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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - April 7, 2010

President:  Sheldon Bates

Old Business

Reading of March 17th minutes:  Approved

Attendance sheet for final meeting:  Please email Nadia by April 14th if you aren’t coming because we will still have to pay for you.  This will be at Rue de Jean at 6 pm.  Drinks will be on your own, but dinner will be paid by SGA.

Congratulations – Elections.  Tyler Pierce as the new president, Meg Croom and John Brandt were re-elected, Erin Pardue will be Programs VP, and Carol Brown will be Academic VP.

Smoking Signatures:  I’ve received one sheet of signatures.  Please pass them to me.

Parking Registration – Parking spaces available now directly from Parking Management, President Street Garage:  go straight to Parking Management about remaining spaces

Parking 2 weekends or 1?  Tyler and I want to have the students who have been here longer set apart so they have their choice of spots with the two weekends.

  • Tyler Pierce (Academic VP):  We currently have one weekend for upperclassmen (>5 semesters), and the second weekend for underclassmen to register for parking.  We are talking about the possibility of just one weekend to decrease the work for Parking Management and Tech Support.  If it was one weekend, we would still keep seniority.  We want y’all’s opinion on this.
  • Collins Daye (CON Rep):  So CON would never be seniority?
  • Amanda Backus (CHP Rep):  Same for CHP.
  • Andrea Boan (Programs VP):  We used to have seniority with longevity so with CON, after your first year you were a senior, but it got too complicated.  So the students that really needed it, like third year COM, were last, so we had to start MNA switching.  This was a problem when we only had 500 spots, and now we have more than 1000 parking spots, so it’s not as big of an issue.
  • Shelley Grosso (CON Rep):  Is there a reason why we are changing it?
  • Tyler:  No, we are just trying to simplify.
  • Shelley:  I think that one weekend will add more confusion
  • Tyler:  if we go to one weekend, we will publicize more.
  • Andrea:  The problem is that the committee and IT have to stay from 5-7 p.m. on a Friday and then have to be on-call all weekend.  We would like to go to one weekend so we don’t have to give up multiple Friday evenings.  We are thinking about starting on a Thursday.
  • Travis Ayers (COM Rep):  Is there a way we won’t have to pay immediately?  It’s hard to pay $300 when you’re at the end of your loans.
  • Sheldon:  This is the first time deferring this has come up.
  • Andrea:  We can’t add it to your tuition in the fall.  It has been brought up for the past two years.  It can’t be added to your tuition because it’s two separate departments.  If you don’t pay for your spot, it goes away.  You must pay by the Wednesday after you register, so I don’t know how the deferred payment would work.
  • Tyler:  We will bring it up, but this is doubtful.
  • Thomas Knackstedt (COM Rep):  How will you keep seniority with the one weekend?
  • Tyler:  Registration would start Thusday morning with the the upper classmen registering from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.  Maybe we’ll do 9-midnight, then turn the system off and wait to start the next one til 9 a.m.  This could be an issue due to students on rotation.
  • Sheldon:  Move to open enrollment without seniority with just one day of registering.  We do think it is important to have seniority.  With this system, it will be Thursday and Friday, then free for everyone to register Saturday and Sunday.
  • Tyler:  There is an issue with people calling the tech people at midnight with issues.
  • Sanford Zeigler (COM Rep):  What if we did day hours during the week so no one is bothered at night or the weekends?
  • Sheldon:  We are trying to do this.  What I’m hearing is that we are favoring one condensed weekend.
  • Linnea Freeman (CGS Rep):  Would one day overwhelm the system?
  • Tyler:  No.

Vote:  Majority in favor of the condensed system, so we’ll put this recommendation in.

New Business

SGA Evaluations:  We do this every year to improve SGA.  Fill these out and return to Student Programs or tonight.

Flag Bearers for graduation – CHP: 

Representatives needed for possible Sustainability Committee:  This may not be formed.  Anyone interested in recycling?  Katherine Shugart (COP Rep), Collins Daye (CON Rep).  This will be for next year.

Representatives needed for Orientation Committee:  There is a disjointed sessions with orientation, so we are revamping this system and they need students on this committee to help.  Travis Ayers (COM Rep), Carol Brown (COP Rep).  Meeting Monday, April 12 in the Exec Conference Room.  Tyler and I are going, so we can fill you in if you can’t go.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Sheldon,  John Wagner (CHP Rep)

Program Vice President:  Andrea Boan

New Business

MUSC Student, Staff & Faculty Art/Photo Exhibit

  • Displayed: April 1 - 30, Harper Student Center Courtenay Gallery

Alhambra – April 10, 2010
Tickets $10/$12 in advance in the horseshoe.  Get your tshirt before you leave and wear it on Saturday, especially the Programs Committeee.

  • Matt Tice (MSAB Rep):  For the Committee, should we drive or take the shuttle?
  • Andrea:  We’ll have a committee meeting after this.
  •  Brandon Hagan (CDM Rep):  Can we still get tickets and sell them to our class?
  • Andrea:  Yes.  Be sure to get a shuttle schedule.  Please sign the pictures going around.  These are for people helping with the event.  Committee meeting after.

Academic Vice President:  Tyler Pierce

I am looking forward to working with you again next year.  We welcome new students, but continuity is big also.  I have big shoes to fill, but I’m confident I can do it.

Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business

Expense Reports

  • Shem Creek Kayaking Trip:  March 21st; $436, 22 people showed up, about $19/person, underbudget again
  • Tennis Social:  33 people, $209, $6.36/person, also underbudget

Recap Recent Service Event and Service Evaluation Forms for:

  • Habitat for Humanity:  This was a great time.  We helped put up sheet rock and it was a lot of fun.
  • CRBR Kids’ Run:  Two weeks ago, also a lot of fun.  2000 kids were there.

New Business

Upcoming Service Events:

Relay for Life: Friday, April 9 from 5pm-10pm (LAST SERVICE EVENT):  Stoney Field.  We have 8-10 people on the team.

  • Shelley:  If we collect money, can we bring it to the event?
  • Linnea:  Yes.  If anyone is signed up or if you are interested in joining, please meet with me a couple of minutes after the meeting.
  • John:  Linnea is the team captain, so contact her, me, or Liz Sheridan if you have questions.

Service Requirement Amendment:   read by title only for the first read
5 minute question & answer

  • John:  Currently with the worker requirements now, the exec meetings in the summer set the number of service events.  It is generally one event a semester, but I want to change this so it is based off of hours, not events, so we can fit events and hours better.  Most events are 3 or 4 hours, so you’ll still be working one event.  This year with the Haiti fundraiser, these were 1-hour spots, so we wouldn’t have enough people to fulfill other events.  We could do 3-hour slots, but this will still be at the discretion of exec.
  • Andrea:  We should set a maximum so reps won’t have to exceed a number of hours, which will protect them.
  • John:  So not to exceed 6 hours
  • Tres Schiltz (COP Rep):  It currently says reps are required to work a clean-up, but we are no longer required to do this.
  • Andrea:  I agree the wording needs to be changed.  This will be worked on in the exec summer meetings.
  • Sheldon:  For our purposes, that will be better as a separate amendment.  Motion for 2nd read because this is our last business meeting and we would like to get this approved for the next year.

Second read by title only.  5 minute debate period.

  • Will Lake (COP Rep):  Pro:  This will help get more hours for MUSC Gives Back.
  • Sheldon:  Amendment passed.

Secretary:  Meg Croom

Rep Requirements:  I passed around an updated sheet with all working requirements and service requirements.  This is the same as what is on the SGA site, but please see me after the meeting or send me an email if something isn’t correct.  There are some of you that haven’t done your service event yet this semester, so just remember that Relay is Friday.

  • Sheldon:  We had a long talk about reps not meeting their requirements at exec on Monday night.  We have written a letter that will be sent to the college deans if you don’t meet your requirements and this will be kept in your permanent file because it is a breach of professionalism
  • John:  This is in the Constitution and you all signed oaths at the beginning of the year.
  • Sanford:  At the last meeting, I wasn’t sure I would meet my worker requirements.  If you can see this happening, is there anything that can be done?
  • Andrea/Sheldon:  Yes, meet with exec.  Communication is key.


Summer 5-on-5 Basketball:  Captains Meeting in May, season June-July.  Games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Bracket Results:  Journey Henderson (CON Rep) won the bracket and you will get a gift certificate.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan
Student Leadership Banquet – April 14th 6:00pm at Marriott on Lockwood.  Please reply by Friday so we can turn in the catering order.  You will receive a complimentary drink ticket and dinner will begin at 6:30.  Business attire, no guests.  The evening will be over by 8:30.  We will hear about Student Leadership nominations and other awards.

Student Programs

University Wide Committees:  Carol Brown:  for the Learning Commons Advisory Board:  Let your classes know the books and journals are moving.  We are collaborating with Clemson’s architecture program to redesign the library, which should be done by the next fall or spring.  The laptop service will be available and there will be new furniture.  We are researching food vendors for the 1st floor of the library.  There are also 4 Learning Commons support people who are there several days a week that can help you with tech support and printing from laptops.


Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Jay as new CHP SGA president.

International Student Association:  Telma de Palma:  next Thursday the 15th from 11:30-1:30 international bazaar in horsehoe with food, crafts, dancing, martial arts.  This is also on the Broadcast.


Multicultural Student Advisory Board


Pharmacy:  Mackie King:  Jessica Ho will be a new rep next year.  New president and Tres will no longer be a rep.


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