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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - February 3, 2010

President:  Sheldon Bates

Old Business

Reading of January 20th minutes:  Approved

SGA Officer Applications – Due February 26th
Elections – March 24th and 25th
Student Programs has applications; contact us if you have questions

Smoking Resolution – Bill 10-01
Second Read by title only; this states our position as a student body to have a smoke-free campus.  Five-minute period of debate.

  • Amanda Backus (CHP Rep):  Since we are an educational institution and a healthcare facility, we need to set an example and promote health in all areas, so I’m for it.
  • Shelley Grosso (CON Rep):  Lack of clarification; if this includes the area in front of the hospital, this creates a problem with patients and patients’ families, so how does this relate to them?  I do agree it should be implemented.
  • Tres Schiltz (COP Rep):  This is a necessary first step in being smoke-free; Charleston is smoke-free, Roper is smoke-free.  If a restaurant can be smoke-free, why can’t we?  This would include families and patients, just like at Roper.
  • John Wagner (CHP Rep):  If we do implement this, will there be a direction of where to go off-campus?
  • Sheldon:  Yes, this is a student opinion of what the campus should do, but we haven’t gotten to the logistics of how to actually do this.  We are trying to get the state law changed so we can create our own policy.
  • Tyler Pierce (SGA Programs VP):  This is not a binding resolution, this is just the Body letting the administration know we feel strongly about this issue; it’s just the first step to getting awareness and getting going.

Resolution passed as written; I contacted the Faculty Senate and the President is on board and he’s going to speak to other faculty.  Their advice was to contact the hospital authorities, but some of the hospital authorities don’t want this to happen.  Tyler is contacting Clemson’s SGA, I’m contacting Carolina to get more information and support.  I also have a signature sheet for you to sign if you are in favor.  We will be starting a signature drive across campus to gain support; it’s not a petition, it’s just saying you approve.

Campus Improvements:  Library Room Schedule Monitor should be operational within the next two weeks

  • Sanford Zeigler (COM Rep):  Someone in my class brought up the jewelry/clothing sales in the library.
  • Tyler:  I’ll look more into this.
  • Liz Sheridan (MUSC Gives Back):  MUSC Volunteer Services does this.

New Business

Financial Education Seminars for Students?:  What sort of financial education do you receive at MUSC?
Pharmacy has a finance elective, MHA has finance courses, dental has a class, but that’s it. 

  • Willette Burnham (Office of Student Programs):  The request came from enrollment services/Dr. Shaw, if seminars were offered at lunch, early mornings, or afternoon, would students come?  We were asked to poll the SGA.

Majority of the SGA in favor of these seminars.

  • Tyler:  I think paying off student loans is very important and it is not on this topic list.
  • Willette:  I know this is something high on their list.  Clarification, given your interest, what time should this be offered?  Lunch or later (dinnertime).

PALS - Peer Assistance  Leadership Seminar at CofC

APESL - One Rep from SGA at the request of Dr. Shaw; Kat White (CON Rep)
Saturday, February 20, 2010 1:30-3:30 PM

  • Liz:  This has been a program at CofC and CSU is also involved, as well as public safety; training program to help student peers to react positively/be more proactive with peers that may abuse alcohol and may become a victim of an alcohol-related incident.  This is to train others to be aware and to help others. 

Returning Student Parking Registration:  There will be modifications to the parking site, so be prepared to answer questions on this.
March 19-21 and March 26-28

  • Tres:  Has there ever been a talk about buying a space for a month or so when you are on rotation so you don’t have to pay for the entire semester?
  • Sheldon:  I’ll check with Parking Management about this.

Safety Walk:  We do this every couple of years to walk the campus to see if the lighting is OK, enough call boxes, etc.

  • Travis Ayers (COM Rep):  The walk will be February 23 after sundown for an hour or so and you get a free dinner.  There will be representatives from SGA, Public Safety, and Parking Management.  There are 5 zones that will be patrolled, so we need about 10 reps.

Legislative Day Mark Sweatman, Amanda Backus, Tres Schiltz, and Kristin Smith

  • Amanda Backus:  We have decided February  17, a group of SGA members will go to Columbia with the Presidential Scholars to have a breakout session with legislators to discuss topics of interest, like the smoking policy.  This will be an all-day event.
  • Sheldon:  Last year we had 9 go, but this year we will have less reps attend.  We are also looking at another 5% budget cut, maybe a 10% tuition increase, so we want to talk to them about this.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Maya Fields, Rachel Smalley

Program Vice President:  Andrea Boan

Old Business

Night at the Charleston Stage – Evaluation; 73 attended

New Business

Night at Charleston BalletFriday, February 5, 7:30pm Black Box Theatre
Free wine and cheese reception afterwards with the dancers; MUSC only; tickets in Office of Student Programs or at lunch tomorrow (2/4) and it does sell out; $5 for students

Fat Tuesday – 11:30am-1:15pm
Tuesday, February 16th; MUSC Horseshoe with a band, beads, food
Worker Sign –ups to hand out beads

Winetasting –Friday, February 26th 7:00-10:00pm
SGA Worker Slot Lottery; SGA Ticket Sales – Wednesday, February 3
Student Body Ticket Sales -Wednesday, February 10 5:30-7p.m.; only buy 2 tickets per ID at $20 each and the student must have their own ID

  • Melissa Thompson (COP Rep):  Will you be selling them the next morning as well?  (Yes, and we will email with how many tickets are left)

We are selling 800 tickets this year and we had 150 leftover last year for the next day, but we sold them all that day.  14-16 wines, 1 flavored beer, catering by Steven Duvall at the Aquarium; dressy to cocktail attire; booklet with information about the wines and serving suggestions

Programs Committee Meeting

Academic Vice President:  Tyler Pierce

Report on National Primary Care Week:  Topics discussed were immunizations, reducing health disparities, PA/physicians in rural SC, healthcare system reform, all of which had great turnouts.  We are going to try to have one topic each month.

Library Room Use policy:  We have had several questions about this and we have already addressed the questions.

Honor Council tomorrow (2/4) and we have had 40 responses from the faculty survey; update at the next meeting.

Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business

Financial Report

  • Volleyball: $1340 spent with $5.68/person
  • Oyster Roast:  $10857 spent with 1600 in attendance at $6.77/person; $1100 underbudget
  • Night at Charleston Stage:  $325 spent with 73 in attendance, $4.45/person

Update on Haiti Fundraiser:  2 weeks ago we voted on taking up funds at lunch; 2 days after this, COM’s Global Interest Group started a raffle.  They want our support since they are a small group and they need help selling tickets at $2 each.  $1700-2000 has been raised in 8 days for Water Missions.  Sign-ups passed around again; we are now paired with this interest group. 

  • Liz:  Hearts for Haiti soiree on February 12; the raffle winners will be announced.  Tickets are $15.

All of these fundraisers are going towards Water Missions; is there a goal we are shooting for?  Maybe we should stop around Feb. 16.  I think $12500 should be our goal since there will be enough to buy half a water jug for WM and there is a group that will match this; currently $1.9 million is still left in this fund.

New Business

MUSC/Red Cross Student Blood Drive in HSC:  We will probably have pizza for the donors, but the donor room will not be a part of the drive this time.  Goal of 49 units and it takes about 70 appointments to get this.
Thursday, Feb. 18th, 12-5pm

  • Amanda Backus:  Suggestion—can non-MUSC students donate?  Other people want to donate.
  • John:  Sure, but the competition is just between students.  Also be sure to bring ID.

Charleston Animal Society wrote us a thank you note for the donations from the last drive.

MLK Health Expo @ Sanders-Clyde Elementary
Friday/Saturday, Feb. 19-20 - 4-6pm/9:30am-1pm

MUSC Children’s Hospital Radiothon
Thursday, March 4, 3-5pm

Secretary:  Meg Croom

No Report


Volleyball Champs

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs

  • Make Your Own Valentines:  in Office of Student Programs
  • Call for Nominations for Earl B. Higgins Diversity Award:  due this Friday
  • Call for Nominations Student Leadership Society

University Wide Committees—Learning Commons Committee (Carol) they are starting to remove journals and books; next meeting on the 23rd and if you have any suggestions on study spaces, technology, etc, let me know.

Dental:  Board screenings Tues-Thurs 5-7 pm 1st floor

Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Amanda Backus, introduction of new rep

  • Maria Psomas (CHP Rep):  bathrooms of the 1st floor of the library are not cleaned on the weekends.

International Student Association


  • John:  Group on not using computers in health settings due to Facebook, so please respond if you received this email.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  March 1 EL 107 at noon (Matt Tice)

Nursing:  intro of new member


Carol Brown (COP Rep):  Debit slot on the vending machine may not be working in COP.

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