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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - January 5, 2011

President:  Tyler Pierce

Old Business

Reading of December 1st minutes:  approved

Introduction of new rep

New Business

SGA Officer Applications – Due February 26th ; Elections – March 24th and 25th, packets available at next meeting

Fundraiser effort for Learning Commons:  we are going to help Mary Mauldin with this because the budget is very minimal right now and they need assistance.  My committee will work on this.  We will be setting a goal in the near future.  This will be affecting all MUSC students.

Don’t forget your rep reports!  Please send an email tonight about the Oyster Roast! (

  • Brandon Gates (CON Rep):  I keep getting a kickback from the postmaster, but it usually still sends the email.

ESL annual reports given to us by Dr. Shaw.  Students don’t have access to this usually!

  • Willette:  Dr. Shaw apologizes for not being here tonight, but she had another budget meeting tonight.  She looks forward to seeing you all Friday and she thanks you for all of your work last semester.  The SGA is featured in the report.

Student Welfare Committee Meeting

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Mackie King (COP Rep), Amanda Pirovitz (CHP Rep)

Program Vice President :  Erin Pardue

Old Business

Exam Break Evaluations

New Business

Oyster Roast at the Visitor Center bus shed - Jan. 7th, 7:00 - 10:30 PM
Tickets available in Student Programs or in the horseshoe during lunchtime; $10 for students (in advance), $13 (at the door), $12 for non-students (in advance), $15 (at the door)

Night at the ballet Feb 4th; wine and cheese reception with the dancers afterwards.  There will be a few worker spots for this event.

Academic Vice President
:  Carol Brown

New Business

Library Carrel and Locker policy/lottery:  I met with Bob Poyer over break about this.  Remind your classes that the policy states for carrels to be used between certain times.  Many people get a carrel, and don’t actually use it for the appropriate times.  With lockers, students bring their own locks and leave their things and never take off the locks, so MUSC is having cut the locks and throw out the nice things in the locker.  MUSC will provide their own locks, but there will still be the issue of people leaving things in the lockers, so remind your classmates to be professional.

Honor Code violation:  plagarism violation last semester; the student had to complete the assignment and resubmit it to the college dean with help from the Writing Center.

:  John Brandt

Old Business

Christmas Tree Lighting Evaluation

Exam Breaks Expense reports:  budgeted $3000 for the event and we spent just over this, with 400 in attendance, so $9.47/person.  Chick-fil-A was more than anticipated, and we also had Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts coffee this year.  We were under about $6000 for the semester.

New Business:  sign up for service events

Florence Crittenton House Dinner:  1/20 from 5:30-8:30 (?):  we are asking for female SGA reps only because we will be serving pregnant women.

Crisis Ministries Saturday Soup Kitchen:  1/29 from 9:30am-12:30pm

Charity Blood Drive Challenge: 2/8, 12:00-5:00pm  ***Fixed site drive 2/15-2/17.  We will have the incentive to have goods donated to charities again.  Include this information in your rep reports!

  • Tyler:  Please go back to your classes on this!  John works really hard on this event.  If you gave in the last drive, you will be eligible to give again.

First read of spring 2011 budget:  read by title only. We have $100k budgeted for spring expenses.  We also have some rollover from the fall because we were underbudget ($4700).  We have three of our biggest events in the spring, all of which are very well attended.  We have some cultural events coming up, but a lot of our things are staying the same from last year.  There will be a slight increase in what we spend on service.  We do have $2000 in the allocations fund, and we have already had two requests for the spring.
Second read of spring 2011 budget by title only
Spring 2011 budget approved

  • Mackie:  Is there a reason why the service isn’t broken down?
  • Yes, because the events are always changing.  We can provide you with a better breakdown if you want, but last year we had $2000 allocated and this time we have $2500 because we are expecting more to be spent.Will things change if the amendment is passed?
  • No, it won’t go into account until next year unless there is a motion for this.  It will only be $100 anyways.  When you request funds, if it is for an educational event, you can request any amount, otherwise you can only request 50% of your event.  If you want us to co-sponsor the event, we can give more than 50%.  This will affect the funds that are being requested this spring.
  • Katherine Shugart (COP Rep):  So with the Clash of the Classes, this would be affected?
  • Yes, we could give less than $600 unless our name was on the event.  This is in the bylaws.  If we put our name on it, we have to help promote the event and we have more responsibility.

Allocations Bill Amendment- 1st read by title only:  Thomas Tyner (COM Rep)
This is something we talked about a lot last semester.  This will better define what happens to the allocations funds from the fall semester if they are not used.  This would allow the money to roll over to the spring allocations fund.  We usually have more requests in the spring.

Allocations request: Clash of the Classes; Irfan Rhemtulla, Amy Brown (COM 2013)
We are working on a service project.  We have three goals:  supporting at-risk high school kids through emotional support, financial support, tutoring; promoting health and wellness through MUSC, and to have a healthy competition between the MUSC Colleges.  This will be a two-day competition between the different classes within the colleges.  This will include football, swimming, and track events.  We are currently reserving Stony Field and the gym at MUSC for these events.  The largest expense is the reservation of the field, which should be around $500-600.  We would also like to give out awards, concessions will hopefully be donated, and Tshirts, which will hopefully be a fundraiser.  We are planning on each team/individual having an entry fee.  We drafted an email for you to forward out to your classes to generate interest.  We have reserved BSB 100 for a lunch meeting for the captains of each class during MLK week.  The charity is for schools of Charleston, and is specifically in North Charleston, and specializes in academic support for at-risk youth; they are trying to keep kids in school, which includes family and emotional support.  The email we send out will have a link to their website with more information.  The event will be the first weekend in March.

  • Jay Wagner (CHP Rep):  Inclement weather plan?
  • We have a meeting next week with Bobby Shaw for the indoor track at MUSC.
  • John Brandt:  Minimum number of participants to have the event?
  • Right now, no.  We don’t know how much interest there will be, but our class seems very interested.  If it comes to the event costing more than our fundraising can cover, we will cancel.
  • Carol Brown:  The date is when COP is on spring break, and COM exams for the first years.
  • The only other date we considered was the first weekend in April, which we were concerned about because of Relay for Life, Alhambra, and the Bridge Run.  We looked at the calendar with Liz and Kevin (SPO, MUSC Gives Back).  There may be a way to have some of the events during the week, but we are concerned about driving registration down, and the field will also be an issue.
  • Mackie King (COP Rep):  How else do you plan on promoting this?
  • Flyers and a committee through our class, and we will try to talk to classes.  We are really depending on you and we are open to suggestions.  We are requesting $1050 from SGA if possible.  We can cover at least $150, and we understand SGA has other commitments, so we would appreciate any support.
  • Carol:  What amount do you absolutely need from SGA?
  • Without SGA support, we can’t pull enough funds from our class to reserve the field.  Other than this, we are hopeful for donations and that we can decrease costs.  This is something we are piloting this year, and we hope it can become an annual event because it reaches beyond intramural sports.
  • John:  Do you know when you have to pay for the field?
  • They said within 30 days of the event if we are approved.  We will be approved on the 26th of January.
  • Kate Hicks (COM Rep):  What if we did it the same time as Relay?
  • Tyler:  Relay is moving to Patriots Point.

Allocations request: Relay for Life; Katie Herbert (COP)
Signature fundraiser for American Cancer Society.  This is a combined event with the colleges of Charleston, and we have greatly increased our support.  We raised about $26k last year with over 200 people.  We feel we should contribute to the budget of the event.  CofC initially only received a small portion to support the event due to the change of location to Patriots Point, and they will be requesting more money once school starts again.  The event costs around $5000 to put on, and we are requesting  $1500 from the SGA.  The location was changed from Stony Field to Patriots Point to have a nicer location for the event. 

  • Jay:  Do you know how much CofC will give?
  • We don’t know how much CofC will be giving yet because they won’t start school until next week.
  • Mackie:  What will the funds from SGA be given to?
  • CofC asked for specific things, especially a performer that is more professional, which can be expensive.  They also asked for mats to cover electrical cords.  We have provided you with a full breakdown of expenses.  They also need a PA system, which may be loaned to us.
  • Andy Curtis (COP Rep):  How much did Relay raise last year?
  • Around $50k.
  • Clint:  How much were expenses last year?
  • The figures are very similar to last year’s.
  • MUSC had around 200 participating, which as a third of the students.
  • Willette Burnham (SPO):  Was there equal participation from all the colleges?
  • CDM didn’t have good participation, but they had another event that night.  CON, CGS also didn’t participate, but we are targeting these schools this year.

Service Committee meeting

Secretary:  Meg Croom

New Business

CLARION interest meeting dates:  Tuesday, 1/11 12:15-12:45 ECL ROOM #18; Tuesday, 1/18 12:15-12:45 ECL ROOM #18
Competition presentations: March 1st at 5:30 p.m.  This does count towards your IP fellowship.

Reminder of requirements:  There has been confusion about worker spots.  Each semester you need to work three events, which is separate from your community service requirement, which is three hours.  Remember that if you clean up from an event, this counts as two spots.  All of this is kept up-to-date on the SGA site, which I try to update after each event, so you can check this regularly.

Intramurals:  Kevin Smineuski

Winter Basketball:  captains meeting last night with 8 rosters, only one of which is for noncompetitive.  These are due January 12th.  This is a lot less than we had last year.

Volleyball:  Starts this weekend, goes through the end of January.

Soccer:  I only have 60 people interested, so this is too small to have this as a sport yet.  Send an email if you are interested!

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan
MLK planning Meeting:  Mon. Jan 10, 12:00-12:50 BSB 100 Free limited box lunches to those who RSVP to  Check your emails!  This will also be sponsored through SIPS, so it is a great interprofessional event.  SGA sponsors Healthy Snack Shack in the spring through this.  You must be working with another college on this, not just one college!  This won’t be a health screening, just health education.  Housing authority will also be coming in.

Student Programs:  Willette Burnham
Budget:  as we face diminishing funds, Dr. Shaw and I fight for your increases.  Remember to take the budget seriously because you are the students who pay the student fees, so we must justify why we spend the money you do.  You are accountable to your peers.  Thank you for your diligence and hard work, and please let me know if there is anything I can help you do!  I really believe you do the best student work on campus.

Alicia Lockard has informed us of her resignation.  We will be advertising for this position, so if you know of anyone, we will be replacing as soon as possible.  Think of her as she raises her twins.

Many announements were given out.  Meg will send these out to you electronically to be forwarded on to your classes.

IP day, Friday Jan 7th Dr. Blue asked me to encourage everyone to enjoy this day on Friday!

MLK Essay Contest Deadline – Thursday, Jan 13th at 5:00 pm; cash prizes are available.  I have only received one submission so far.  This is co-sponsored by MSAB and Office for Student Diversity.

Student Programs needs work study students:  Great job with great perks!  Tell the student body about this; we are flexible with hours and you can study when there is not much to do.  Financial Aid has also been notified of this.  Contact Dorothea 792-3693 or

Earl B. Higgins award:  one goes to a student, one to a faculty.  Please nominate someone for these awards!  This will be open until February 4th.  The nomination form has been included in your paperwork tonight.  Please let everyone know if someone meets more than the three criteria, this will be taken into account!

University Wide Committees: Brandon Gates; Gay Straight Alliance for 2nd Chance Prom on March 26th.  All are welcome.  Last year it benefited the Youth of Charleston.

Dental:  Seay Walker; senior dental students doing screenings M-Th from 5-7 pm starting January 10th through the end of March.  Come by and if you have lesions that qualify students for boards, you will be enrolled.

Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Stephanie Buckley; annual philanthropy with King of Hearts Pageant on February 17th in Baruch from 7-10 pm as of now to benefit Water Missions International and Cares Clinic.  You will nominate 1-2 men from your program, and they will be in a pageant that includes a talent portion.  We will leave packets here tonight for you to pick up with contact information.  We have talked to CofC to get their auditorium, and we have some alums who are trying to help us.

  • Clint:  I attended last year when it was just CHP, and it was completely sold-out and it was a lot of fun.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matt Tice; meeting January 10th at noon in ECL 107



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