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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - March 2, 2011

  • Erin:  March for Dimes for babies; on March 30th starting at Cannon Park and walking around the Battery.  Reaching out to SGA to see if you are interested.  I have information about how much money MUSC has received from the March of Dimes.  Through 2010, we have given back to MUSC over $1 million in research grants.  The easiest way to get involved is through online fundraising., where you can join the team and ask friends and family to donate.  Let Travis Ayers ( know if you have other questions.  The money does go back to the babies, which is a great cause.  In SC, 1:6 babies is born prematurely, so this is especially important.  MUSC has been a partner for many years.  We do need volunteers at the event as well, which will count towards MUSC Gives Back.

President:  Tyler Pierce
Old Business

Reading of February 16th minutes:  approved

New Business
Returning Student Parking Registration - March 28th-30th:  Remind your classes about this; it will only be these three days and you must pay when you register.  E-mail reminders will be sent out.  This is based on seniority.

SGA Officer Elections – March 30th and 31st :  Carol Brown, Thomas Tyner for President.  Erin Pardue, Craig Kutz for Programs VP.  Brandon Hagan for Academic VP.  Meg Croom for Secretary.  Kathyrn Holt, Kate Hicks for Treasurer.

Commencement flag bearers needed:  1 per college

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Kate Hicks, Amanda Pirovitz

Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue
Old Business

Winetasting evaluations.  Great job with behavior at this event!  Remember that the worker spots are hard to oversee, but there were a lot of dump buckets that were overflowing, which made clean-up a lot harder.  Please let me know your thoughts on this on the evaluation.

New Business

3/1 thru 3/18 – MUSC Student, Staff & Faculty Art/Photo Exhibit submissions; drop off 1-2 artwork pieces (ready to be displayed) to Student Programs.  Can sell your artwork with a percent going back to Student Programs.

3/3 – Women’s History Month Wine & Cheese Reception in HSC Courtenay Gallery, 5:00-6:30pm.  Men are also welcome and it is a casual event. 

3/8 – Fat Tuesday in the Horseshoe, 11:30am – 1:15pm; music by Wanda Johnson, food vendors, Jostens, free beads! 

3/24 – MUSC Improv Comedy Show at Theatre 99; 7:00pm – Reception (free drink ticket & appetizers + cash bar), 8:00pm – Show; the doors will close right at 8 pm!, tickets: $5/students, $10/non-students (2 per MUSC ID)

Remember that Alhambra is a mandatory event!  Remember that your worker spots are separate from your service projects.

Academic Vice President:  Carol Brown
Old Business

Calhoun Street crosswalk update:  I met with Dr. Shaw and she was fully supportive of making this safer, so I drafted a letter to her and a letter from her to Mr. Clark, who is the engineering director with Transportation.  We are asking for flashing lights on either side of the crosswalk to remind drivers this is a legal crosswalk.

New Business

Tech Fair in the library on April  6th from 11-2; taking submissions from students on how you integrate technology.  They are accepting posters and they are going to have hands-on workshops.  The email contact will be sent out by Meg.  Deadline March 11th at 5 pm.

COP Rho Chi Society Cinderella Project:  Collecting gently used formal dresses, jewelry, wraps, and purses for local charity.  Through March 18 in pharmacy building and March 4, 17, & 18, noon-1pm in ECL Lobby.  Contact: Tufan Nardali,; he will come meet you if you are unable to come at any of these times.

Student Wellness Survey
; Can register to win one of several $50 cash prizes.  Sent in a Broadcast email, so you can still access this.

  • Erin:  I noticed one of the questions was about excessive drinking at MUSC events.  This will influence future events, but still be honest.

SGA Student Representation Bill second read:  Cap placed so each college can’t exceed 2 members/class + members at large, which only affects COM, but they only have this number of reps anyway (10).  Friendly amendment suggested for CHP; each degree-seeking program is guaranteed a position, but if someone doesn’t want that seat, it becomes the college’s decision.

  • Jay Wagner (CHP Rep):  Point of interest; will CHP always have 12 reps or will this change? 
  • This will depend on the algorithm, but there is a cap for each class.  So say CHP grows, the algorithm will increase the number of reps allowed for the entire college.  This is to ensure each college has enough reps.  Remember the bill doesn’t change how the algorithm already is, because this is set based on enrollment numbers and was decided previously.
  • Jordan Hill (CHP Rep):  It is confusing how the reps per class is determined for CHP, because there are different number of classes in each program in CHP.
  • When I talked to Jay about how elections were done, it became complicated, so I tried to make this fair so each program has one rep.
  • John:  So if CHP keeps growing, they could eventually have a huge number of reps.
  • Jordan:  So maybe we should cap the number of reps per program.
  • Amanda Pirovitz (CHP Rep):  Just tell us how many reps to have per program and we can figure it out per program because each program is different with graduation, rotations, etc.
  • Jay:  Will this algorithm change this time every year so we can report back to our colleges?
  • The algorithm is figured out by February of each year.
  • Alicia Hoffart (CHP Rep):  Did we change it per program or per class?
  • Jay:  Friendly amendment.
  • Tyler:  We need to table the second read, and then we will vote at the next meeting due to the friendly amendment.  We will come to the next meeting with a new version to be voted on.

University Honor Council – College Honor Council Representation Bill first read:  This is for the Honor Council.  I didn’t change any of the numbers, but we are updating the numbers.  Each college has their own honor council, and this number of reps is determined by the colleges themselves.  This is just to update the current numbers.  COM and COP increased their numbers.  There are errors:  CON was included twice, so we removed one part of sentence, and we also updated the numbers for CON based on the undergrad/graduate program.  CHP actually has one rep from each class within each program.

Treasurer:  John Brandt
Old Business

Evaluations from Blood Drive and MLK Healthy Snack Shack;
both events were great and I will have paper evaluations for you to fill out at the next meeting.

Final results from Blood Drive
:  We had 38 units from the gym, 20 at the fixed site.  The final results:  CGS 1st, CDM 2nd, COP 3rd, COM 4th, CON 5th, CHP 6th.  This is the 2nd time CGS has won.  1st place gets $200 to their charity, 2nd gets $100, and all the others get $50.

New Business

Financial report from Winetasting:  $39k total, cost of $22.10/person and we were about $500 underbudget. 

Low Country Food Bank Food Drive at Fat Tuesday: March 8, 11am-1pm in Horseshoe.  Please bring nonperishable goods.  We have 4 volunteers for this event.

Sea Island Habitat for Humanity: Sat. March 26, 8am-noon.

Cooper River Bridge Run / Kids Run: Friday April 1, noon-6pm at Hampton Park.  We help set up, registration, help with events.

Relay for Life: April 8, 6-9pm at Patriot’s Point.  SGA is paying for your registration.  We currently have 9 reps signed up.
Crystal Johnson (COM Rep):  We have raised around $400 as a team so far.  For those of you who ordered a tshirt, see me after the meeting.

Second Read of Bill 11-04:  Restriction of how frequently funds can be requested—can’t request funds for no more than two consecutive years or three years in a five-year period.

  • Andy Curtis (COP Rep):  I understand the purpose, I think we are limiting ourselves because we have the ability to vote on what we want to support, so if there is a great event we want to support, we still can.
  • John:  The purpose of this fund is to start new events.  If we want to support events annually, we should format it into our budget so we can co-sponsor events.  It’s poor business practice to ask for funds annually.
  • Katherine Shugart (COP Rep):  I feel like our purpose is to discuss allocations, and I feel like this is going to lessen our role on SGA.
  • Meg:  So how will events go about requesting funds to be allocated into the SGA budget?
  • We approve the budget at the 2nd meeting in the fall.  The rep from that event should come in advance to petition to SGA for sponsorship rather than waiting rather than having last-minute funding from SGA.  There is no guarantee how much money is in the allocations fund.
  • Jay:  Last minute we discussed how things funded this year will be affected by this in the future, so should we write this into the bill to outline this?
  • No, there isn’t anything specific about this being retroactive.  This should be automatically applicable.  The same group can come and request funds as long as it is for different events.
  • Jay:  I think this is necessary.
  • Andy:  How much do we have for allocations?
  • We have to think as a body this is a worthy event, such as the CLARION competition, which even the administration is involved with.  There is no set amount.  We don’t set aside money for a specific expected event?  We start planning the fall budget in the summer.  Things would be fit into the budget as they are approved.
  • Thomas Tyner:  The fear seems to be that we won’t be able to continue supporting certain events.  In the spring, could we have a list of events we have sponsored?
  • This would be an additional amendment.  There are only a couple of groups that would be affected by this and it’s not completely limiting.
  • Travis:  This makes sense because we don’t want this to be welfare-state.
  • Katherine:  I think we should set a date each month when allocations must be due so the requests are made together so we can decide who is most deserving.  As a body, we have voting power, so we don’t need another regulation to do this.
  • The only thing is if a group has an event before that set date.
  • Carol:  The money is there for students, and it comes from tuition.  We could tier to those who are more deserving and that way we won’t end up with leftover money.  We have never had to turn anyone away before, so we don’t want to lose this money.
  • I had plans to enact something so by the x meeting of the semester, have all requests presented at the same time.  I think this a good idea.  I don’t like the idea of groups continuously requesting funds because they didn’t plan well.
  • Kate Hicks (COM Rep):  Balance between how much a group deserves and the timing.  Timing is easier to regulate.
  • Most requests are poorly done and are not planned well.  The groups this semester did come in advance.
  • Bill passed.

Service committee meeting

Secretary:  Meg Croom
Old Business

CLARION Competition report: Hailey James (CHP), Ted James (CON), Jacqui Pratt (COP), and Katherine Schichtel (CHP)

New Business

Worker spots updated

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Golf Clinics: 6:00pm, HSC Auditorium: March 8, March 22, April 5

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

  • Report Hours; if you have 15 hours or more, you get recognition.  Due April 4th.  Dr. Bankov award application is available online for $1000 prize.
  • Download MUSC Gives Back Service Award Application
  • Student Service & Leadership Banquet ; April 13th

Student Programs:  Nadia Mariutto

  • Student Leadership Society:  Nominations are being accepted and there will be a document for you to send to your classes
  • Jostens will be at Fat Tuesday on the 8th with graduation announcements, rings; there are discounts if you order while they are on-campus

University Wide Committees

Dental:  Still have dental screenings Monday-Thursday 5-7pm

Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Kat Giarla; we are trying to find out if students know about drug/alcohol.  There will be duplicate emails, so please don’t delete them and please send them out to your classes.  The surveys take about 5 minutes and will be sent out by Meg.

International Student Association

Medicine:  Clash of the Classes this Friday/Saturday.  Match Day for Medical Students March 17th in Gilliard Auditorium at noon.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Meeting Monday the 7th, library.




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