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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2009

Speaker:  David Nicole, VP, Trident United Way Campaign
  • Mr. Nicole:  Thanks for having me today.  This is where a child graduates, this is where they are born.  Where is the greatest impact on dropping out of high school?  Where do we start?   Start at the beginning so you have the most impact.  90% of what we learn is in the 1st 6 years, so it makes sense for us to invest in 1st 6 years.  At MUSC, for every child that is born, half of which are born into poverty, we partner with the library to give parenting information, and a book.  The book is the most important.  A volunteer talks to the parents about reading to child.  When my child was 8 pounds, I didn’t know what to do.  I read to my child, even though she didn’t pay attention and it didn’t feel natural.  Today, she’s 18 months old and she loves to read books.  If I didn’t know I was supposed to read to her, I wouldn’t read to her every day.  I think about the families that don’t have books and who don’t know how to read.  We want to have an impact and we want to get to the root cause of the issue.  Our three foucses at United Way are education, income, and health.  We cover Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties and all of the work and money that we raise is here.  Last year $9.8 million was raised and this year we are hoping for over 10 million dollars.  All United Ways are separated; separate board of directors for each branch.   We have 200 volunteers in our program 211:  call this number to give/get help-drug/abuse issue, etc.  and to get connected to resources in the community.  We got 50,000 phone calls last year, this year 55,000 calls.  Good resource for you.  Please take this information out.  We don’t have a big marketing budget (nonprofit) so people hear about it through word-of-mouth.  How many here have kids?  We have Childhood Resource Referral program where you can find places to keep your kids during the day/evening.  Questions?
  • Tyler Pierce (SGA Academic VP):  We have a community service coordinator here, can they get in touch with you so MUSC students can donate time?
  • Mr. Nicole:  We are a part of MUSC Gives Back, so take advantage of it.  Give, advocate, and volunteer.  I wont ask you to give, but I will ask you to advocate and volunteer.  Call 211 to find out about volunteer opportunities or you use resources at MUSC. MUSC faculty/staff help run the United Way campaign.  They have a goal of $220,000 and to increase participation.  We want to increase to 700 people giving this year.  Thank you for what you do; by being here, you are volunteering your valuable time and talents into an organization.  Your time is valuable and makes a difference.  Thank you.

Tyler Pierce, Academic VP for Sheldon Bates, President

Old Business

Reading of October 28th minutes:  Approved

New Business

Joe Maggitti and Melissa Smith, Student Accounting: Loan disbursement will occur the 1st and 2nd weeks of classes in January

Student opinion on Student Accounting moving to Harbor View Tower
No change for Visa card payment for tuition
Joe Maggitti and Melissa Smith came and spoke to Exec about next semester; same problem as last year with the weeks of dispersement of loans.  This does create a budget issue with starting school, so please go back to classes to remind them the dates of when the loans will be dispersed.

  • Travis Ayers(COM Rep):  What is they delay on getting the money?  They get the money weeks before.
  • Tyler:  It has to go through channels before it gets to the school, and it occurs over holidays, so there aren’t enough days to get the money before we start.  They do work hard to get the money.
  • Travis:  I heard they draw interest off of the loans.  (Not true)
  • Shelley Grosso (CON Rep):  Who can our classes contact about this?
  • Alicia Lockard (Student Programs):  There will be a Broadcast email going out about this.
  • Tyler:  Please let classes know!  What is the Body’s opinion on moving Student Accounting to Harborview Tower behind McDonald’s?  They are currently on the 4th floor of the HSC.
  • Bad idea.

They are also considering changing Visa credit card charges.  There is currently a $60 fee associated with Visa, so maybe increasing fees, but this won’t be decided until the trustees meet.  This will be addressed for next year, not this next semester.

Dinner at the Greenbergs’ – Directions from Robin (Student Programs):  Directions at each person’s place.  Has anyone’s status changed regarding attendance? The dinner begins at 6:30 p.m.

Representatives from each college for Colbert Building Infrastructure Committee:  Dr. Shaw needs representatives, kind of like the Learning Commons Committee, to give input on library changes.  Travis Ayers (COM), Shelley Grosso (CON), Sanford Zeigler (COM), Carol Brown (COP), Aiken McNair, Elizabeth Little (CGS). 

This is my last week away!  See you all at the Greenbergs’ house next week!   - Love, Sheldon

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Thomas Tyner (COM), Sara Crawford (CHP)

Program Vice President (Andrea Boan)

New Business

Night at the Symphony Nov. 20th 8PM- Armed Forces Salute (Pop Series): Memminger Elementary School on Beaufain close to Vickery’s.  This isn’t the usual location!

Exam Break I - Monday, Dec 7th – 7-8pm

Exam Break II - Monday, Dec 14th – 7-8pm

Worker Sign-ups tonight; first floor of the ECL

We are trying to come up with something new and different to serve, not a hot bar, not Subway.  There are several people that haven’t finished requirements, so this is your last chance!  Please sign up!  You signed the oaths so you are expected to fulfill these.

Oyster Roast

Friday, January 8th, 7:30-10:30 pm, Visitor’s Center Bus Shed; night of IP Day

Sign-ups will be held online the week prior – please be on the lookout for an email.  Probably the week after Christmas before the New Year, then I’ll double check the week of the event.  Lots of worker slots.

New South Players will be playing again

Sheet for IP day:  Dr. Blue needs facilitators, morning session for 2nd years and afternoon session for 1st years.  You can work either/or, acting as a “head student” with a faculty member.  There is a one-hour orientation session.  1st years can’t sign up, to be facilitators, but 2nd years can.  There is a committee of students that help put this day together, so they try to make it good for you

  • Cari Mitchell (CON Rep):  We only go to IP day one time, so what can we do?
  • Andrea:  You must go through once as a student, then you can do it your next year here.
  • Tyler:  it has been a slow development, but Dr. Blue has worked hard to make this something that students want to do.  This one will be the best for 1st and 2nd years yet; it has gotten better than in the past.  I encourage you to be a facilitator.  It is fun.

Academic Vice President (Tyler Pierce)

New Business

Colbert ECL TV Display Update

In the near future, please be looking for a new TV in the lobby of the Colbert Education Center and Library, which will be posting an up-to-date room schedule through the Astra scheduling software.  Changes are being discussed for room scheduling on the first floor and the study rooms throughout the library.

This will show which rooms are reserved, where your meetings are, etc. and should be up in 2-3 weeks.  As you walk into the library, there are 4 TVs on the right where the reservations will be advertised.  Students have been asking about this for a couple of years.  The laptops under the stairwell will have an icon for the room reservations, will bring up Astra (program used to reserve rooms) so you can see what rooms are available.  This is a one-click, not 4-5 clicks.  George Ohlandt developed this program. Please tell classes about this.

EL Study Room Usage Policy:  I had a meeting with Dr. Shaw and George Ohlandt to discuss the study rooms.  All rooms on the bottom floor, even tiny rooms (4 people) are reservation-only for SI leaders and other groups because the CAE is overflowing with supplemental instruction and people needing tutoring, but there’s not enough space.  On the 2nd and 3rd floor, the glass-enclosed rooms (14 rooms) are group study room, which means that if you are solo, we encourage you to look for a carrel.  Mary Mauldin, who is working on the Learning Commons, likes this idea because when she surveyed the library, 11 out of the 14 rooms had just 1 person in the room.   With the Learning Commons, they are removing print books to create carrels and long desks for group work to open up the library.  The 2nd floor for group work, but 3rd/4th floors will be quiet floors.  Start spreading the word because this will take effect in January.

  • Sanford  Zeigler (COM Rep):  Where are print books going?
  • Tyler:  I think they are being scanned and donated.

Treasurer (Linnea Freeman for John Brandt, Treasurer)

Old Business

Feedback from Sugar Free Fall Festival:  October 29, Patrick Ryan and Brad Peper in charge. 

  • Brad Peper (CDM Rep):  It went well and we had a good turnout.
  • Cari:  We had a booth for CON and it went great.

Feedback from dinner at Ronald McDonald House:  Amy Marialke, November 4th

  • Shelley:  We had a good time.  Piggly Wiggly prepared food

Feedback from American Indian Expo:  Maya Fields, November 7th

  • Thomas Tyner (COM Rep):  I had a good time.  We had a sporadic flow of people, probably about 20 people or so.  We will do this again next year.

For those 3 events, if you participated, evaluations going around.

New Business

Cannon St. YMCA (11/17):  3:30-5.  We have more people signed up this time.  We’ll send out an email reminder.

MUSC Holiday Lighting (get volunteers for Santa and 4 Elves):  December 2, 3:30-5.  We’ll be celebrating the December holidays and lighting the tree.  Groups can sponsor children from the schools, and we’ll have refreshments and singing.  The best part for us:  one of the guys will be Santa and girls can be elves.  Then Santa goes into the hospital to visit children. Liz in charge of casting the roles tonight.

  • Liz Sheridan (MUSC Gives Back):  Please sign up to volunteer at the reception; this is the last opportunity for service this semester. SGA hosts this, so sign up.  Ho Ho contest:  Sanford Zeigler as Santa.  Elves:  Katherine Shugart, Andrea Boan, Sara Crawford, Amanda Backus.  There will be an email about costume fitting before Thanksgiving.  Be at the event at 2:45.

1st Reading on Allocations Request from National Primary Care Week:  Sherry Bailey (CHP Rep)

  • Tyler:  For National Primary Care Week, we will have speakers focusing on several topics:  future primary care reform, rural primary care with a panel (PA, nurse), reimbursement (Medicare/Medicaid).  The overall expenses are $4840.  We are requesting $710 for lunches for 100 students for one day.  Projecting 100 students each day for 4 days. Now five-minute Q&A.
  • Sherry:  Where is this estimation of 100 students coming from
  • Tyler:  The event is in the BSB auditorium, so we are expecting at least 100 students based on last year.  This has been done for a long time.
  • Tres (COP Rep):  Is this the 1st time they have asked for money?  Where did money come from in the past?
  • Tyler:  I’m not sure.  The individual colleges.  AHEC.  I know CON gave, but not COM.  This year with the budget crunches in colleges, we are looking for money in other places.
  • Andrea:  Did you do lunches in the past?
  • Tyler:  Yes, we do this for better student turnout.  It’s open to all colleges, trying to give first priority to COM, PA, CON, maybe dental. We are focusing on rural areas.
  • Mackie King (COP Rep):  We have $2500 allocations total? 
  • Yes, $2500 for allocations.  Nothing was given in the fall, so we have the PLS request in the spring and now this request.  This will go into a 2nd read at the December meeting.

2nd Reading and Vote on Allocations Request from Phi Lambda Sigma:  Prospectives in Leadership opportunity, Jan 23, 140 students.  Embassy Suites, speaker, requesting $2000. 

Pro/Con 8-minute debate

  • Carol Brown (COP Rep):  This is a good opportunity to build leadership skills, and we don’t have many opportunities for this.  This is a big event.
  • Cari:  This is Interdisciplinary and open to everyone?
  • Tres:  Yes.  140 students is just an estimate, there can be 300 people max in the room.
  • Travis Ayers (COM Rep):  This is 80% of our funds.  What else have we allocated funds to in the past? 
  • Tyler:  In the past, CDM 80s Prom received about $1550, and MUSC Live from COM.
  • Linnea:  We have had problems in the past, which is why we have a limit on the time so we can have a debate and think about this.  It is first-come-first-serve.
  • Cari:  Pro:  It’s not just a party, it is a growing experience and as an SGA, this is where we should grow and learn to work together as a team.
  • Thomas Tyner:  if we give all $2000, there won’t be enough for the other proposal.
  • Tyler:  PLS is willing to accept a lower amount, so we can give less.
  • Andrea:  My biggest fear is that only 140 students can attend, so the price per person is an issue. Last year only 10 students from other colleges went.  Last year we gave $1000 to sponsor a table.  We need to be careful about sponsoring the same events annually unless it is something like the Clarion.  I think we should give, but not $2000.
  • Tres:  The Clarion is put on by the same society that is requesting the funds.  PLS is a forward-thinking organization; we think it can become as big as the Clarion.
  • Cari:  How do we amend to lower the amount?
  • Tyler:  Ask are you willing to accept x?
  • Julie Hayler (CON Rep):  $1500
  • Cari:  $1000
  • Maria Psomas (CHP Rep):  Give the amount so we can still satisfy Primary Care.
  • Andrea:  Then our hands our tied for next semester.
  • Jessica Emerson (CHP Rep):  Are there reports back from other students to see If it was helpful to other student?  Is the content diverse enough?
  • Tres:  This content is even stronger than last year.  It has the ability to be interdisciplinary.  It’s not about pharmacy, it’s about you as a leader.
  • Mackie: PLS is making it more interprofessional than past years.
  • Sanford Zeigler (COM Rep):  both of the requests are serving the same number of students, so I’m inclined to take it below, maybe $850 to make them more equivalent.
  • Andrea:  When a student attends, there is a $45 fee to attend.  You can get sponsored from your college.  I would feel better sponsoring if we paid for the students to attend rather than paying for the speaker. 
  • Megan Owenby (CHP Rep):  Can we sponsor one student from each college?
  • Tyler: Motion to extend.  Options:  $850, $1000, $1500, $1790, $2000, possibly sponsoring students up to a certain amount.  We will vote on each value, then re-vote on the top 2.
  • Tres: How about $1000, then $500 allocated to support any student who wants to go, so $500 not necessarily all used.
  • Cari:  $1000 total, so $500 to the students, $500 to the event
  • Tyler:  So the final vote is $500 plus $500 for student registration.
  • Travis:  So what happens if the $500 is not used, do we get it back?
  • Tyler:  So if the $500 not used, do you want to donate it to PLS?  (Yes.)  Students will apply to PLS for this money.  So the first 11 will get it?  So let’s give the money to PLS in the first place and they will report back to us with the number of students.
  • Cari:  To make It interdisciplinary, can we split it between colleges before giving it all to one college?
  • Mackie:  I’m sure they would make sure COP wouldn’t get all the money, and will make it an even spread and not just the 1st 11 students.
  • Tyler:  Is everyone OK with PLS distributing funds?
  • Mackie:  Student Broadcast email about this?  (Yes.)
  • Tyler:  Vote to pass allocation. ($500 plus $500 for student registration)

Secretary (Meg Croom)

No Report

Intramurals (Kevin Smuniewski, Student Programs)

Tennis Social:  November 19 from 7-10.  Please come out, it’s fun.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz:  Holiday Lighting, come out and host the kids.  The same week on December 1, it’s World AIDS day.  We’ll have an afternoon speaker on HIV/early drug intervention with a reception and a candlelight vigil.

Student Programs:  Willette Burnham:  Welcoming Diversity Training Jan 23.  We have  15 students already registered.  Register online.

University Wide Committees:  Robin Hardin:  (SGA prints, rings, etc. on display).  SGA owns the horseshoe print for $15, notecards for $5.  Class rings designed by the SGA with the Alumni Association: $400-900, but you get a discount if you order from the ring representatives when they are on-campus.  Diploma frames:  5 frames to choose from.  These proceeds benefit the SGA.  These items are great for the holiday and graduation.  Brochures on the back table with information.

  • Tyler:  Robin is retiring.  Each of you has an invitation to her retirement party. She has been an amazing SGA advocate and a lot of what we do wouldn’t be possible without her.  The party is Friday, December 11 to send her off.
  • Sherry Bailey:  We will need volunteers for National Primary Care week/worker spots for lunches in January.
  • Willette:  CAE is beginning a Student Advisory Board and they need volunteers to assist them to enhance the services of the Writing Center/CAE.  3-4 students to serve on the Board through the year.
  • Tyler:  Portal Committee:  The Portal is ready and is going to be started in CHP.


Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Amanda Backus, reminder about the Student HP Recognizing Diversity for Fort Johnson MS.  Need reps from each college to tell the kids about their future jobs, get kids excited about healthcare. 

Maria:  November 20th:  MUSC Gospel Choir concert.  There’s lots of dental students in it, I’m in it, it’s fun.  Students and staff are both in it.  Concert at St. Luke’s at 7.

International Student Association:  Telma:  Annual Sweet and Savory Sale on Dec. 8th.  We’ll be serving dinner at the Hope Lodge on the 10th with the money we raise.

Medicine:  Sanford:  The Charity Ball is the day before Easter, April 17.  Starting selection process for charities.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matt: Mr. Gilliard is hosting a day of service downtown from 1-3.  Come out and do blood pressure screenings, diabetes screenings.  Volunteers, see me.

Nursing:  Cari-4th semester students finishing work next week, so new reps in January.

Pharmacy:  Come to the COP Pub Crawl after the choir on the Nov. 20.  We participate in the Teddy Bear Project, which we sponsor with MUSC Gives Back.  Kids get 6 wishes and the wishes go on trees, buy the gifts to provide kids with a Christmas. 2 years ago we started a Christmas Crawl to motivate people.  The Crawl starts at Mad River at 6.  Registration is 6-7:30, which is $10 or bring a gift.  The donation is used to buy leftover gifts and deliver them to the kids.  We have 5 paths in the Crawl with 10 bars involved, and we all end at South End.  It’s lots of fun; the deans, residents, and family all come out for a good cause.  The trees are going up on the 19th, but the Crawl is the 20th.  I have bears with me if you’re interested and I’m coming to y’all’s classes, so you can pick gifts then or email me: There will be discounts at all of the bars, on drinks and appetizers.  And come in costume!  We also sell long sleeve tshirts.

  • Tres:  PLS Etiquette Dinner at Anson, next Thursday the 19th. $25, 6 pm, business attire, sign up and pay in Faye Ratliff’s office on 2nd floor of COP.  This was in the Broadcast email.
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