charity Ball is this weekend, $45 a ticket, open bar. Shuttle run to Mt. Pleasant, where it’s located

Multicultural Student Advisory Board- support the international bizarre


Pharmacy- Lula Kate fundraiser- PLS conference was supported by nationals , Danielle

University Wide Committees

MUSC Gives Back

  • Year-end Volunteer Reporting and Service Recognition
  • Liz: thank you for a good year.

Student Programs

  • Spring/Summer Roommate Finder Parties:  May 2nd and June 19th are the next parties
    Robin: Student Service and Leadership Banquet.
  • Spoleto Vouchers- COM donated 2500, and the SGA matched that we will sell 333 vouchers.
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