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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - February 17, 2010

President:  Sheldon Bates

Old Business

Reading of February 3rd minutes:  Approved

SGA Officer Applications – Due February 26th
Elections – March 24th and 25th

New Business

Returning Student Parking Registration:  publicize this to classes, I have sent out an e-mail
March 19-21 and March 26-28

Safety Walk – February 23rd  at 6:15 for an hour– 5 zones, 10 SGA Reps; Travis Ayers

Legislative Day (2/17):  Spoke with four legislators and received good advice about going forth with the smoking legislation and how to speed things .  We need to introduce into House and Senate to get the two passed at the same time.  We are having an obstacle with getting the hospital administration to agree to this, and we need their support to get this passed.

Next meeting March 17th, which is a month away, so take note of this.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Linnea Freeman, Anna Collins


Program Vice President:  Andrea Boan

Old Business

Night at the Charleston Ballet – Evaluation; sold-out event and Robin was honored for her work with the Cultural Projects Council

Fat Tuesday – Evaluation

New Business

Winetasting –Friday, February 26th 7:00-10:00pm at the Aquarium; we do have a few tickets left
One worker spot available:  Sara Crawford
Please check your time and your cell phone number
Parking garage across from the Aquarium and there are metered spots

MUSC Student/Faculty/Staff Art/Photo Exhibit Submissions
Can submit 2 pieces between March 1st-19th

Alhambra – April 10, 2010 at the Windjammer

Kayak Trip – March 21st, 1pm at Shem Creek - $25

Programs Committee Meeting


Academic Vice President:  Tyler Pierce

UHC Report:  Violation in the CON of plagiarism, and the student was found guilty. Sanctions: the student failed the course, and a letter was sent to the dean about violation.  There was also a violation in CHP of plagiarism.  The student was found  guilty, and the student had to resubmit the assignment, couldn’t make higher than 80 on the assignment, is on probation til summer 2010, and he also had to go to the writing center for help.  The Honor Council is is creating a faculty tip sheet to help the faculty with how the Honor Code works.  For the students, there is a flow-chart about what happens when a violation occurs due to the wordiness of the honor code.  The faculty survey will be discussed in the next meeting.

Portal Update:  The Portal is like iGoogle for MUSC—WebAdvisor, email, and WebCT can all be accessed from the homepage, but we are currently at a stop.  Dr. Shaw, Sheldon, and I really want to see this come through, but it is falling apart.  The portal can be logged into, then you don’t have to log into separate MUSC sites (such as email) and then you can customize feeds, such as blogs.  It is also like Facebook because you can chat on the Portal.  There is a lot of potential with this, but the pilot in CHP didn’t give a lot of feedback, so they feel like the students don’t want to use this.  Faculty and University can also send you messages so rather than large Broadcast emails, you could have different boxes for different announcements.

  • CHP Reps:  didn’t know about the pilot, but it was only run in one CHP class.
  • Reps as a whole are interested.
  • Shelley Grosso (CON Rep):  I think it’s more effective to get personal emails.  In the CON, half are on WebCT and half on BB, so it may eliminate the problem if we are all on the same site.
  • Tres Schiltz (COP Rep):  Everything should be linked together so we don’t have to go to separate sites like WebCT and WebAdvisor.  SCCP has a Portal that’s not that advanced, but we do have a system.

Smoking Resolution and Signature Drive:  Since we have signed on as SGA to Sheldon’s resolution, we are having a signature drive to get the support of the students and we are going to use this to gain faculty support.  Take these to your classes and get them to sign, but we will have separate ones for professors.  Don’t pressure anyone to sign, but I think the majority of students do agree with this.  If you need more, contact Sheldon or myself.  Keep this til the next meeting or drop off in Student Programs.  Also, forward the resolution along to your classes before they sign.

  • Sanford Zeigler (COM Rep):  COM is dispersed, so I’ll put it in the Dean’s Offices.

Academic Affairs Committee Meeting


Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business     

Night at the Ballet:  Net expenses around $1650, with 166 attending and the cost per person was about $10.  We were also underbudget.

Update on Haiti Fundraiser:  Many groups have been raising money for Water Missions International.  The raffle had more than $2500 earlier this week and final tickets were sold yesterday.  The Hearts for Haiti Soiree raised around $2000.  Other groups (COP and others) hopefully helped us raise around $5000.  There is a fund that will match what we raise as long as they still have funds.  If you know any groups that have raised money and haven’t donated it yet, if they would like to donate to Water Missions, contact Liz or myself by next Thursday so we can give one check and make a media announcement.

New Business

MUSC/Red Cross Student Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Registry (Schayla Ardis & Amanda Pirovitz)
Thursday, Feb. 18th, 12-5pm
Register online at  use code:  muscswc
We will have pizza and the  Red Cross will be giving $5 gift cards for Moe’s.  Please bring your ID.

MLK Health Expo @ Sanders-Clyde Elementary (Thomas Tyner & Brad Peper)
Saturday, Feb. 20 – 2 shifts: 8:30am-11:30am; 9:30am-1pm
This is for kids and parents and is interprofessional over MUSC.  Each group prepared something on a topic, such as cancer.  As an SGA, we are having a Healthy Snack Shack.

  • John:  As far as volunteering this semester, with the Haiti event, lots of you worked, but I encourage you to do more.  We will really need help this weekend and with future events.  We will have an hour requirement next year instead of an actual event requirement.

MUSC Children’s Hospital Radiothon
Thursday, March 4, 3-5pm in Colbert Library; we need 5 to volunteer

Habitat for Humanity – Sign-ups
March 20th – 8am-12pm:  Maya Fields

Cooper River Bridge Kids’ Run
Friday March 26 in Hampton Park: Amy Marialke;  3 shifts:  Event Assistance 2-6 needs the most help

Poll to gauge interest in having SGA Relay for Life team vs. allowing members to participate on other teams; there are 2 Relays (one for the colleges, and one community-wide)
7pm April 9 – 7am April 10; we would be out til midnight because Alhambra the next day

  • Will Lake:  So if SGA didn’t have a team, if we still went, would it count as our service event?  (No)  I don’t think we need to have as much food this year
  • Around 8 would like a team, so we will probably have a team


Secretary:  Meg Croom

Clarion Competition March 3, Storm Eye Institute
SGA is responsible for the reception portion of the Clarion Competition.  I will be in touch with those of you that have signed up to work about final working times because the organization sponsoring the actual competition has not set a definite time yet.
2 Reps to set-up around 4:45-6:  Seay Walker, Kat White
2 Reps to clean up around 7:45-9:  Bob Hosker, Thomas Tyner

Reminder about rep requirements:  There are some of you who have not yet completed an event, so I have opened the Clarion worker spots to you first.  I have also passed around a sheet with the most up-to-date worker requirements, so if you could please confirm this and also check the SGA website to make sure everything is correct.  If something is incorrect, please either see me after the meeting or send me an email.


Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski (Student Programs)

Softball starting on February 21st, 18 teams and we have a competitive league this year

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

  • Report volunteer hours; you will get your own resume of your volunteer hours
  • Student Leadership Banquet in April and awards will be given; all volunteers with more than 15 hours will get a thank-you

Student Programs:  Nadia Mariutto

  • Women’s History Month Wine and Cheese reception
  • Thursday, March 4th 5-6:30 in HSC Courtenay Gallery
  • Campus Safety Conference Student Forum at the Francis Marion Hotel Drayton Room (Kevin); Thursday, February 18th 4:15pm—mental stress and higher education will be discussed; Travis Ayers has been helping with this; there will be food and a drawing for a free iPod
  • Alicia Lockard:  on behalf of Willette, in March:  You will be receiving an email with a survey about our division as well as the CAE, CAPS, Wellness Center, etc. and we are being evaluated on your responses, so please do the survey!

University Wide Committees

Dental:  Trent Pierce

  • We need patients for dental screenings for cavities.  If you come, you are not obligated.  We will do X-Rays and screenings and you do get paid if you are a Boards patient, which will be for half a day.  1st floor of the new dental buildings for 20 minutes from 5-7 pm for screenings.  The days I have been there, the lines have not been long.
  • Dental School’s 80’s prom March 20th.  We will have a Facebook group and tickets can be bought online and will be sold the 1st and 3rd weeks of March on-campus.

Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Amanda Backus—Alcohol Awareness event on March 2 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the library portico with a “Wheel of Portion” and hopefully a $50 Target giftcard.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matt Tice-next meeting March 1st, ECL 107 at noon


Pharmacy:  Tres-Golf Tournament coming up; on the Student Broadcast

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