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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - January 20, 2010

President (Sheldon Bates)

Old Business

  • Reading of January 6th minutes:  Approved
  • Campus improvements:

Now ample seating exists in courtyard between library and BSB
Bicycle Racks – Parking management is evaluating suggested locations for feasibility and planning near the Colleges of Pharmacy and Dental Medicine
Visibility obstruction finally resolved near P lot
Please keep the suggestions coming; email me or let me know

New Business

  • Last Meeting Plans – April 21st

Dr. Shaw proposed having our last meeting at her house, but there isn’t enough seated space for a dinner, so we will have heavy hor d’oeuvres.  This would be in place of our final meeting where we usually go to a restaurant and have a send-off.   What do y’all think? (Everyone wants to have it at a restaurant).  Dr. Shaw will be invited to our last meeting.

  • SGA Officer Applications – Due February 26th
    Elections March 24th and 25th

Packets with a list of responsibilities, the Constitution, and sample letters of intent.  Please take one if you are interested.  Please contact us if you are interested in running.  Our contact information is in the packet.

  • Smoking Resolution – Bill 10-01

First Read:  On-campus smoking policy to put more weight on what we are trying to do at the Statehouse. 
5 minute Q & A

  • Linnea Freeman (CGS Rep):  For employees that smoke, where do they go?  Will this affect breaktime?
  • Sheldon:  They will have to go off-campus.  Roper is a smoke-free campus and their employees come to MUSC to smoke.  We are supposed to be a leader in health practices, which isn’t what we are doing.  We will also be promoting smoking cessation programs offered free through MUSC.
  • Amanda Backus (CHP Rep):  Will this be enforced?
  • Sheldon:  Currently this is a resolution.  University of Maryland has a list of procedures on how to make a campus smoke-free.  With a law, we will be able to enforce it more, maybe with a $25 fine. 
  • Tres Schiltz (COP Rep):  In the meantime, can we speak with Public Safety to get the current smoking policy enforced?  That’s why this came about (smoking huts and not smoking in the hut).  I thought it was prohibited to smoke outside of the huts, so maybe we need to rewrite this.
  • Sheldon:  Are people aware of smoking policy?  This is something we have been working with Dr. Shaw on.  Public Safety should be on the lookout for this.
  • Tres:  Public Safety doesn’t enforce this at all.
  • Sanford Zeigler (COM Rep):  Where are the “no smoking” signs? 
  • Travis Ayers (COM Rep):  They are everywhere.
  • Extended to 10 minutes Q&A.
  • Sanford:  It would be helpful to have the smoking area not in front of the entrance of the hospital.
  • Kat White (CON Rep):  How will people feel about this?  About having to move?  This is a stress-reliever for some.
  • Peyton Foust (COM Rep):  This isn’t a novel concept to have a smoke-free hospital campus.  It is more rare to have a hospital that allows smoke, especially by the entrance.
  • Sheldon:  There are benchmark campuses for these policies.  I referenced these schools in an email to USC and Clemson to gain support.
  • MUSC Response to Earthquake in Haiti

Groups around campus are starting their own fundraising.  Thoughts on us doing a fundraiser at lunch?  Empty water jug every day for the next month for people to donate money.  This would be in the ECL.
Water Missions International, Red Cross, other suggestions of who we should donate money to?  Water Missions is local and they make water treatment pumps to provide clean drinking water for a community.  Planning on setting up 2-3 more in the next couple of days.  Close to $25,000 to build one of these.  The Red Cross has a lot of resources.  The service committee will be in charge once we decide who we donate the money to.

  • Tres:  If we gave people a goal, where we are raising money to buy a filtration system, it might help.
  • Travis:  We could donate to Doctors Without Borders, which is similar to Partners in Health, where healthcare providers help with day-to-day healthcare and also in acute crises.  They perform surgery, primary care,  and dentistry.
  • Sanford:  Partners in Health is another option, and it started with clinics in Haiti.  There’s lots of fundraising, and they do a good job of doing medical work and training the people that live there to do medical work themselves.
  • Mackie King (COP Rep):  We have a 4th year pharmacy student who lost his mother and sister.  It is an important time to help support.
  • Vote:  Water Missions International.  We are trying to create a way of integrating these groups by asking organization presidents to see if they want to work with us.
  • Service Committee Meeting after
  • Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Kate Hicks and Sanford Zeigler

Program Vice President (Andrea Boan)

Old Business

  • Exam Break – Evaluations; was having 2 nights of exam breaks OK?  Different food with dinner instead of snacks, later time?
  • Oyster Roast – Evaluations:  1604 attended, which was great
  • Jazz Night at CofC:  Sponsored by the Cultural Projects Council; subsidized student tickets; 21 people at $10 a piece

New Business

  • Night at the Charleston Stage, Sottile Theatre; Steel Magnolias

January 22, 7:30 pm; $5 student tickets, $10 non-student; 2 per ID

  • Night at Charleston Ballet
    Friday, February 5, 7:30pm Black Box Theatre for MUSC only $5 for students, $10 for non

Free wine and cheese reception afterwards on the stage and the dancers come and meet everyone
Award to Robin will be handed out before the performance for her service

  • Fat Tuesday – Tuesday, 11:30am-1:15pm

February 16th in the horseshoe with a band, pass out Mardi Gras beads
Worker spot signups at the next meeting (February 3rd)

  • Winetasting –Friday, February 26th 7:00-10:00pm at the Aquarium, $20/ticket with 2 tickets/ID with 800 tickets total

SGA Worker Slot Lottery:  email will be sent out before February 3rd and if you want to work, your names will be put in a lottery and your ticket will be free, but you can still buy one ticket for a guest.  You can only have two tickets total (one for you, one for a guest)
SGA Ticket Sales – Wednesday, February 3 at the SGA meeting if you are in good standing and you come to the meeting.  At 5 pm we will have the list to signup to work if you won the lottery
Student Body Ticket Sales -Wednesday, February 10 5:30.  Will need workers to help sell tickets.  We struggle to find a time to sell the tickets due to students on rotation, but there is no way we can do a lottery.  You must be present with your ID to get the two tickets; you can’t bring 2 IDs and then you can get your date one ticket if you are working. 

Academic Vice President (Tyler Pierce)

New Business

  • Library Room Use Policy – 2nd Reading.  Dr. Shaw recommended adding the same statement as statement 3 to statement 2 just for a different floor.

Pro/Con Debate: 

  • Sheldon:  I think this a good policy.  This has been in the works for a long time and there is a need.  We have problems with enforcement still, but this will be a step closer.  Remember you are saying you are all in favor if there are no cons, and this represents the entire campus.
  • Shelley Grosso (CON Rep):  In the addition, this leaves more room for debate so maybe we should just leave it to two students so people can’t argue this point and it makes it easier to enforce.
  • Tyler:  I agree with this because a single person in the room downstairs doesn’t make sense to me.
  • Mackie:  I don’t know if you necessarily need this because if you are one person, you’re going to have to leave anyway.   Against the addition.
  • Tres:  Have we looked at creating a portal to reserve a room?
  • Tyler:  Yes, this is in place.  We are waiting for it to be set up in the laptops downstairs and there will just be one click to reserve a room.  This program was developed by Greg Ohlander.  Things will be better once the TV is mounted as well so people can see which rooms are reserved.

All in favor.

  • National Primary Care week – Jan 25-28, 12:00 each day in BSB 100

Lunch provided to the 1st 100 people.  Sponsored by different organizations.  A different lecture will be held each day:  Monday will be on immunziation, Tuesday the value of primary care, Wednesday will have a panel with PA and a physician discussing rural S.C. and Thursday will be on healthcare system reform.  Each rep will be sent a PDF poster to forward to your classes. 

  • Committee Meeting

Treasurer (John Brandt)

New Business

  • Jan. 28th MUSC Children’s Hospital Radiothon (3-5pm):  Postponed due to other radio stations supporting Haiti.  Will be March 4-6.
  • Feb. 18th Spring Blood Drive (12-5pm):  Sign-ups for worker spots.  Competition between the colleges to get more units of blood donated with charity donations, which is what we did in the fall.  We may have pizza.  Talk to your classes about this.
  • Amanda Backus:  Will we have the additional space in the hospital again as well as the blood donor room?
  • John/Liz:  We have a meeting to discuss this; this is the plan.
  • Feb. 19-20 - MLK Health Expo @ Fraser Elementary

4-6pm Friday/9:30am-1pm Saturday:  Sign-ups also going around.  Friday will be set-up. 

  • Haiti Service:  Liz Sheridan (MUSC Gives Back):  This was discussed at the exec meeting last night. We would like to have a noontime collection in the ECL for Haiti.  Should we do this daily, starting tomorrow, and carry until the 16th?  We need you to commit to be responsible for the hour each day.  We will provide the empty water jug  every day, and you will explain the purpose and then return the jug the Office of Student Programs.  Sign-ups going around.  This will count as a service project.
  • Andrea:  This would only be 19 days.
  • Linnea:  Will there be a table?  Yes.
  • Alicia Lockard (Office of Student Programs):  Rebecca Mueller in International Programs working with Jean.  Red and blue ribbons could be given when people donate.
  • Tres:  We should include Friday because it’s Farmers Market day.
  • Fall Budget Review:  We spent about $69000, and we anticipated about $74000 so we are $5000 on the positive side.  We didn’t have the Appreciation Breakfast and also the CLARION competition was moved to the spring.
  • First Reading of Spring Budget Approval:  You will notice the CLARION is now in the spring.  We have $8000 more available in the spring than in the fall. Alhambra and the Wine Tasting are big events. 

Motion to read by title only.  Five minute Q&A.

  • Travis:  We have numbers for attendance, but other numbers from the Oyster Roast?  Not ready yet. 
  • Kevin Smuniewski (Office of Student Programs):  We are underbudget.

2nd read by title only.  Accepted budget.

  • Service Committee Meeting

Secretary (Meg Croom)

  • Communication Committee Meeting:  Travis, Journey volunteered to hang flyers in the men’s bathrooms
  • If you are a new representative and you haven’t signed your oath or picked up your SGA notebook, please see me after the meeting as well.


  • Softball Captains’ Meeting:  Kevin—Tuesday, Feb 2nd

College and Organizational Reports
MUSC Gives Back

  • Liz:  I sent out an email about initiatives on Haiti relief.  It’s important to get an inventory of what all is going on so maybe we can collectively work together and extend the opportunity to support WMI.  I have the list of all of these opportunities.

Student Programs:  Willette Burnham

  • Call for Nominations for Earl B. Higgins Diversity Award:  You can nominate your peers or faculty/staff.  Please encourage classmates to nominate for both awards.  You have the forms and I’ll email Meg so you can pass these along to your classes.  Financial award.
  • Call for Nominations Student Leadership Society:  Start thinking about this; we had more than 30 nominees for this last year.  CV is required and students may nominate one another or you can ask faculty to nominate you.  Financial award based on interest drawn. 

University Wide Committees

Dental:  Dental screenings still going on, we need patients.  Free X-rays and exams.  We will pay you if you need something filled.  1st floor CDM.

Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matthew Tice:  Meeting February 1 in the ECL 107 at noon

Nursing:  Shelley: 2 new reps with us tonight

Pharmacy:  Mackie:  The PLS conference is this weekend and we still have a free registration for this Saturday.

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