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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes September 1, 2010

President:  Tyler Pierce

New Business

Dr. Pelek:  Social Networking Guidelines:  A couple of months ago, Dr. Shaw gave me the task to form a committee for social networking guidelines.  We were having student HIPAA problems with Facebook and MySpace, so we started a group of students and faculty, library staff, and IT who met weekly for 3 months to come up with policies/guidlelines for social networking.  We do need guidelines, which are different than policies, which are suggestive rather than dictative.  Social networking is a good thing and efficient for communication, but there are problems.  These guidelines are suggestive and should help keep you out of trouble.  I want to reinforce these are guidelines.  Originally it was six pages, but now it is one and there is a separate set of guidelines for group use.  For you, there is question as to whether you represent the University on your own page, but when you put the MUSC logo on your account, you are representing us.  We have a separate set of guidelines for groups.  Dr. Shaw wanted me to say that there was a lot of student input and it is meant to be vague.  Example of why we did this:  COM student saw a relative of another student in-clinic, which turned out to be a serious matter she hadn’t discussed with her spouse.  The student then posted on the spouse’s facebook, which turned out to be a HIPAA violation.  There was another situation where a patient picture became a profile picture.  Please get the word out that these guidelines exist.  There will also be a Catalyst article coming out.  You may not be aware how much information people have access to.  These sites are regularly changing policies without telling you, so maybe if you upload new pictures and have private settings, they may automatically become public.

  • Jay Wagner (CHP Rep):  For student groups that have already been created, what recommendations do you have to make sure we are in line with the guidelines?
  • Dr. Pelek:  I would recommend contacting your associate deans, college presidents, who have been briefed on this, just to let them know the site exists.
  • Tyler:  Where can we find this online?
  • Alicia Lockard (Student Programs):  It’s also in the Student Handbook.
  • Dr. Pelek:  We may make a webpage just for this and other resources that are helpful about privacy settings.
  • Dr. Shaw:  Welcome to SGA.  We really count on you to be representatives and to offer recommendations to Exec and the body; please let us know what you’re thinking.  I’ll be back to give a presentation about what you all had to say last year in the Student Satisfaction survey.  My door is always open.
  • Tyler:  Dr. Shaw has been amazing and she is an advocate for us; she takes our input on what MUSC and the hospital does.  Thanks for letting us be involved.  She’s in Colcock Hall and she’s the Student Provost for Student Life and Education.

Welcome and Introductions:  We have a lot to accomplish, and if there’s anything you want to do, if you have ideas, let’s run with them and better the University.

Acomplishments 2009-2010:  Haiti fundriaser, free printing for students, library use policy, Honor Council faculty survey, credit card readers for vending machines, etc.—we want to diversify the things we give to students!

We want to work on disseminating information; this is one of y’all’s most important jobs and we feel like this isn’t happening, which is why we have started RepReports.  Please talk to your classes, email your classes.  We are also working on alcohol awareness so everyone is safe with drinking.  We are going to try to get credit card swipes on all of the vending machines.  We also want more people to apply for Exec positions and a stronger voter turnout.  MUSC is also committing to sustainability, so we want to promote recycling.  We are also starting “Did you know?” because there is a lot of information students don’t know about.  If there is information you know and want to share about MUSC, we will create a tip sheet for MUSC students.

Schedule for the next few weeks:

SGA Retreat- Sept 15h and 18th (Mandatory):  This will be a business meeting and we will break everyone up into committees, each of which is headed up by an exec member.  We want a rep from each college on each committee, so think about this for the next meeting.  The 18th will be the fun part of the meeting where we get to know each other.  If you know you can’t come, let Meg know as soon as possible, but it is going to be a lot of fun.  It will be from 9 a.m.-noon.

  • Wellness Committee:  Tyler; Campus improvements, Harper Student Center, etc.
  • Academic Committee:  Carol; any new bills that need to be passed or revisions to the Constitution will be handled.  We also handle academics.  For example, vending machines with office supplies were put in the library, GoPrint cards are given to everyone.  I am also the Honor Council chair, and we hold meetings monthly and we will update this. 
  • Communications Committee:  Meg; We develop different methods of communicatons, such as the Broadcast emails, SGA TV, etc.
  • Service Committee:  John; We come up with service projects, such as the blood drive.
  • Programs Committee:  Erin; We are in charge of all of the social events, such as the Back to School party, so we come up with themes and prizes.

Bike racks:  I know the dental school needs bike racks, BSB/library, and we will try to get something close to ART.

  • Thomas Tyner (COM Rep):  Need more at the Health Center on Bee Street.  (There is one in the dirt at the gate)
  • The CHP bikeracks are on the other side of the wall by Rutledge Tower.

Rep Reports-  Starting now, y’all can decide what you want to do, but when you report back to your colleges, send an email to repreports to let us know you talked to your class or cc repreports if you send an email out to your class.  This is an accountability system and this is part of your job as an SGA rep.  This will help get information out to students and to help us when we pick the rep of the year at the end of the year.  I will send a reminder next week.

Two reps for clean up:  Shelley Grosso (CON Rep), Journey Henderson (CON Rep)

Program Vice President
:  Erin Pardue
Old Business

SGA Back-to-School Party Review:  We sold close to 1000 tickets before the event and we limited sales at the door to 200.  Sent around a review for suggestions and theme ideas for next year.

Summer Happy Hour at Blind Tiger, kayaking tour, Fort Sumter tour, Thirsty Thursday Riverdogs game all this summer

New Business

Signup sheet for Volunteer/Activities Fair:  September 8th in the horseshoe; we need a few workers for set-up and sitting at a table during the fair.  This is a great time to showcase your organizations, so contact Nadia if you want a booth to recruit new members.

Chamber Music in ECL lobby: Starts September 1st

Charleston Concert Association tickets: on sale now till Sept 30th :  Seven tickets in the package; last year there was dancing and music and it’s a lot of fun.  Prices start at $48.

Art Walk, Sept. 24 @ 5 - 8pm:  Similar to last year where the galleries are open just to MUSC and we will have food and drinks.  I will have a sign-up for worker spots.

Academic Vice President
:  Carol Brown
New Business

Lockers and Carrels:  All of these are taken, but if you want a locker, there is a waiting list, but 13 people are already on the list.

Learning Commons:  Creating more student-friendly space not just for studying, but also relaxing.  We have a committee and we have been working on creating more study space, which is why many of the journals/books are missing.  We are also working with Clemson Engineering to remodel the library, but not completely reconstruct it.  Painting will begin tomorrow.  Dr. Maudlin will be here at the next meeting to tell you more about this.  Some of the open areas are just in transition because we are waiting to see what Clemson has planned.  The plan deadline is December.

  • Kate Hicks (COM Rep):  I know a lot of people didn’t get a carrel this year.
  • Carol:  We are going to try to create more individual study spaces.
  • Tyler:  We are going to be re-doing the carpet in the library, and the library does look rough right now, but funding is low.  SGA may try to put on a fundraiser to help them.  If anyone has fundraising ideas, let us know because everyone uses the library.

New laptop services:  If you have problems with your smartphone or computer, they will try to fix it.  11-4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They also have a phone charging station.  They also have Kindles to check out and recorders, digital cameras, and they are getting iPads and iPod touches that you can check out for a week.

EduPalooza:  September 15, 11 AM – 2 PM @ Colbert Education Center 1st floor.
Live band, food, computer & mobile device vendors.  Apple, AT&T, Sprint, will be there, maybe Dell.  Especially share this with first years because they will be telling what the campus has to offer.  I do need 4-5 volunteers to help Dr. Mauldin at any point during those hours, especially set-up and clean-up.  Meg will be sending you an email with all of the details, so please tell your classes, rather than just emailing them because it has already been on the Broadcast.  (Jay, Elizabeth Little (CGS Rep), Tyler)

:  John Brandt
New Business

Role of treasurer:  I work with Kevin on the budget each year.

Allocations fund:  The SGA Allocations fund is to support university-wide events.  There is a form on the SGA site to request money, but it has to support many groups on-campus, for example, lunches for MLK Day, Crisis Ministries support, etc.  We have to have two meetings to vote on this before the event.

1st read of 2010 Fall Budget:  We are good about staying under-budget.  The most expensive things are the events.  At the end is a summary of where we get the funds, revenue, etc

  • Tyler:  We have 1st read, then on the 2nd read we will vote.  1st read includes Q&A, which is based on Roberts Rules.
  • Thomas Knackstedt (COM Rep):  Things that have zero dollars?
  • John:  That just means we didn’t spend money on that this year.
  • Kevin:  That means we got the money from an alternate source other than SGA funds, but we spent money on this last year.
  • What about things that are blank?
  • John:  Service project prices vary, and we just got the final prices, so this will be included.

Rep’s service responsibilities:  This has changed.  Now rather than working one event a semester, you must work three hours of service each semester.

Upcoming service events:

  • Habitat for Humanity (9/25, 8:30-12:00, lunch will be provided)
  • Meal Service for Star Gospel Mission (9/30, 5:00-7:00):  Serving dinner
  • Charleston Miracle League (10/2, 9-12 in one-hour shifts:  Working with disabled adults playing baseball
  • Blood drive (10/12, 12:00-5:00):  Last year we started the Blood Drive Challenge, so we started a competition between the colleges.  A member from each college will select a local charity, and whichever college has the highest percentage of students donate to the blood drive will have goods donated to their charity.  The blood donor room will also be open.  We have had issues with lots of walk-ins and the lines getting too long, so please sign up online before the event.  There will also be pizza.

Secretary:  Meg Croom
New Business

Rep Requirements:  This year the requirements are the same, except for the new service project requirement.  You will be working three events a semester, where a clean-up spot counts as two worker spots.  Alhambra is a mandatory event for everyone in the spring.  Service will be a total of three hours.  You can have two absences from meetings.  If you know in advance you are going to miss a meeting, please email to let me know and try to find a sub from your class to come in your place.

Website:  I will be regularly updating the website with all of the worker/service requirements.  I’ll put the BTS party information up as soon as it is finalized.  There is a link of Rep Requirements so you can keep up with your worker spots, and there is also a link to all of the upcoming service projects for the semester on this page.  There are also links to the meeting minutes, constiution, etc.

MUSC SGA Facebook:  A few weeks ago SGA went live on Facebook.  We have about 80 people who have joined our page so far, but we want these numbers to keep going up.  If you haven’t already joined, please “like” us on Facebook.  We’re going to keep it updated with SGA events and news.

Broadcast emails:  Last year was the first year with the Broadcast emails, which have been a huge improvement from the number of emails we used to get in the past.  For those of you that are new, we used to get many, many emails daily advertising on-campus events, but now we just get one email with all of the information.  This is how we publicize SGA events, on-campus seminars, and other news, so please read these emails and encourage your classmates to do so as well.

SGA TV:  Just a reminder that the SGA TV is in the library.  This can be used to advertise on-campus events.  If you need to put something on the TV, either send me a powerpoint slide with all of the information or send me the information and I can make a slide for the TV.

Notebooks:  We will be distributing SGA notebooks at the next meeting, so hang on to any paperwork until then!

:  Kevin Smunkiewski

Flag Football:  Captains’ Meeting September 2nd 5:15 pm HSC Aud.; games at NC HS on Sundays starting next Sunday and going until the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  There will be a competitive league and a noncompetitive league.

Three intramural coordinators from CDM:  Randall Marsall, Daniel West, Paul Lambert (email

2010 Softball Finals will be played this fall since they were never played in the spring.

College and Organizational Reports

Student Programs:  Willette Burnham

  • Request for suggestions for Commencement speakers
  • Please also be aware of your behaviors as reps in terms of alcohol.  Do not drink while you are working at an event.  You are serving as role models. 

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

  • Lunch and Learn:  John Brandt sent a great message about SGA being a model. 
  • Student Activities/Volunteer Fair:  40 different agencies will be present, which is a great chance to meet people and find places to serve.  Lots of food!
  • Thomas Tyner:  Can programs still sign up to be a part of that?  (Email Nadia by Friday)

University Wide Committees

Dental Medicine

Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association:  Wenjun He; First meeting yesterday.  We are starting a book club to read from authors from different cultures.  This will start October 6 from 5:30-6:30.  We also have a book exchange.  The Toastmaster Club is not just for international students anymore, and this will be great for you to practice your presenting skills.


(MSAB) Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  1st meeting Monday, September 13th at noon in CON, lunch will be provided.  A Broadcast will go out.


Pharmacy:  Andy Curtis (COP Rep):  Christmas Crawl November 19th.


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