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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes September 15, 2010

Speaker: Dr. Mauldin- Information Commons

We want the library to be a learning commons environment to support the way you study as well as social interactions.  Over the summer we recycled journals to free space on the 3rd floor.  We are also working with Clemson’s architecture program to develop a plan for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor of the library.  The Clemson students we are working with are very enthusiastic about this.  By December, we will have a model and plan of what they envision for the building and we will have 2 or 3 different plans.  There will be opportunities for you to talk to them as well.  We will start raising money ($6 million) once the plans are in place.  We also want to make the library more comfortable.  There will be noise in the library in the next few weeks.  We will also have iPads for you to check out a week at a time.  If you don’t have one, it will be a good opportunity for you to see if this is something you would want.  We have laptop support services on Tues/Thursday from noon-4 on the 4th floor.  Edu-Palooza took place today and we have a survey that will be sent to Carol.  Even if you didn’t come, you can do the survey and there will be an opportunity for door prizes.  Special thanks to Carol for finding volunteers, and thanks to Tyler.

PresidentTyler Pierce

Old Business

Reading of September 1nd minutes:  approved

Introduction of New Members

Rep Reports:  Thank you for starting to do this; it was a success in the first week.  No one from CGS sent an email, but I understand there was miscommunication.  For the new members, your job is to get the information we talk about here out to your classes.  We have lacked in this area the past few years.  Send an email to your class about what we have been talking about and the CC or send an email to letting us know who you spoke to. 

SGA Notebooks:  Please bring to the meetings because there are a lot of important things in here.  Thanks to Student Programs for putting these together.

New Business

Retreat Part II – Saturday, September 18, 2010:  Waterfront Park downtown, 9am-1pm outside; lunch will be at the Buccaneer—please sign up for lunch.  Backup plan for rain à canceled; check email Saturday morning

Commencement Speaker Suggestions:  administration looks to the students to see who they want to come talk, so let us/Willette know.

Graduate Studies parking issue:  Dr. Shaw sent us an email there are several students having issues with on-campus parking and issues with Hagood.

  • Anna Lockamy (CHP Rep): In the AA lot, slots aren’t available.
  • Andrea Boan (CGS Sub):  I park in AA and that is true because they oversell the lot.
  • Kathryn Holt (COP Rep):  True of BB as well.Thomas Knackstedt (COM Rep):  With Hagood, the lot is full after 8 until around 12.  A lot of people in CGS don’t have class until 9 and are having to park in residential.
  • Travis Ayers (COM Rep):  Our first year, the parking people would give you a pass.
  • Thomas:  You have to pay $5 to park in Bee Street Garage.
  • Andrea:  If your lot is full, you can go to the President Street Garage and park there for free if you paid for a spot in your lot.

National Primary Care reps needed:  With SGA, you have the opportunity to work with different committees.  This is a week of diverse lectures that covers all of the colleges.  They need a couple of reps to help plan this year and sit on the committee.  Meetings will probably start in October.  (Kat White, possibly Travis Ayers, Thomas Tyner, Crystal Johnson depending on meeting times)

Officer Roles/Responsibilities
Committee Summary/Initiatives—Each committee needs a rep from each college.  Also read the Oath of Understanding and sign.

  • Tyler:  Wellness Committee—Harper Student Center, parking, campus in general.  We will be tweaking parking to make it a one-weekend registration, and we also work on on-campus things such as bike racks.
  • Carol:  Academic Committee—Represent the library; library use policy was made through this committee or we can change things with the vending machines.  We will probably write a bill for the SGA requirements for the Rep Reports.  I’m also the Honor Council chair, so you could have a voice in this. 
  • Erin:  Programs Committee:  we plan the social/cultural events for the semester, so if you have suggestions/ideas for new events.
  • Meg:  Communications Committee:  We work to develop communications campus-wide, so things like the Facebook page, SGA TV, etc.  We will also be working on a Did You Know? Flyer for the campus as a whole with random facts about the campus that people may not know.
  • John:  Service Committee:  Responsible for volunteer work through SGA.  You are required to head an event a semester.  All of the fall events are planned, but there are opportunities for the spring.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Jay Wagner (CHP Rep), Kate Hicks (COM Rep)

  • Andrea:  Could we have someone from Student Health insurance come talk to us?  Our dental policy has pretty much been taken away.  Co-pays have also gone up.  (Julie Reese will come talk).

Program Vice PresidentErin Pardue

New Business 

MUSC Art Walk (Exclusive to MUSC):  Friday, September 24, 5:00-8:00 pm, French Quarter, Downtown – 11-12 Galleries with free wine, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert

Worker Sign-ups TODAY; need lots of workers.  You will have a set gallery and each worker will make sure only MUSC people are coming into the galleries because this is a private event.  You will also make sure no one leaves the gallery with wine.  Also, the MOJA Film Festival is also going on, so make sure you allow enough time to find a parking spot to get to your spot on time.  If you do sign up, Student Programs staff will be coordinating the spots, so check in with them when you get there.  Also, we have a new policy where you aren’t supposed to drink during your worker’s spot, but you can drink before and after.

  • Nadia Mariutto (Student Programs):  You will be getting an email/phone call from us telling you details.  This will also be on the Broadcast.  Maps will be at each gallery and on the Broadcast.
  • Kat White (CON Rep):  This is not a ticketed event, right?  (No, it is free.  Show up early because it gets crowded by the end of the night!)

 Oktoberfest:  Friday, October 9, 7:00-10 pm – HSC Courtyard with wide beer selection and German food (brats, burgers, pretzels).  Sign-ups will be held at the Sept 29th meeting at 5:00PM outside the front door

Academic Vice PresidentCarol Brown

New Business

Parliamentary Procedures

PowerPoint on Roberts Rules of Order

  • Tyler:  This is used to keep things organized, but if you have questions, just raise your hand.  This does help with debates and when we talk about controversial things.  We are relaxed with this.

University Honor Council Structure:  Each college has their own Honor Council, so you have a hearing in your own college if you are in violation.  The University Honor Council has the presidents from each Honor Council, faculty advisors, myself, and Dr.Laurie Charles; all of this is in your notebook.  We meet once a month and any violations are reported, which I bring back to the SGA.  They also send out emails about violations and the verdict.  We also make amendments to the Honor Code and we try to make all of the colleges on the same page about test-taking procedures, etc.

  • Tyler:  Sometimes students will come to you and say they have witnessed a violation and they don’t know where to go. 
  • Carol:  I am trying to get each college to update their sites so it is easier for you to find contacts.  We also want a CATTS training module with the highlights of the Honor Code in case you were to see a violation.

Operation Safety Net:  Dr. Jim Withers is an internal medicine physician who will be coming the 27th and 28th for a morning and evening seminar.  The president of Phi Lambda Sigma, the pharmacy leadership society, went to a conference where she met him and asked him to speak.  The Office of Academic Affairs, C3 office, CHP dean’s office, and PLS have sponsored him to come speak.  He started a program for healthcare services for the homeless in Pittsburgh, where he began to serve the underserved, which has now inspired others.  They have a mobile van that serves as well as a walk-in clinic.  He will be speaking on the challenges and rewards of working with the homeless and community partners.  The afternoon session will have free lunch in BSB 100, RSVP with Meg ( and RSVP with Liz O’hara ( for a dessert reception after the evening program.  Spread the word about this.

  • Mackie King (COP Rep):  They are also talking about having an evening program after he speaks if there is enough interest.

Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business

Financial Report from BTS Party:  over 1000 people, $12.60/person.  Over $28000 spent, net expense of $16000, which was slightly over budget by about $1000 because we had record attendance and the food company charged us based on consumption.  We would have been under-budget had attendance not been so high.

New Business

Second reading of the Fall Budget:  Title Only; approved by unanimous consent

Upcoming Service Events:

Habitat for Humanity (9/25, 8:30-noon):  We will email you specifics if you signed up.  If you are still interested or something comes up, email me or Liz Sheridan

Meal Service for Star Gospel Mission (9/30, 5:00-7:30pm):  Prep, prepare, and serve the meal.  We will email you for this as well.

Charleston Miracle League (10/2, 9:00-12); **Option to work 1hr shift**; in West Ashley.  We will provide directions to this as well.

Charity Blood Drive (10/12, noon-5:00pm);**Option to work 1hr shift**:  This is a competition between the colleges to see which college can get the highest percentage of people to donate blood.  The winning college will have tangible goods donated to a charity.  Last year, COP won one semester and COM won the spring semester.  Please start telling your classes about this and remind everyone to sign up online before the drive so there aren’t times where things get too crowded.  This is on the American Red Cross site,  We will also be emailing out through SGA and MUSC Gives Back.  We have a goal of 42 units.  Starts Oct. 12 in the gym, then the next week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10-4 in the fixed site in the hospital. 

  • Liz Sheridan (MUSC Gives Back):  The sooner you sign up, the better things will flow because the Red Cross will send more people based on our commitments.  Those with appointments have priority over walk-ins.  In the actual donor room, there can only be 2 appointments per half an hour because they have limited space.  We are calling this event “Blood Bucks” because we take the amount raised and make purchases.
  • Wenjun He (ISA Rep):  So there are limitations on giving blood.  Is there a site to check so we don’t waste our time?  (Yes, the Red Cross website or if you come and they turn you away, we will still count you). 

SecretaryMeg Croom

New Business

Website Updates:  Please check to make sure all of your worker spots and all of your email addresses are correct on the SGA site.  If something isn’t right, send me an email.

IntramuralsKevin Smuniewski

Flag football update:  27 teams competing this year; we have more teams than we have spots, so not everyone can play every week

  • Is there a way to request a by rather than forfeit?  (Kevin:  request the Wednesday before; a forfeit is when you don’t show up for your game.  You are kicked out if this happens twice)
  • Kate Hicks (COM Rep):  When should teams be emailed by?  (Kevin:  Sign-ups are done)

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs
CCA Discount Tickets:  Still on sale, so send out email reminders.  Tickets start at $48 and you can purchase the complete series as well. 

  • Nadia/Willette (Student Programs):  Mark your calendars for November 17th for the dinner at the Greenbergs’.  Everyone looks forward to this event every year and more details are to come!  Your deans will be sitting with you, so it will be embarrassing if they are there and you aren’t, so mark you calendars! 

SGA photos:  October 13th, so don’t miss this!

University Wide Committees

  • Erin:  Two-mile Wellness Run this Saturday at the HSC at 8 a.m.  You do get a free one-month membership to the gym if you participate. 
  • Laura Beth Minnich (CHP Rep):  We weren’t able to work BTS party, so what should new reps do? 
  • A clean-up spot counts as two worker spots or you can double-up on working.


Graduate Studies

Health Professions: Jay Wagner:  I talked about bike racks to some people.  The bike rack at CHP is in poor condition, so could we get this replaced?  I only saw one rack by our college, so perhaps we could move It between the A and B buildings because not a lot of people know where the rack is.

International Student Association:  Wenjun He:  Our first meeting is October 6th from 6-9  pm in the HSC library (room 224), so spread the word.  We have an international English teacher coming as well.  Our first book is by Amy Tim.  Everyone is welcome.


Multicultural Student Advisory Board


Pharmacy:   Andy Curtis:  I was told the bike rack between Baruch and COP is overcrowded, so if we could add another one on the other side of Baruch/COP because people are putting their bikes on the stairs.

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