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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - October 13, 2010

Speaker: Julie Reese, Student Health Insurance

I understand everyone wants to hear about the policy and co-pay changes.  Last year, we paid over a million dollars worth of premiums.  By the end of this year (August 2009-January 30, 2011), estimated we will have paid over $2 million in claims than we took in.  This doesn’t take into account insurance company’s overhead.  We are part of USC, Clemson, CofC, Citadel, Coastal, Winthrop, so by being a part of this, we look across the state to see the best that can be done with insurance.  There was a proposed 20-30% rate increase to keep the benefits the same, but we didn’t feel the students could afford this, so we looked at each area to see what would be less traumatic for the students, so this is how the premiums came about.  There is a co-pay with every policy.  Our basic is $30-50 per prescription, so you are getting a good deal.  You have $300 wellness benefit for eye exams/glasses, STD testing, lipid profiles, which is reimbursed 100%.  You get $1000 worth of prescription coverage as well, which is more than the policy costs you a year.  There was a question about the dental cleanings changing from two to one, which was a misunderstanding.  You do get two cleanings and a set of bite wings at 100% reimbursement.  With most plans, you pay extra for a dental policy, but this is included for you.  I really feel the students get their money worth for the price of the policy.  You do not have to use this insurance, but you will pay more for the same benefits.

  • Tyler Pierce (SGA President):  Did everyone’s copayments go up, other universities included?
  • Yes, everyone pays the same, but USC has a higher administrative fee.  Pierce and Pierce has two years left on their contract, and then we go back to a bid with what we want for our students and insurance companies can come bid on it.  This policy came in at the lowest bid.  It is done as a sealed bid handled at the state level, so we have no control over this.  If you have problems with the claims or policy, email me or call me.  There is also a hotline listed on the website, and those questions come straight to me.

President:  Tyler Pierce

Old Business
Reading of September 29th minutes:  approved

New Business
Board of Trustees report:  I spoke with the BOT on Thursday and Friday they took a vote to reduce the cost of tuition. They will keep it under 7% for all colleges. They have not decided on the numbers yet but they are trying to help students. They are the first higher ed institution in the lowcountry to take action.   They are rolling the costs back so it’s not more than 7%, but your tuition won’t be decreased. 

Dinner at the Greenbergs’:  Wednesday, November 17th, 6:30pm, please confirm your attendance.  The entrée will be fish or vegetarian.  Please take this seriously when you RSVP.  We encourage your attendance.  Deans from all of the colleges will be there and it is very nice and a great opportunity to network.

  • Nadia Mariutto (SPO):  This takes the place of a regularly scheduled meeting.  If you RSVP, please come.  I have to send an exact list of names and a lot of work goes into this.
  • Willette Burnham (SPO):  Very important if you say you are coming; your deans will notice if you aren’t there. 
  • Crystal Johnson (COM Rep):  What should we do if we are on rotation and don’t know yet?
  • Nadia:  I will send the final list a couple of days before the event.
  • John Brandt (SGA Treasurer):  If you tell them you are eating dinner with the president, you will be let off your call.

Rep Reports:  Thank you for sending these out and I encourage you to continue to do this. 

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Andy Curtis (COP Rep), Amanda Pirovitz (CHP Rep)


Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue
Old Business
Oktoberfest- Evaluations:  450 attended

New Business 
10/16 - Kayak Tour - Shem Creek;  $25.00 per person (limit 2 per student ID); 15 spots left

11/4 - Night with the Charleston Stage - Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps; Dock St theatre 7:30PM, $5 student tickets on sale next week with a reception during intermission

Academic Vice President:  Carol Brown
Nothing to report

Treasurer:  John Brandt
Old Business

Activities Fair report:  We are still waiting on more figure; over $4000 spent, with $985 income and we were underbudget about $700.

Feedback from Dinner at Star Gospel Mission September 30th:  everyone enjoyed this event

Feedback from Charleston Miracle League October 2nd:  Headed by Crystal Johnson; we had a good turnout and the adults enjoyed our company. 

Feedback from Students' Charity Blood Drive Challenge:  Yesterday was the first part of the blood drive and we had a great turnout.  Goal of 42 units and we had 44 units collected and were usable.  Preliminary results, but this continues next Tuesday-Thursday, so continue to encourage your classes.  CGS is currently in the lead, following COM, COP, CHP, CON, CDM.  CDM has had zero participation

New Business

PLS allocation request:  Liz O’Hara, Drayton Hammond on behalf of COP’s Phi Lambda Sigma
$1500 available in the fall, $2000 available in the spring for allocations, and we have not had anyone inquire for funds yet.  Phi Lambda Sigma is requesting funds for the spring.

  • Liz:  PLS is the pharmacy leadership society and we host interprofessional events.  We host a leadership conference, which SGA helped with $1500 last year, $500 of which was for student sponsorship.  We want this to be more interprofessional.  The C3 office has agreed to let this count for 6 hours of your C3 requirement.  I have broken down our direct and variable costs for you; variable per person for food is around $50.  This can go on your CV.  Craig Zablocki will be speaking, and he has spoken all across the globe.  We are asking for sponsorship for 5 students from each college other than COP, so we want to expand the interprofessional aspect.  We do receive corporate sponsorship directly for meeting costs and student sponsorship.  Projected student attendance is 125, not including the 25 students you would sponsor.  We have discussed different ways to select the 5 students from each college, and an email will be sent to your college and the first five to respond will go.  Anyone can attend.  It costs us $50 per person, but we charge $45/person.  We do take a hit for this event. 
  • Jay Wagner (CHP Rep):  What is your contingency plan?
  • We have 5 confirmed sponsors, with several floating.  Any money in excess goes to fund other events, such as the fall leadership seminar series lunches, and a Roberts Rules information session.  All of our meetings are open campus-wide.  The most recent leadership seminar had 75% attendance outside of COP, so we are not using our funds to support pharmacy events.  We also run the CLARION with the C3 office.
  • Jordan Hill (CHP Rep):  Last year how were people chosen?
  • We set aside ten spots, and only two were used.  We are going to have emails come from the deans to offer these positions to others first come first serve.  We would be willing to do more people from one college than another if one college doesn’t have as strong of a desire to come.  I can’t adequately advertise this to other schools.
  • John:  This event is going to occur whether we fund this or not.  They are asking our support to send students to participate.
  • Tyler:  What happens if 25 people don’t come?
  • The funds will be used to provide interprofessional opportunities and to fuel the costs of the conference
  • Tyler:  We will vote on this at the next meeting.

Students' Charity Blood Drive Challenge @ MUH Fixed Site, Tuesday-Thursday, October 19-21, 10:00-4:00pm

  • Tyler:  Please encourage your classes with this!  This is a huge event for service and we want this to be a competition with the colleges.

Sugar Free Fall Festival:  HSC Gym, Thursday, October 28, 5:00-8:00pm. 

Hospice of Charleston Candlelighting:  the 21st is the actual event, but we are going to help them prepare candles from 5:30-7:30 on the 18th. 

Holiday Lighting Wednesday, December 1st from 3-5 for the area youth.  Someone gets to be Santa and we will also have elves from SGA.  Santa and the elves also go into the hospital to see children

Secretary:  Meg Croom

New Business
Communication Committee Meeting
Check the website for updates tomorrow

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Volleyball captain’s meeting Sundays, two seasons.  Meeting at 5:15 pm

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs:  Dorothea Gadsden

Book fair Oct 19th-20th; ECL portico; 10 am-5pm the 19th, 7:30 am-5 pm on the 20th

COM alcohol awareness, Oct 20th 12-1 pm, BSB auditorium.  There is a flyer on this and it will be presented by Dr. Mallin.  All of the colleges are doing an alcohol awareness program to the University.

University Wide Committees


Graduate Studies:  Jay Wagner; over the summer, people in MHA SGA started a fundraiser for a local charity.  We are having an airband competition to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House, so we are having Ronald’s Rockfest at the Music Farm.  We are working with local radio stations to advertise this and we want it to be open to all of MUSC.  There will be up to six people in a band with one captain.  December 3rd  (2nd?  Will confirm) 7pm-midnight.  The bands will be judged on audience enthusiasm and authenticity.  The two chairs will be here at the next meeting to advertise this more, but go ahead and take this back to your programs to generate interest.  Talkiing to CofC about this as well, and Meg will be sending a flyer out to you to forward to your classes.

  • Carol:  How does charity part work?
  • John:  Each band that enters pays a fee, and we sell tickets to come.  All proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House.

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matt Tice:  Going to Charleston Miracle League this Saturday, next meeting later this month.




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