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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes September 2, 2009

Associate Provost for Education and Student Life – Dr. Darlene Shaw

       Dr. Shaw: As Associate Provost, I work for services supporting MUSC Students, such as CAPS, the Wellness Center, and diversity.   We are trying to make MUSC  a great experience.  I would like to congratulate you on your position on SGA; this is a position of leadership and being chosen by peers is an important role.  You are the voice of classes and groups on campus.  We rely on you for our needs and what direction to go in.  Collaboration is what defines us.  We need to know what your needs and wants are.  We collaborate with teachers in your colleges.  We want active teachers in the classrooms with Student Life.  Student Life serves as our representatives for the student voice; we want to advocate for you as students and what you want to happen at MUSC.  You know what is going on, so work with us to represent our students and help guide the administration.  We have great folks working with us; in a survey, 94% of students said they made the right choice in choosing MUSC.  Out of all of the offices surveyed, between 80-98% of students were happy with the offices being evaluated, such as the Wellness Center.  This is a continuing issue so we need you.  Sheldon and Tyler could not be better representatives for you; they have built great relationships with trustees, Dr. Greenberg, Dr. Raymond, and myself.  They carry SGA messages back to Student Life, and serve as a good face for SGA and the student body.  The Student Programs leaders are great as well.   For the Back to School party, how many of you went?  It was great.  Again, welcome to MUSC and congratulations again for being elected to SGA.  Does anyone have any questions?

       Sheldon:  Dr. Valerie West was in this position before Dr. Shaw.  I established a  close relationship and connection with them then.  Dr. Shaw is a great advocate for us at that level.  We will be taken care of.  What do we want to see happen with the university administration?  Thank you Dr. Shaw.

       Dr. Shaw:  As an example of what we accomplished, the students wanted Wellness Hours extended, despite the increased cost.  We pushed through and caused a 32% increase in student business by working together.  Also, H1NI virus is now coming into the colleges.  We need to learn the proper-etiquette, and we will add hand sanitizers in classrooms.  Please stay home if sick and don’t shake hands in greeting.  Develop a “flu buddy” who will go to the drug store for you or go home.  More information to come.  Student programs has great events coming this year.


Old Business

  • Reading of April 8th minutes
    Tres:  I have a suggestion…for the trip to Columbia, we should have one each semester
    Sheldon: The Legislature wrapped up business in August, so they will recess until January.

New Business

  •  Welcome and introductions
  • Accomplishments in 2008-2009
    Highlights from last year: free printing for students; you should receive cards soon, BlackBerries—students don’t have to buy into server, Rosetta Stone was set up in the library, the Honor Code:  we now have 1 Code for all 6 colleges after it goes through the Dean’s Council, we took a trip to state house, we had over 300 hours in community service, we maintained 550 student parking spaces in Bee Street, we hosted an engineering  and facilities appreciation breakfast, and we changed the face of cultural projects thanks to Andrea.  Reps, get ideas over the next couple of weeks as well as feedback from your classes-services, ideas; that is your role in this. 
    Why are we here?:  SGA is not just a free dinner and people talking; look at the Constitution.  Our main purposes:  planning parties (everyone knows this about us) but we do behind-the-scenes work also.  We also facilitate exchange of information between the six colleges, serve as a liaison between them, and provide recreational and cultural events.  You are being elected, so remember you were elected.  There are perks:  free dinners, free events, and you can put it on your CV.  But instead of having a “receiving mentality” have a “giving” mentality and focus on this year.  Also, disseminate information.  We have tried things in the past with handouts, talking to classes, emails, power points…get info out.  We now have backup with student broadcast.  At random meeting I may ask how you communicated with you class and what ideas have you received for accountability.  Ask what can I do to be a part of this?   For committees:  I want you to have ownership and things to do.  Feedback from last year: y’all didn’t do a lot and you want outside participation for ownership and your CV.  We will be more effective as a body this way.  At the next meeting we will select committees.

    Schedule for next few weeks:

    Business Meeting September 16 for Retreat—training meeting with parliamentary procedure.  We will pick committees and talk about what each focus is.  Come back to the next meeting with class feedback/your ideas to give to committee chair as well as any issues that you have. We also have a new Acadamic Portal Focus Group that we need reps for (see below):
  • Tyler:  The Portal is MUSC’s way of putting everything on one site (like iGoogle).  It will have class announcements, university info, and you will be able to access email, WebCT anything from the University for the student, but it is in development.  Since students will use it, they want our opinions and will allow students to tweak current development.   (More below)
  •  Retreat – Mandatory, Saturday, September 19: Breakfast at 8:30 at the Marriott on Lockwood; will last till 1 and lunch will be provided.  This is mandatory, and we will have NCBI training. Dr. Fleming told Sheldon about the NCBI; there will be a twist on the diversity training we wouldn’t think about.

               Melissa:  Is this like the Welcoming Diversity workshop? 
               Willette:  There is a twist because of the IP Team Skills building.  If you were a Presidential Scholar last year, it will be slightly different with a different focus.
               Andrea:  Email Meg if you can’t make it.  Must be a worthwhile excuse.

  • One rep to sit on Academic Portal Focus Group
    Academic Portal Focus Group Volunteers: CHP – 2—Jessica Emerson, Maria Psomas, Dental – 1—Trent Pierce, Nursing -1—Amy Marialke, Pharmacy – 1—Carol Brown
    Wed., Sept. 16, 12:00-1:00, ECL 121 – Lunch Provided
  •  Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Peyton Foust, Jessica Emerson

Program Vice President               

Old Business 
Back to School Party

  • Attendance: 1136

  • Evaluations

  • Back to school party was a huge success, 300 more than last year.  Heard nothing but rave reviews; good band, good theme, Fat Tire.  Thank you for working; without you, there would be no events.  If you’re new and didn’t get to work, work other events to meet requirements.  New ideas?  Theme for next year?  Let me know.

New Business 

  • MUSC Art Walk (Exclusive to MUSC)
    Friday, September 25, 5:00-8:00 pm
    French Quarter, Downtown – 13 Galleries
    Wine, tea, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert

    Worker Sign-ups at the Sept 16th meeting – sheet will be placed outside the front door at 5:00PM then passed around during the meeting
    Part of new events for Cultural Projects Council-no more St. Luke’s concerts; wanted something more interesting to students.  It’s like the city’s art walk, but just for MUSC students.  The galleries are staying open late for us. Really good food from Cru Catering, and it’s free for everyone.   You don’t need tickets-- just show up. Remember you must work 3 events each semester.  We will need 26 reps for this event; 2 at each gallery.  You’ll just need to stand at the gallery and make sure no one walks outside with alcohol.

    Tres:  So there’s no maximum number for this event. 
    Andrea:  Correct; there will be lots of people.  The Cultural Projects Council is excited, so hopefully we’ll have a good turnout.
    Sheldon:  This is open to MUSC staff and guests as well.

  • Oktoberfest
    Friday, October 9, 7:00-9:30 pm – HSC Courtyard

    Sign-ups will be held at the Sept 30th meeting at 5:00PM outside the front door

    Mini Oktoberfest in courtyard.  Last year it rained and had to be in the gym, which is what we’ll do this year if it rains.  We’ll have several beers from the world; you get to help pick them if you’re on my committee!  A lot of fun; we’ll have hot dogs, sausages, pretzels.  Sign up 2 meetings from now.  Students will get in free if you work the event. Questions?

  • SGA Movie Under the Stars
    Friday October 23, 7:00-10:00 pm - HSC Courtyard

    Sign-ups will be held at the Oct 14th meeting at 5:00PM outside the front door.

    This is new for us this year.  Cinnebarre has a blow-up screen that we are putting up. It will be free for everyone, BYOB, and then we’ll have hot dogs, popcorn, candy, peanuts. We are trying to get new release or something not on DVD yet.  We’ll ask for movie options in a couple of weeks.   Meg and I are trying something new with events this year.  We’re going to send out a powerpoint with pictures from last year’s events to show what the events will be like.  Please send these out to classes

    Sanford:  The last one exceeded size for the email.
    Andrea:  Let us know if it happens again.  It will help to have pictures.  Also, you do need tickets for Oktoberfest, but the other 2 events are free.  We’re also having Exam Break in December, but we’ll have 2 this year since the nursing/CHP have a different exam schedule.                                                                                           

Academic Vice President

New Business

  •  Honor Council Update
  • Amendments:  University HC last year proposed amendments to the Honor Code, and it has taken a year to get them passed.  Right now the amendments are with the Dean’s Council and Dr. Greenberg; don’t expect problems getting passed.  Tyler will send out a University-wide email when passed.  Sanctions were added as well as defining language. The Dean’s Council meeting is on the 21st, so updated after that
  • Library Room Use Policy:  Problems with people camping in group study rooms in library; came to a head last year.  The Provost, Sheldon, and Tyler came up with a temporary plan; Dr. Shaw wants a formal policy, which we are developing quickly.  Reps bring ideas in 2 meetings to make sure people are respectful and using common courtesy; not fair to camp out when 5 other colleges use these rooms and when it is one college’s problem.
  • H1NI ad hoc:  The University is taking H1N1 seriously; CDC estimating 30-50% of the US will be infected/exposed. C of C has 12 possible cases; haven’t been confirmed.  SC wasn’t expecting this so soon.  MUSC trying to get ahead.  Like Dr. Shaw said: if you expect you or a classmate is ill, best for them and school to go to physician or go home to get checked out.  We don’t want an outbreak in you or our patients.  Look for recommendations from Dean’s Council.  We expect you to spread this info to classes.  Primary goal—get out the info.  What is the best form of communication?  MUSC Facebook, Twitter, or Student Broadcast, or through the reps?  Thoughts?

          Tres:  Use MUSC Alert Messages?  Can go to email and phone.
          Tyler:  Don’t want to abuse cell phone text—there is a long list of recommendations.  Want to get it out without text; can do emails.  Students delete emails.  Would Twitter/Facebook work?
          Amanda:  University email for swine flu is fine instead of Student Broadcast
          Sheldon:  Stand-alone email will be best; wont have to get to link
          Tres:  Put it on the homepage
          Tyler:  The administration is looking to students and especially SGA on this and the library policy.  Administration sees us as student representatives for the whole school. If you suspect someone is sick, go talk to them, talk to professor.  Same for library use policy.  Your duty is to remind them to respect the policy.  Come to me/Sheldon if that doesn’t work.  We depend on that.

  • Carrels and lockers:  All carrels and lockers given out by Bob Poyer. COM had 58-60% of the carrels and lockers.  We try to make distribution fair.  For Go-Print cards, has everyone gotten one?  (Raise hands)
  • GoPrint Cards:  Deans’ office has the cards, $25 on cards, go get it!  And make sure classes know about this-send email about the cards. 
    Tres:  I still have mine.  Can I reuse it? 
    Tyler:  Still active, go get another. 


New Business

  • Intro & Budget
    General overview:  Intro;  work with Kevin on the budget and I’m in charge of service.  Trying to tackle issue with budget:  1st reading tonight; must be approved at next meeting (Read budget for the fall)—to preface, SGA does a good job of budgeting and staying in the budget, even in the economic times right now.  Does anyone want John to read it?  Questions? 

          Tres:  How are the cash reserves done? 
          John:  that’s a good point.  For the new reps, the issue last year:  fund for “cash reserve” and what we would allocate to organizations that want SGA support.  Issues on where the funds came from, and what happens if we didn’t use the funds.  We have now separated them—separate allocations and cash reserve.  SGA allocations are used to fund organizations for campus-wide activities.  The cash reserves are used as a cushion for us if we go over-budget or if we need to move some things around.  Issue last year; hopefully this will resolve it.  For now, this is a general outline; more detail and finalized later.  At the next meeting, we will have all of the budget and the extra info you need.  One other thing, if we don’t do an event this year we had last year, we still included it with no expenditure.  Likewise, new event for this year, kind of the reverse.

Allocations vs. cash reserve and appropriate way to request SGA funds for event (refer to constitution)—see above
Melissa:  Why aren’t we doing the Student Activities Fair this year?
Logistics with cafeteria and the tent; can’t do it. 
Andrea:  Tried to find other areas on campus.  Didn’t think students would go.
Melissa:  When will the cafeteria be finished?
Sheldon:  Supposed to be 4 months from May, but there is a backup.  Couple more months?
John:  We’ll vote on the 16th; think about this. Questions, concerns.  Allocations funds…get this out to groups now.  Allocations especially for groups on campus (colleges, ISA) for campus-wide events that includes everyone.   If people have an event, there is new form online on the website.  Once filled out, bring to me or another exec. at least 2 meetings before so we have time to have a reading and vote on this.  The farther ahead, the better.  This was an issue last year…must be submitted at least 2 meetings ahead of time.  If we don’t have a meeting, we’ll take that into consideration.  Rep. of group must be present at the first reading to answer questions.

Sheldon:  in order to get the $ from our account, it takes an additional 2 weeks b/c of paperwork.  Take into consideration.
John:  Don’t wait…won't be successful.  Questions?

  • Service Committee Info
    Brief "mission statement":  Our goal is to serve Charleston and surrounding community and be diverse in the groups we have served.  Want to continue this diversity and continue to provide opportunities to serve.  Required to do 1 service event each semester; do as much as you would like.  If there is a limit to the #, first priority will be given to the person needing the requirement.
  • Fall events:  Copy of schedule.  3 coming up:  sign-ups outside at the beginning of each meeting. Sea Island Habitat for Humanity on the 12th from 8-noon, building for the less fortunate.  Limited # of spots, shown on form.  Another big one is the blood drive.  Some are successful, some not; we’re having a competition this year and we’re doing one blood drive a semester.  The competition will be between the colleges.  There will be 6 charities; next week we will decide what charity each college will have.  Based on the # of people in the colleges, you can win money for the charities, and the winners will get their names on a plaque.  Also, we will use the donor room in the hospital.  This will be on the 13th from 12-5 in the gym; maybe pizza as added perk.  The next week, we will have the donor room just for us from 10-4 (normal hours); this will also count.  First place will be $200, step-down system.  The winners will take the goods/what the org. needs to them.  Get as many units of blood as possible. We want to keep this growing.  More info. At the next meeting; but start talking and encourage people to give blood.  Online e-donor registration available next week.

    Mackie:  Will the units be based on the number donated or the percentage of students dontating in each college?
    John:  They will be based units per college as percentages. Also, the Cannon St. Y needs a basketball goal, which we ordered today.  There’s also afterschool, where you can mentor, help with homework from 3-5:30 3 times this fall.  SLED requires background checks, which SGA will pay the fee for.  Garrett Mann started this.  The kids are fun and appreciate our help.  Questions?
  •  Evaluations for this year’s service projects
  • Intro service sub-committee:  Each person will take on one event and be the one in charge.


New Business

  • Communicating dates to classes—new email system + PP slides 
    We are trying a new system where each couple of weeks, I will send out an email with a list of upcoming dates for events.  It will be a rolling calendar where as we have events, the dates will be removed from the list.  This list should be sent out to your classes as you receive them so everyone has all of the dates in advance.
  • Attendance/Rep Requirements:
    Each rep is allowed two unexcused absences from meetings each semester.  The meetings will begin at 5:30, but we will have sign-up sheets available outside of the meetings at 5.  Each rep is also required to work three events each semester, but one clean up shift will count for two events.  Everyone is also required to attend one community service event.
  • Contact Information:  A contact information sheet is being passed around.  Please check your email address and add any missing information.  If you are a new rep, please add yourself to the sheet.
  • Website Updates:  Alicia Lockard has been working very hard this summer to update the SGA Website.  Showed the new website
    Alicia:  The Broadcast emails are just in a trial system till November; so we need feedback and we will need to vote on it. 
    Tres:  This is ridiculous that people don’t see what goes on; it is sent out every day. We have worked hard on this so people don’t get 500 emails a day and then we don’t hear about it.  I’m just curious.  I think it’s a good system if you use it.
    Alicia:   We used to send emails for every event, every bake sale.
    Mackie: May be beneficial as a rep to pull it up in class and show people how to use it. If people see it’s from you, they may just delete it without reading it.
    Sanford:  people dissatisfied may not check email anyways.  Is it effective?  The discounts are awesome.
    Andrea:  The sites are linked to it, so you can go see the same info from a couple days ago.

Intramurals (Kevin)

  • Flag football captains meeting:  Sept. 3rd, 5:15 pm, HSC Auditorium
    Kevin:  Signing up on a roster:  get a captain to send me an email, sign up in Student Programs, or on the new SGA site.
  • Volleyball in November, into the spring; basketball in January until spring beak; softball mid-February till spring 2010
  • General Intramural Schedule
    Tennis:  What should we do?  Competitive league last year with 65 students until the end of the semester.  Spring socials with one day a month to play, feedback? 
    Sherry:  Maybe we should have a ProAm League—Round Robin to play with a pro
    Erin Pardue:  No soccer?
    Kevin:  Not enough people; tried to recruit last year.  Most sports have 200 people, but soccer is only 30 people.  We would only have 5 small teams, so you would play the same people.  It’s a process to start a new sport, but we can try.
    Will:  Golf tournament?
    Linnea:  Golf lessons? 
    Kevin:  Little support, but I’m up for it.
    Tres:  No more competitive softball? 
    Kevin:  Only 2 teams last year. 
    Tres:  Redistributing fees?
    Kevin:  We are limited due to other leagues and softball.  Coordinator wants dodgeball instead of softball.  Or kickball.  We could play dodgeball in the Wellness Center, so no facility fee.
    Will and Tres:  Yes to Dodgeball. 
    Will:  Buy our own field?
  • Soccer:  no soccer now.  If anyone wants to play, Mt. Pleasant has a rec league; SGA will give you $15 towards it.  Any suggestions/feedback?

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

  • New Website
    Liz Sheridan:  Welcome!  Service Committee Chair.  In lieu of activities fair, strong encouragement to use MUSC Gives Back website.  Thanks to Alicia, it looks great and is user-friendly.  Tell classes if they want ideas for service, go to database, classifieds, looking for student volunteers.  Agencies are missing the chance to come to us, so students can do more research on them.  Mission trips:  MUSC Gives Back can account for the outreach; report your local and abroad experience.  How many hours do you report?  Just direct service time, no travel time, sightseeing.  Goes on volunteer resume with a number of hours.  Sample of resume can inspire you to report/record hours.

    Sept 9. Gives Back Luncheon; limited to student leaders for 2nd years and above; focus on what college/group needs/interprofessional activities.  Incorporate events:  MLK Service in Feb. 
  • New students:  many lunches scheduled with colleges (except CHP) to get new students acquainted.

Student Programs—Robin Hardin

  • BTS was great.  Intro to staff; we want to help you and your classes.
  • Reading minutes:  The minutes are sent out in emails and we always motion to not read the minutes.  Please read the minutes in the email to make sure Meg represented the issues and quoted you well; don’t want you to be misrepresented. 
  • CCA Discount Tickets:  For 15 years, 50% discount, this year 66%.  Series with student rate. Purchase subscription from September 14-20th.  Performances not for sale individually.
  • Charleston Battery Soccer:  Sept 11, $5 till next Wed. in SPO.

University Wide Committees

  • IP Pilot Class:  Andrea—Fellowship to spread to classes; you will be recognized at graduation with certificate if you participate in the Fellowship.  Most things required are already mandatory—IP pilot class being offered online this year if beyond 1st year, which will count towards fellowship.  The class is interesting and full—28 students.  Sign up.  As a 1st year, you have to take it in the spring.  Encourage you to apply, looks good on CV.

Dental:  Nothing to report           

Graduate Studies:  Nothing to report

Health Professions:  Nothing to report

International Student Association:

  • Telma:  I’m the new president of ISA; taking over from Adnan.   We have new activities starting soon.  New Spanish club; there is medical Spanish, but this is more relaxed, and will help with pronunciation, “survival kit” for helpful phrases when in a Spanish-speaking country.  We’ll also have cultural activities, cooking lessons. I’ll send out an email; we want to try to get everyone to these activities.  May need SGA support. Tuesday 12-1 for Spanish Club.

Medicine:  Nothing to report

Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matthew: Our next meetng is Sept. 14th at noon in room 107 in the library.  Anyone is welcome!

Nursing:  Journey:  The Doctorate of Nursing Practice is a new program this year.

Pharmacy:  Mackie:  We have a busy year.  Midyear for ASP is in Charleston over Halloween weekend so we’ll have lots of business and traffic.  We’re also having the Christmas Crawl again.  I want to get everyone involved, so I will email the president of each college.  I have a slideshow to show each class to get more involvement, so I’ll be in touch with you.

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