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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - March 17, 2010

President:  Sheldon Bates

Old Business

Reading of February 17th minutes:  Approved

SGA Elections – Next week March 24th and 25th 

Returning Student Parking Registration

March 19-21 and March 26-28; emails have been sent out so students know which weekend they qualify for.  We have condensed to two weekends, so hopefully the server can handle this.

New Business

Social networking guidelines:  Kevin Smuniewski (Student Programs)—Earlier in the semester, Sheldon talked about a Social Networking Committee started by Dr. Shaw to talk about our campus and other campuses and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.  Initially they wanted a policy to enforce social networking sites, which isn’t feasible, so we have come up with guidelines rather than policies.  We have the guidelines in your paperwork.  I just need to get your opinions on these.  There are 5 different categories about things that have happened on our campus or on other campuses across the nation.  This is just a template of what we are thinking about doing.  This will be on the Student Programs website for your information. 

  • Carol Brown (COP Rep):  The part about identifying yourself as an MUSC student; this is IF you list yourself as an MUSC student.
  • Sheldon:  These struck me as common sense.  Kevin and I have talked about this.  A lot of these are already outlined when you set up a Facebook account.  We could cut this down because students probably won’t access this.
  • Carol:  You could cut out the part about not re-using passwords; this goes for every online account.
  • Kevin:  A lot of this is common sense.  There are supposed to be students serving on this committee, but no one actually is, so I am serving as y’all’s voice on this.

Smoking issue:  meeting with MUHA on March 24th to discuss the legislation:  Tyler and I are meeting with Lisa Montgomery on behalf of the hospital authority.  We are going to try to bring her on board for what we are doing.  The legislative people in Columbia are willing to lobby on our behalf for this, but they need the support of the hospital faculty as well, not just the students.  I will have an update for you after this meeting.

Haiti Fundraiser Status/Discussion:  John Brandt (SGA Treasurer); Campus-wide, we raised $5810.13, mostly from the raffle and water jugs, a large part from Hearts for Haiti.  This money is going to Water Missions International.  Sheldon is in the process of writing a letter to Water Missions on behalf of the student body telling where the money came from.  The money will be sent in the next week.

Flag Bearers for graduation:  One rep from each college; graduation is one week after finals, May 20th and 21st.

March Madness Brackets can be dropped off at the end of the meeting

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Tyler Pierce (SGA Academic VP), Anna Collins (COM Rep)

Program Vice President
:  Andrea Boan

Old Business

Winetasting Evaluation

  • Sheldon:  We ran out of food a little early.
  • Thomas Tyner (COM Rep):  Band in a bad location.
  • John:  Food was better this year than last year.
  • Carol:  The coat check was a great idea, but the line was huge.
  • Andrea:  We may make a worker spot for this next year.  We also had two counterfeit tickets.

Worker Slot Evaluation

  • Collins Daye (CON Rep):  Two of us worked at the end of the evening, and I had no idea where I was supposed to go, what I was supposed to do.  The tables were not easily identifiable.
  • Andrea:  The dump buckets are hard to do because there isn’t a place to meet, so it’s easier if you meet up with the person who worked before you.
  • Maya Fields (COM Rep):  Did the staff know we were supposed to dump buckets?  I was working and the staff asked what I was doing.  The staff may have thought it was their job.

New Business

MUSC Student, Staff & Faculty Art/Photo Exhibit

Submissions: Today - March 26.  Submit 1-2 pieces (ready to be displayed) to the Student Programs Office
Displayed: April 1 - 30, Harper Student Center Courtenay Gallery

Kayak Trip – March 21st
1pm at Shem Creek - $25 in the SPO

Alhambra – April 10, 2010
Worker Slots tonight!
Tickets $10/$12 in advance – on sale today; $12/$15 at the door. 
We have packets that you can take back to your classes to sell tickets.  Flyers with information about food, games, transportation times.  These will be given when you buy tickets.  “Alhambra Does a Beach Body Good” theme this year
Please let Andrea or Meg know ASAP if you cannot make it; this is a mandatory event, so we will find something else for you to do, like ticket sales.

Programs Committee Meeting

Academic Vice President
:  Tyler Pierce

UHC Report:  We have half the results from the faculty survey with 95 responses, but half of the colleges haven’t gotten the surveys.  Some of the questions were:  Have you read the Honor Code?  17% haven’t read the Code.  We are going to educate them.  Have you ever witnessed a violation?  40% said yes, but 22% are unsure what a violation is.  Those that said they had witnessed one, faculty are not using the Honor Council for these violations; they are handling these themselves.  32% think the Honor Council is efficient; but a lot are unsure about this as well.  88% are in favor of having a standardized testing format without hats, no cell phones, etc.  We are making guidelines for this between the colleges.  25% don’t know who to report violations to.  This is disheartening for the Honor Council to hear, so we need to do a better job.  We think the faculty think the Council isn’t very effective in getting the right verdict for violations, so the faculty are handling the problems themselves, which they think is easier and they will get the outcome they want.  We have an uphill battle to change the outlook of the faculty, so we will work on this over the next year.  We also need to close loopholes in the Code itself to make it more efficient. 

  • Collins:  What are the specific complaints?
  • Tyler:  It takes a lot of time and energy to go through this process because you have to collect evidence, interview people, etc.  There have been instances with lawyers getting involved, which has left a bad taste for the faculty.  Then, when they go through this, the Council may not find them guilty when they really are, etc. so the faculty would rather handle it themselves.  We are working to make this process better, but the amendments take a long time to get passed.
  • Collins:  What can one faculty member do when someone cheats?  One faculty can’t kick someone out, so what happens?
  • Tyler:  It’s not cheating, it’s an Honor Code violation.  This doesn’t clarify if the violation was last year, 5 years ago, etc. so we should have clarified this in the survey.  We are trying to correct why things are not being reported.  With successful, efficient violations, if these go well with the faculty, they will use the system.  This is hard for people to do because of what happens to the student.  This is an imperfect system.  Carol will be handling a lot of this next year and she will be going to the next Honor Council meetings.

:  John Brandt

Old Business

Expense Report for Winetasting:  $23.62 a person, about $20000 spent, but $1300 underbudget.  The caterers gave us a $10000 discount.  We spent $16000 on catering.

Expense Report for Fat Tuesday:  Total $3029 with 2000 people, $29.78 overbudget

Expense Report for Intramural basketball:  About $2000, underbudget $1000

Recap Recent Service Event and Service Evaluation Forms for:

Blood Drive:  Many of you participated.  It was frustrating due to the wait, especially at the end.  COM won the competition, CDM, CHP, CGS, CON, COP last.  Based on the place each college finished, the charities will get tangible goods.  We did have 99 students participate and we did not have the Donor Room.  We exceeded our goal by getting 61 usable units; our goal was 49.  Overall, we had less total units than last time because we didn’t have the Donor Room.  It is hard for them to plan the schedule because they base off of how many sign-up online, but we have a lot of walk-ins, so people waited over two hours.  This was frustrating for Liz and myself, so we will try to fix this for next year.  They set a big goal for us in the fall, but not enough people came, so they sent less people.

  • Amanda Backus (CHP Rep):  I had a lot of people ask if this could be more than one day or if we could use the Donor Room.
  • John:  They don’t want us to use the Donor Room, even though it’s all the Red Cross.  It’s a logistics and money issue, so we can’t have a multiple-day drive, but we can change the times.
  • Carol:  If we had a month for the drive at the Donor Room instead of having an actual drive, that could work better so people can go on their own schedule.  The Donor Room is very convenient.
  • John:  This might be what we do next year.  It is also hard for us to book the gym.

MLK Health Expo:  Thomas Tyner:  It went well; a good number of kids came out and we had snacks for the kids.

MUSC Children's Radiothon:  Two people attended.  Brandon Hagan(CDM Rep):  It was fun.  They did change the time, so less people could attend.

New Business

Upcoming Service Events:

Sea Island Habitat (Sat. 3/20/10 from 8am-12pm @ Sea Island Habitat):  12 people signed up and 15 is the maximum; see me after the meeting.  You can meet here to go or Liz is emailing directions.

CRBR Kids Run (Fri. 3/26/10 from 1pm-6pm @ Hampton Park)

Relay for Life (Fri 4/9/10 from 7pm-12am):  Linnea is our team captain

  • Linnea (CGS Rep):  I have an online team.  We will discuss details later, but it’s easier to sign up online because there is a $10 fee.  SGA covers the fee to be on the team. 
  • John:  We will have information about fundraising as well.  Please sign up if you said you would at the last meeting.

Evaluations from past service events

Service Committee Meeting

Secretary:  Meg Croom

Website Update:  I have updated the SGA site with worker events through the Clarion and I have also updated all of the service events.  Please check the site in the next week or so and let me know if anything needs to be changed. 

Clarion Competition:  The Clarion was held the Wednesday before spring break and it went extremely well.  We had four teams participate.  Brianna Morabito, and Katie Herbert from COP, Brett Hoffecker from COM, Amanda Cooper from CHP were on the winning team that will be traveling to the national compeition the weekend of Alhambra to compete on behalf of MUSC.  SGA sponsored the wine and heavy hors d’oeuvres reception and everyone enjoyed it.

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski (SPO)

Basketball Champs:  Matt Herring’s team and Theo Oates’ teams were the champs from the noncompetitive and competitive leagues

Softball will be at a different location this week—JCC in West Ashley.  The directions have been emailed out with the weekly schedule.

Spring Tennis Social:  These are not well-attended, but those that do attend really enjoy it.  The next one will be Tuesday, March 30th at 6:30 pm with free food, tennis.

Fit-it-in:  Wellness Center Initiative program.  See Monday’s Broadcast for information. 

  • Linnea:  How are we supposed to find people that don’t go to the gym?
  • Kevin:  I agree.  It’s supposed to be a team competition, one of which is an avid-gym-goer and the other should be someone who hasn’t gone since January 1.  We may have to change it to two people that do go to the gym, but this decreases your chance of winning.
  • Maria Psomas (CHP Rep):  Say I don’t know the last time I went to the gym, can I find out?
  • Kevin:  Yes.  Must work out twice a week for 4 weeks to be entered into $50 drawing.  There are other prizes as well for the grand prize.  More information online.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

  • Report Hours – April 5th Deadline; Awards will be given at the Student Leadership and Service Banquet in April.  There is one award with a cash prize.
  • Free International Medical Volunteer Conference  at Emory– April 16-18; this is a free event to talk about medical missions.  Dr. Greenberg has limited room accommodations available as well as transportation.  See emails sent from Student Broadcast and MUSC Gives Back from earlier this week.  There will be future events at this campus.

Student Programs:  Willette Burnham

  • Student Satisfaction Survey:  This will be live on Monday, please get the word out.  Meg will forward you an email from Dr. Shaw to be forwarded out to your classes.  This is very important for how well we are meeting student needs.
  • Earl B. Higgins:  Ryan Roane from CGS with the Gay-Straight Alliance and a faculty member.  The 1st Wednesday of April, we will honor them at the Wickliffe.
  • Get Financially Fit:  1st meeting this Monday at noon in HSC auditorium.  We will discuss credit cards, consolidating loans.  Three seminars before graduation; all will be free.  Lunch will be provided to first 50 people.  50-minute meetings.
  • Student Leadership Society – Call for Nominations; can nominate yourself or others; $2000 scholarship for 8 people.  I had a question about what happens if you graduate; this money will be given to you at graduation.  Due March 22nd
  • Book Fair – March 23-24, 7:00am-3:30pm in Horseshoe
    • Sheldon:  10% of proceeds go to SGA
  • Remember we are relying on you to get this information out; we need your help during this busy time.
  • We are looking for someone to serve on a short-term committee about orientation.  Probably two meetings between now and graduation; have them send me an email if interested.

University Wide Committees

  • Linnea:  Women’s History Month, art showcase in HSC now; we had a wine and cheese reception earlier.  BSB 100 later this month, annual seminar with a panel discussion of elderly women that should be very interesting; food for the first 50. 
  • Also Member Advisory Board for the gym, there is going to be a big change where the gym is going to close the end entrance of the gym in the next couple of months.  The desk will be moved so you don’t have to scan your hand a lot.  There are also new bathrooms.
  • They also want more students on the committee, especially if you have different exercise interests.  They have quarterly meetings on Mondays at 6 for about an hour.
  • Sheldon:  Another towel drop before the parking garage would be great.  They are moving towards the ID badge rather than hand scan.


Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Amanda Backus; our Alcohol Awareness event went well.

International Student Association

Medicine:  Match Day tomorrow

Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matt Tice:  Meeting April 5 at noon, ECL 107




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