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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes September 29, 2010

Speaker: Dr. Darlene Shaw (Associate Provost for Education and Student Life):  Tonight I am back to give a presentation on our new-student orientation that was in August.  We also have feedback from the new students.  The students were given a schedule and had the opportunity to win prizes, which kept things lively.  For most of you, you had a 15-minute presentation, and then you went to your own college, which many of you felt like was a waste of time.  This year orientation was student-feedback oriented to start a new presentation.  We had a video, and a game show with essential things you need to know about MUSC, like where to go if you lose your ID.  Then the students went to CHP for lunch and ice cream, where the deans and associate deans were also.  The first video had an overview of MUSC, which showed the students why we are held in such high esteem.  The video showed students from MUSC, and each college submitted information they wanted included.  We got a great response from this video, and the deans have asked us to change the video so it can be used in each individual colleges as well for recruitment.  The next video was about education and student life.  450 students attended orientation from this year, which included all of the colleges except for CDM, which began school in June.  The students completed an online survey, and 95% said orientation had useful information.  Overall, orientation was rated well.  COM and COP rated several areas lower, such as the presentation by Public Safety.  We also had booths/displays in CHP where students could talk to Parking Management, sign up for the Wellness Center, etc.  Suggestions included overlap with the College’s orientations, so I am following up with COP and COM to see where there is overlap and make future changes.  Overall, we are very happy with this year’s orientation.

  • Carol Brown (Academic VP):  Orientation this year was much more interesting than when I was a first year.
  • Collins Daye (CON Rep):  We didn’t have orientation in January as a nursing student, so maybe you should consider doing it again for the other students    
  • Dr. Shaw:  We will be doing it to the January nursing students and the CDM students in June
  • Brandon Gates (CON Rep):  Would there be a survey that could be filled out now to see how we feel now that we have progressed in our programs since we filled it out right as we were starting? 
  • Dr. Shaw:  We were concerned about how feelings would change, but if you go back out and count, each college is represented equally.  Overall, we wanted you to know you were joining a great college and a great University.  This video will also be on the website for recruitment purposes.
  • Jordan Hill (CHP Rep):  Was the video in May the same as the one in August?
  • Dr. Shaw:  That program was done just by CHP, but we will offer to do this same session in May.  We want to repeat this several times a year and invite the colleges to come to the booths in August.  Also, Tyler spoke yesterday at the Higher Education Summit and he did a great job.
  • Tyler Pierce (President):  The administration and students are very excited about this, so hopefully this will continue in the future.  Dr. Shaw did a great job with this.

President:  Tyler Pierce

Old Business

Reading of September 15thminutes:  Approved

Commencement speaker suggestions:  Go to Student Programs if you think of someone later.

Welcome new members; see Meg after the meeting to sign up for a committee.  See Nadia to get your SGA notebook after the meeting.

SGA Retreat Feedback; winning team was Tyler’s team.

New Business

Insurance questions for Julie Reese; she will be at our next meeting to go over questions you may have.  Please ask your classes if they have had issues with MUSC insurance. 

SGA member representation restructuring:  Exec has been talking about changing the number of representatives per college.  Every year, we have an algorithm to calculate how many reps each college has.  Some of the colleges have a hard time filling spots, and also we don’t feel like some colleges need as many reps as they do have, and MUSC is also growing.  COM has 13 reps currently, and we have 9 or 10 sitting on the Body.  Personally, I don’t feel COM needs 13 from a college standpoint.  With CHP, there are so many different professions in the college, so 14 reps is reasonable.  The algorithm is in the Constitution, which is in place because a few years ago with Parking Registration, we had an issue with how the colleges were represented.  Do you want to continue with the current system, or do you want to have a minimum of 4 reps per college, and then capping larger colleges?  I worry that CHP and COM will eventually comprise the majority of SGA, which could influence future decisions.

  • Andy Curtis (COP Rep):  Could this fall on one of the committees?
  • Yes, but we need to talk about this before we amend the Constitution.
  • Clint Larkins (CHP Rep):  I think the minimum number is a great idea so one college isn’t under-represented.  Then you should go based on enrollment.
  • Collins:  With CON, the numbers are thrown off by the DNP students.  I think there should be a rep by each semester because the undergrad program is by semesters.  When the two reps this year dropped off SGA, someone from the class above took their place, so we have more reps in one class than others.
  • Tyler:   I know COM is structured well, but we want all of the college reps to be well-dispersed.  We can amend this, and we would need feedback from each college.  With CHP, I want to make sure there is equal representation as well.  So do y’all want us to keep growing?
  • Andy:  We should consider how the Senate is formed, and then have equal representation per college. 
  • Carol Brown:  I don’t think there’s a need for 2 reps from each class in COP.
  • Thomas Tyner (COM Rep):  I think capping based on student population is a good idea.  
  • Will Lake (COP Rep):  There will be an issue where things cant be out-voted because of the size of CHP/COM
  • Jordan Hill:  There needs to be restructuring in CHP.  We have several reps from one class.  So maybe have a cap on the number of reps per class.
  • Tyler:  Everyone agrees there needs to be restructuring in the colleges, which will be addressed by my committee with input from the colleges.  So do we want to pursue a cap?
  • Mackie King (COP Rep):  I think a cap makes sense.  A class can still be represented without having more reps based on the population.
  • Elizabeth Little (CGS Rep):  What kind of cap were you considering?
  • Tyler:  A number hasn’t been developed yet.
  • Matt Tice (MSAB Rep):  Would MSAB be affected?  (No)
  • John Brandt (Treasurer):  The problem in the past with electing reps has been hard because it is confusing and it happens in the spring, and sometimes no one runs, and we haven’t had good voter turnout.  To make things more even within the colleges, we need to promote SGA elections.
  • Anna Collins (sub for Emma Carter):  Just remember the first couple of years of school, you have a regular schedule, but once you go on rotation, it is harder. 
  • Tyler:  Maybe we need to shift the rep spots down to lower years.  Restructuring needs to be clarified.

Student Welfare Committee Meeting Afterwards

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Regan Root (CHP Rep), Anna Lockamy (CHP Rep)

Program Vice PresidentErin Pardue

Old Business

MUSC Art Walk- Evaluations:  842 attended, which is the same as last year.  Same catering company, a few different galleries.  You can sign up for two worker spots on the same night.  14 different beers, brats, pretzels, live band.

New Business 

Oktoberfest:  Friday, October 8th, 7:00-10:00 pm – HSC Courtyard, sign-ups TONIGHT.  If it rains, we will move to the gym.  Very few sign-ups in December for Exam Break, so sign up for Oktoberfest if you need spots!

Shem Creek Kayak Tour October 16th 11-2 (tickets on sale)

Chamber Music: October 6th at noon in ECL Lobby

Charleston Concert Series tickets:  last day to buy at the discounted rate is tomorrow.  They will be gone by 4, so go by Student Programs

Committee Meeting tonight

Academic Vice President:  Carol Brown

New Business

UHC meeting update:  Violations since April:  Nursing had a plagiarism violation, where the student withdrew.  No hearing was held.  CHP had two students charged with cheating; one was found guilty and failed the assignment.  CDM had a guilty verdict of cheating and received a probation letter.

Learning Commons survey:  Dr. Mauldin has forwarded me a survey from Clemson, who is helping us revamp the Learning Commons.  Meg will be forwarding you a survey tonight, which is due by Friday.  Please send this out to you classes and fill it out.  The last question is a fill-in-the-blank, where you can be registered for a Starbucks giftcard.

Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business

Financial report for Art Walk:  Budgeted $10000, spent over $11000.  Attendance of 852, so similar to last year; $13.90 a person.

Financial report for SGA Retreat:  Budgeted $2000, we were underbudget $911.  $25.91/person.

Charleston Habitat evaluation:  We were downtown this time instead of Johns Island.

New Business

Star Gospel Mission (meal service); Thursday, Sept 30th @ 5-7:30pm:  Stephanie Buckley (CHP Rep):  We will send out an email with directions.  All of the spots have been filled.

Charleston Miracle League; Saturday, Oct 3rd, @ 9-12pm:  Crystal Johnson (COM Rep):  We still have a few more spots available.  You will be cheering, batting, and running with adults with disabilities.  I will send out an email with directions.  Please wear your SGA shirt.

MUSC Charity Blood Drive Challenge; Tuesday, Oct 12th, @ 12-5pm:  Just a reminder that this is a competition between the classes.  There are 63 spots available for the fixed-site in the gym on the 12th.  Encourage your classes to sign-up online, or go to and type in MUSCSWC to go to our site.  You can also sign up for the drive the following week in the donor room.  Walk-ins are still welcome. 

Sugar Free Fall Festival; Thursday, Oct 28th, @ 5-8pm:  Amanda Cooper (CHP Rep):  In the HSC gym with carnival events for the kids, promoting healthy Trick-or-Treating and providing a safe environment for the kids and their parents.  No more sign-up spots are available.

Committee meeting tonight

Secretary:  Meg Croom

SGA Rep photos will be taken at the next meeting on October 13th.  Please dress accordingly.

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Natural Golf Clinic:  free clinic from Student Programs and HSC.  There will be two clinics with a max of 15 students, in this room at 6 pm.  October 5th, 9th, and November 9th, 16th.  Each clinic is about an hour and a half.  This golf is easier on your body, with a different golf swing.  Joe-D-Bands is coming up with a core workout for golf.  Email me to sign up.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan; Katie Herbert in COP is in charge of Relay for Life.  The date hasn’t been set for the spring, but there is a committee meeting on October 6th in the SGA library.  If your college/class is thinking about having a team, please come.  MUSC has a team, along with Citadel, CofC.  SGA will have a team.  For the blood drives, we want a larger turnout at the fixed site in the gym, but students can come to the donor room.

Student Programs

University Wide Committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association

Medicine:  Thomas Tyner:  Dicathalon between the college classes across campus in the spring.  One of my classmates is looking for feedback on this.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board: Matt Tice:  MSAB on the 4th in 322 in CON at noon



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