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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - February 16, 2011

President Scholar speaker - Amanda Pirovitz:  Brandon, Amanda, and I are in a PS group and we are researching substance abuse programs in the Charleston area.  Meg will be sending you a survey to send out to your classes, and please get your classes to participate because we really need participation on this!  There will be some background information, information about your knowledge on substance abuse programs, and it will be anonymous.


President:  Tyler Pierce

Old Business

Reading of February 2nd minutes:  Approved

SGA Officer Applications – Due February 25th

Elections – March 30th and 31st

New Business

Returning Student Parking Registration:  March 28th-30th; remind your classes about this!  There will be reminder emails sent out and this is based off seniority.  You have to pay the same time you register.

March for Babies at MUSC:  Meredith Reppick needs someone to sit on a committee that will meet twice before the event to get student input.  (Travis Ayers)

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Walt Tollison (COM Rep), Anna Lockamy (CHP Rep)


Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue

Old Business

2/4 - Night at the Ballet - Evaluation Sheet; huge success with great attendance

 New Business

2/25 - Winetasting @ the Aquarium; 7:00 – 10:00pm.  Tickets now available in Student Programs; $25/each (checks are accepted),  2 per student ID.  570 of 800 tickets have been sold.

3/1 thru 3/18 – Submissions for MUSC Student, Staff & Faculty Art/Photo Exhibit.  Drop off 1-2 artwork pieces (ready to be displayed) to Student Programs Office.  Have your art ready to be displayed.  Your art can be sold, and 20% of profits will go to SGA. class="apple-style-span"

3/2 –  Free Chamber Music in ECL Lobby, 12:00 noon class="apple-style-span"

3/8 – Fat Tuesday in the Horseshoe, 11:30am – 1:15 pm.  The worker spots will go from 9 am -1 pm with music by Wanda Johnson, food vendors, free beads! class="apple-style-span"

Programs Committee meeting

Academic Vice President:  Carol Brown

New Business

Student Representation bill:  addresses the cap on the number of student representatives, as well as the distribution of the reps.  We are trying to amend the Constitution to prevent too many representatives from any one college to ensure fair representation.  COM continues to grow, and currently not all CHP programs are represented.  The only number that will change is COM, and the cap on reps will change from 12 to 10, which is the number COM currently has because they are having trouble getting reps.   Each degree-seeking program from CHP must have at least one representative, which is in the best interest for the SGA.  My committee discussed this a lot; CHP students have also brought up how many of the reps are from the same program or even the same class.

  • Jay Wagner (CHP Rep):  I know two of the programs that have been discussed, and I have spoken to these students, and none of these students have shown any interest in SGA.  Cami Meyer in CHP has tried to help me with this, and a lot of these students aren’t able to come to any of the meetings and fulfill the SGA requirements.  We really only have 4 active programs that can participate in SGA.
  • Carol:  This isn’t necessarily permanent; if it doesn’t work, we can change it later.  I was once a part of CHP’s smaller program, and we would have been too intimidated to run for a position because so many others make up the majority of the college.  The same thing happens with Presidential Scholars because we are told we need participants from the class.  It’s not fair for the smaller programs to not get information because they have to go to a separate lunch meeting.
  • Jay:  My concern is that they have said they have no interest in participating.
  • Carol:  We need to take the future classes into account.
  • Tyler:  We can give them first dibs to participate, but I don’t want to force anyone to be a part of SGA, but we can make a friendly amendment.  If these programs opt out, this will go to an at-large bid.  We needed to address this issue before the growth in COM and CHP gets out of control.  This doesn’t affect the smaller colleges, and it really doesn’t affect the larger ones now. 
  • Carol:  The numbers are based on enrollment from the previous year.

Vending machine in library:  Mary Mauldin would like suggestions for vending machines.  For example, they are talking about a healthy vending machine with protein bars, etc.  They have to do a trial with the machine.  They will be replacing the ice cream machine, so if you don’t want this to happen, let us know.

Academic Committee meeting


Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business

Financial Report from Night at the Ballet:  180 people with a net expenditure over $1000, and we were underbudget.

Feedback from Blood Drive and current standings:  After 3:30, first-come, first-serve.  We are under our goal of 49; we received 38.  Participation may have been lower due to exams during that week.  CDM currently is leading with 4%, followed by CON, CGS, COM, COP, CHP.  Drive will continue through tomorrow in the fixed site.

New Business

Fixed site blood drive continues this week:  Tuesday-Thursday, 10am-4pm on 2nd floor of MUH

Relay for Life Update:  Crystal Johnson; 6 people have signed up, and it’s not too late!  April 8th from 6-9 pm.  They are selling tshirts for $10, and Meg will send you an email with the tshirt design for you to forward out.  SGA is paying for your registration fee.

MLK Day of Service:  Saturday, February 19th, 10am-1pm:  Wenjun He; Sanders Clyde Elementary with Healthy Snack Shack; plenty of sign-up spots still available.

Low Country Food Bank Food Drive at Fat Tuesday:  Tues. March 8, 11am-1pm:  Kate Hicks

Bill No. 11-04:  Amendment to Allocations Request Policy:  addition to allocations request to ensure that no single group becomes dependent on SGA funds and so all groups have equal opportunities to request for funds.  Groups can’t receive funds for more than two consecutive years or more than three times in five years.

  • Will Lake (COP Rep):  Why do we need this?
  • Several groups have come repeatedly, and there are groups that have new ideas that we should give funds to.
  • Tres Schiltz (COP Sub):  Is this retroactive?  Will this go into effect for funds requested this year?
  • Yes.  No requests so far have been in violation.
  • Meg:  Have you ever run out of funds?
  • We have not given all our funds before.
  • Carol:  Have we ever turned anyone away?
  • No, a group has never come forward after the funds have been out.  We aren’t trying to prevent people from getting funds, but worthwhile events should have some planning put in.  For example, Clash of the Classes was new this year, so they asked late, but they should plan more in the future.  We don’t have the same amount in this fund every year, it is based on the budget.
  • Tyler:  We will email both of these bills to you after the meeting for a closer look and these will be looked at again at the next meeting.


Secretary:  Meg Croom

CLARION Competition:  Tuesday, March 1st 5:30 pm Storm Eye2 reps to set up; meet at HSC at 4:45 to take tables over to Storm Eye and 2 reps to clean up; meet at 7:45 in Storm Eye auditorium to take tables back to Student Programs.  Come support the CLARION; we have 10 teams signed up, 3 will actually present, and the SGA sponsors a hors d’oeuvres and wine reception after the event


Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Golf Clinics: 6:00pm, HSC Auditorium:  Feb 22, March 8, March 22, April 5; email me to participate


College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

  • Report Hours on MUSC Gives Back for awards; hours due in early April
  • End of Year Service Dinner on April 13th

Student Programs:  Willette Burnham

  • Women’s History Month wine and cheese reception:  Thursday, March 3rd 5:00-6:30pm in HSC Courtenay Gallery. 
  • 5 student nominees for Higgins award, 7 faculty; April 6th will be the announcement of winners
  • Biobank Sign-up sheet with questionnaire.  They want you to look at the document that will be given to students.  This will take about 15 mintues to read.
  • Student Leadership Society:  call for nominations soon; you will be recognized on April 13th with a scholarship.  Generally one person from each college.

University Wide Committees

Dental:  free dental screenings Mon-Thurs from 5-7 except next Thursday and spring break week.

Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Mr. MUSC Pageant tomorrow in Baruch at 7 pm; tickets still on sale in the library.  We are still doing penny voting until tomorrow.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  March 7th at noon in library 103.





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