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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - October 28

President (Tyler, Academic VP in place of Sheldon)

Old Business

  • Reading of October 14th minutes:  Approved
  • Vending Machines

            Credit/Debit machines will not have an additional convenience charge.  However, an initial hold will be placed on the card for the price of the most expensive item in the machine.  The only thing that will be actually charged to the card is the price of the actual item purchased.

  • Dinner at the Greenbergs’ (Robin Hardin)

           Wednesday, November 18th 6:30 PM
           The dinner will be at the Greenergs’ home on Sullivan’s Island.  Directions at November 11 meeting.  Check vegetarian if you don’t like fish.  It’s always a very nice, gourmet meal.

  • Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Payton Foust, Shelley Grosso

Program Vice President (Andrea)

Old Business

  • SGA Movie Under the Stars: Evaluation

          It was a cool event; the screen was two-stories high.  We are going to move to a new venue in the future because if more people showed up we wouldn’t have enough room.  It was free-for-all, no vouchers.  Questions/complaints?

         Tell us why if you didn’t attend.  Probably around 100 people there.  We do need the interest because it costs $40-50 per person.  Should we change the night of the event?

New Business 

  • MUSC Exam Break (2) – Sign ups at November 11th meeting

          1 – December 7, 2009 – 7:00-8:00 pm

           2 – December 14, 2009 – 7:00-8:00 pm

           It will be earlier and we’ll have Subway sandwiches, snacks; since it’s early hopefully more attendance than we’ve had in the past.

Academic Vice President (Tyler)

New Business

  • National Primary Care Week:  We want to have speakers on issues we want to hear about, such as reimbursement for primary caregivers (Medicare/Medicaid), health reform; health disparities (especially in rural areas), and the future of healthcare and where we are headed with reform.   Dr. Carr wants to have speakers every month, not just this one week of National Primary Care Week.  Let me know what topics you are interested in.  This will be the week of January 25 Monday-Thursday.
  • EL Study Room Usage Policy:  Dr. Shaw’s attention has been focused on another issue with the library:  a couple of students were studying in a small study room (a 5-person room), and a Supplemental Instructor arrived and said he reserved the room and asked the students to leave, but the students didn’t see a reservation on the room.  Can we/can’t we reserve these rooms?  Christy Huggins in CAE is reserving the rooms.  Should the rooms be first-come-first serve?  I think they are too small for a study group and should not be reserved.  Thoughts?

            John (Treasurer):  Counter to argument: there is limited space on the entire campus for everyone, so this means limited space for groups.  As it is now, we can’t fit everyone and there are no immediate plans to fix that.  Students can go to CofC, but space is still limited.  The carrels on the floors are for individuals studying and every room should be for groups.

            Sub for Amanda Pirovitz (CHP):  the SI group has nowhere else to go other than the study rooms, but individuals do have other spaces, such as the carrels.

            Tres (COP Rep):  So what you’re saying is that the group of four people studying should have had just as much right to reserve?

            Tyler:  No, these tiny rooms shouldn’t be reserved at all but the larger rooms should be.

            Tres:  If you have an organized group, such as an SI group, the room should be reserved in advance, not the day-of.  The small rooms should be first come-first serve so there isn’t an issue.

            Carol (COP Rep):  I like this idea because the small rooms are needed last minute.

            Amanda Backus (CHP Rep):  I go last-minute with groups to study and the rooms are limited.  You want to be in a room so you don’t interrupt others studying individually if you are in a group.

           Amanda Urowsky (CHP Rep):  I was an SI leader in the summer and we all had the groups at the same time, but if the rooms were taken away on the bottom floor, where would we go?

           Tyler:  I talked to Bob Poyer about this and the Learning Commons is supposed to help in the future.

           Travis (COM Rep):  In the daytime and into the evenings, there are meetings in the rooms not involved with students, such as employee meetings.  There should be space in the hospital so they don’t take away our space.

           Andrea:  Is the 1st floor owned by the University or the Hospital?  The upper floors are specifically for the students.

           Tyler:  We will talk to Mr. Poyer to see if students take precedent over faculty in the classrooms.

           Sub for Amanda Pirovitz (CHP Rep):  Can the students not meet in college buildings?  (some colleges don’t have buildings)

           Melissa (COP Rep):  I like the idea of reserving them because it worked well at CofC in my undergrad.  You could reserve a room online, and then the assignments were on a TV so everyone could see.  We need to organize this process.

          Tyler:  We are working on this with George Ohlandt in Enrollment Management and Mr. Poyer.  We want to be able to see what rooms are reserved on the TV. 

          Carol:  Why doesn’t COM have an area to study?  You should.  This is an ongoing problem.  Can someone suggest this?

          John:  We have a hospital, but no study rooms.  The dean’s office doesn’t have study areas.  This will be hard because study rooms don’t generate money.  They are building ART, a research building, a new COP, so it comes down to money.

          Carol:  What will happen to the old COP building?

         John:  Initially they wanted to make the CDM into study areas but instead the building has been made into research areas and labs, but there will be empty space.

         Andrea:  Amanda, when you were an SI leader, did they tell you where to go?

         Amanda:  No, but all the groups want to meet at the same times, so this is an issue, but it was less of an issue in the summer.

         Andrea:  So you are responsible as the leader to find a room.

         Amanda:  Yes, but you are able to reserve rooms.

  • University Honor Council meeting report:  We met last week. There are three things we are focusing on.  First of all, how the faculty feel about the Honor Code (violations, is the Code effective, have they reported violations, etc.).  This is important so we can improve on how they catch violations.  Second of all,  COM has students sign an Honor Code before each test, not to nag students, but to give awareness and remind everyone they are under the Code.  If a student thinks of looking on someone else’s test, signing this Code reinforces they shouldn’t do this.  It’s easy to get students to sign these.  All colleges are looking into this.  Finally, we are looking at the test-taking protocol in each college.  There is currently no formal policy, but we will gauge how tests are taken, such as if hats are allowed, students sitting next to each other, and if faculty are present in the room.  We will point out areas where things can be done better and give advice.  Each Honor Council president from each college will go back to their individual councils, then go to dean’s office once the council has talked about this.

          Lauren Bennett (CON Rep):  Do most cases stem from people cheating during tests or plagiarism?

          Tyler:  We haven’t seen plagiarism lately, but most cases are cheating on tests and assignments.

Treasurer (John)

Old Business

  • Financial report for Oktoberfest, Kayak trip, Movie night:  $9500 spent on Oktoberfest, so $18.16 per person, which was over-budget ($8000 budgeted).  We expected this. I can make you a copy of this.  For the Movie Night, we spent $4500 for movie, meaning $45 per person, which was very high.  The good thing about this:  if we had 100-200 more people, more money wouldn’t be spent because we had extra room.  If we do this in the future, it shouldn’t be a financial problem so the problem is lack of people.  We are pretty much on target this semester.
  • Revised financial report for Back to School Party: We received a credit of $300 from the beer suppliers, bringing us to $10.29/person.
  • Feedback and results from Blood Drive:  The donor days at the hospital had 15 people donate per day when we were only expecting 12.  We will keep trying to increase these numbers.  COP won with 10.79% of students donating (34 students).  CGS was second with 11 people (5.34%), COM 3rd, CON (3.93%), CDM 5th (3.4%), CHP was last with 25 people (3.2%).  Overall 119 donors, 100 usable units.  Could have more people for the actual drive.  Overall, it was a success.  There weren’t long waits, and the donor room went well.  In the future, we need to figure out how we can advertise this more, and get more people.

          Linnea (CGS Rep):  Could we have a Clemson-Carolina competition?

          John:  That’s what we were going for.  Any ideas to make it more competitive?  We can’t give money to each college, so we are buying tangible goods for the charities and we will put the college’s name on a plaque each year.  Don’t think this is a failure!

         Amanda Backus: Maybe a March Madness competition to get more teams involved?

         Maria (CHP Rep):  Maybe a competition versus USC Medicine, their pharmacy, etc.

         Carol:  They do have a Carolina-Clemson drive.  That would be effective, especially in pharmacy.  People care more about their football teams than their college.  My class specifically would have donated more if they were donating for Clemson rather than the COP.

          Tres:  The Red Cross has a Carolina/Clemson blood drive.  One is in Mt. Pleasant.  If you plan another one for Clemson/Carolina, it will be too early for people to donate again.

          John:  We will do one each semester.

          Mackie (COP Rep):  I sent text messages to COP people and got 4-5 people to donate from that.

          Sub for Amanda Pirovitz (CHP):  Maybe we should have a scoreboard in the library so you can see who is winning.

          John:  We will try. First place gets $200 for their organization, 2nd $100, and the last 4 each get $50 towards their charities.  We have a thin budget, but we can adjust this in the future.  The goal was to get units, increase awareness, and we got more than we have in the past.

  • Report from Cannon St. YMCA (10/20):  This was last Tuesday.  We didn’t get to decorate pumpkins because it was hectic, so we left the pumpkins for later.  One more this semester! We haven’t had good participation, but please come if you can.  We’ll have a Thanksgiving theme, fulfilling if you like kids.  Because of the lack of participation, we probably wont continue this in the spring.  They need more than 3-4 people to control the kids. 

New Business

  • Reminder: AMSA Sugar Free Fall Festival (10/29):  Patrick Ryan (COM Rep):  From 5-8 here in the gym, we would like to have more volunteers. Dress up, we’ll be playing corn hole with the kids and giving out candy and prizes.

          Maria:  If people in our classes want to come, can they?

          Yes, lots of organizations are participating.

          Lauren:  CON has a booth and we have had trouble collecting sugar-free candy, so ask people to bring candy.

  • Reminder: Ronald McDonald House Dinner (11/4):  Amy Marialke (CON Rep):  next Wednesday 4:30-7, still have 4 slots available.
  • Reminder: American Indian Expo (11/7):  Maya Fields (COM Rep):  next Saturday at Charlestowne Landing.  We have 3 shifts of 2.5 hrs each, and we need 4 people per shift- to take blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol readings and then educate.

          John:  We have been also asked to be tour guides as well, and they’ll give on-site training.

  • Allocations first read for Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership weekend

          Tyler:  request has been put in, so John will read allocations.

          John:  Funds for Leadership Conference, I sent this in an email.  It will be at the Embassy Suites in North Charleston, open to 140 people, room capacity 300.  Requesting $2000 from SGA in support of this event, $12000 expenses expected

          Tyler:  This is the 1st read, they will come up and we will have 10 minute Q&A, next meeting 2nd read with debate and vote.

          Tres/Marissa Wentzler:  Pharmacy leadership society; this is our 5th year hosting this conference, and it’s our 2nd year opening it up to all of MUSC.  We want more interprofessional participation this year. It is open to the entire region:  the Southeast region and DC.  We received $1000 from SGA last year, and we are asking for more this year because this covers our speaker fee and we are moving to a larger venue and we are expecting more people.  We need $12000 currently, because we haven’t heard back from a lot of sponsors.  We hope to hear back by the end of November, but 3 sponsors we had last year have already told us no.  Minimum they supported last year was $1000 so we are hurting.  The conference talks about leading self, teams, and organizations and has several components:  1.  Your leadership strengths. A leadership survey self-evaluation shows you what kind of leader you are.  2.  Leading effective teams.  Leadership isn’t just a position, it’s an example in everyday activity.  3.  Leading change in organizations-and conflict/resolution, 8 steps to initiate change.  This will be all day Saturday, January 23 (8-4:30, breakfast/lunch provided)

         Mackie:  Question for John- budget, what is the amount budgeted for allocations?

         John:  $1000 in fall, $1500 in the spring, but no one has requested the fall money, so we will have $2500 in the spring.

         Tyler:  Would you be willing to accept less than $2000?

         Tres:  Absolutely, any help would be more than welcome.

          Robin:  Price differential for students other than pharmacy?

          Tres:  Student cost is $45, which sounds high, but it includes lunch.  In COP we encourage student organizations to encourage leadership/members to attend and to help with cost.  We encourage this campus-wide.

  • Committee Meeting tonight

Secretary (Meg)

New Business

  • Website Update:  I passed around a copy of the updated worker sheet from all of the past events and community service projects.  All of this has also been updated on the SGA website, so please look at this sheet and also look online and let me know if you see any discrepancies.  Just a reminder that if you missed the SGA Retreat earlier this semester, you are required to do two community service projects, which has been noted on the worker sheet.

Intramurals  (Kevin, Office of Student Programs)

  • Volleyball:  There are 15 teams. Week 1 starts Sunday, and you have until November 4 to turn in your team roster.
  • Tennis Social:  November 19 from 7-10, there were 6 people at the last one.  May need to think about something else if participation continues to be low.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  (Liz, Office of Student Programs) Relay in the spring with CofC, MUSC, CSU, Citadel.  Last year Tres was our leader.  We have a meeting next Wednesday at 5:30 in the library and we will need someone to volunteer to take Tres’s role.  The team coordinators would like to meet you.  We’re planning on having Relay in April this year.

Student Programs (Willette, Office of Student Programs))

  • Welcoming Diversity Training for MUSC Students

          Saturday, January 23; 9 am-4 pm

          Flyer handed out tonight.  We need your help getting the word out about this!

  • Robin:  Anyone in dual degree program?  No?  We need to know for the dinner at the Greenbergs’.

University Wide Committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Amanda Backus:  There is an organization hosting an excel after-school program (Next Steps Program) on James Island on November 19 from 4:30-6 pm. They would like volunteers to come talk to the students about the different areas of healthcare.  Because we have a limited number of health professions in CHP, we need people could come from other colleges to represent their profession.  I have a flyer and a contact number if you want more information.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Next meeting next Monday the 2nd Library 107 at noon



Tyler: Lost SGA binder found on the 3rd floor of the library.  It will be in the Student Programs Office if it’s yours.


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