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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - February 15, 2012

Guest Speaker: Enrollment Management: Ms. Sandra Morris - MOX Demo (mobile application for smartphones):  Bring out your phones to download the app tonight!  There is also a packet at your seat with instructions.  There is a barcode for each phone type for easier download.  MOX is designed to give you access to your assignments as well as newsfeeds.  This gives you access to Moodle, so if you had a quiz due, you could sign in from a remote location and still complete your assignment.  This is not intended to replace Moodle.  There is also a listing of important campus phone numbers.  You can call the number directly from your phone, and there are maps available to see campus offices and get directions.  Please let me know if there is additional information you would like added.  We currently have the Student Broadcast available, but we want to further develop this aspect with more newsfeeds.  You can access any course information and assignments.  Contact me at if there are additional comments or suggestions.

  • Brian Harley (CON Rep):  My courses aren’t showing up (this is only if your professors have not registered with Moodle).
  • Sumeen Maur (CDM Rep):  Can we access our grades?  (not at this time)
  • Jake Schubert (CON Rep):  What other features will be added?  (this is all we are planning at this time.  We do want more events to be added).
  • Emily Allen (CGS Rep):  Suggestion to link classmate emails within the program.

President:  Carol Brown

Old Business
Reading of February 1st minutes:  approved

New Business
MUSC Safety Walk:  every two years we meet with Public Safety and Parking Management and we walk around campus at dusk to identify areas of campus that could possibly be dangerous.  We notice if there are streetlights out, if more lights are needed, or if call boxes are needed.  A tentative date for March 27th has been set.  Everyone on the Welfare Committee is attending, but all are welcome.  This should take around an hour to complete.

Student Welfare:  new bike racks were placed by the COP last month.  Has anyone used them?  (Yes)  We also need more bike racks by the new Drug Discovery Building.

  • Katherine Shugart (COP Rep):  vending machines on the first floor of the library do not accept credit cards.  (Brandon Hagan, Academic VP, will look into this).
  • Nicholas Fedor (CHP Rep):  Any update on getting better water sources in the library?  (Brandon:  yes, they are looking into getting water dispensers in the library.  No new updates in the past two weeks.  We will follow up with this).
  • Dr. Burnham:  The water dispensers are very inexpensive (about $6), so this may be something SGA can fund in the future. 
  • Travis Ayers (COM Rep):  Do we know who is speaking at commencement?  (Dorothea Gadsden:  we do not know for sure yet, but we should have confirmation soon.  Bill Murray is an option).
  • Daniel Odongo (MSAB Rep):  Regarding the childcare speaker from last week, is there anything students can be doing?  (No, not at this time because they are still in the early stages.  You can contact the speaker from the last meeting).

SGA Executive Officer applications:  reminder to pick up applications!  We have had about 8 people pick up applications.  They are due February 24th by 5 p.m.  Feel free to contact any of the current Exec if you have questions.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Daniel & Nicholas

Program Vice President
:  Erin Pardue

Old Business
MUSC Night at Charleston Stage Evaluation:  the play was a lot of fun!  Please fill out the evaluation, even if you didn’t go.  The show is still playing. class="apple-style-span"

New Business

Fat Tuesday in the Horseshoe—Tuesday, February 21 from 11:30 am- 1:15 pm
Music by Wanda Johnson, food vendors, free beads!
Donate 2 or more canned goods and receive specialty beads!  Encourage your classmates to bring canned goods!

Winetasting at the Aquarium:  February 24 from 7:00-10:00 pm
Tickets: $25 – on sale in Student Programs Office or you can purchase them tonight.  185 tickets are remaining.
2 tickets per student (Must show MUSC Student I.D. to purchase tickets)
Don’t forget to sign up for worker spots because this is the last event until Alhambra, which is a required event for everyone!  If you work, you do get free admission for the event.  For clarification, the “dump bucket” worker spot is to empty the buckets at each winetasting station in the kitchen.  Reminder you cannot drink while you are active during your worker spot.  I also need your phone number on the worker list!!

Academic Vice President
:  Brandon Hagan

New Business
Healthy Vending Machine in the Wellness Center and the lobby in the library.

SGA Algorithm Update:  each year the SGA algorithm is updated to determine how many representatives are needed per college.  For next year, CDM will have 5 reps, CON 7 reps, COP 6 reps, CGS 4 reps, CHP 14 reps, COM 10 reps. ISA will also have a rep to give a total of 50 representatives.  This will be updated based on the Constitution.

Constitution Legislation Review:  4 amendments; all passed.
Bill 12-05:  to amend CON, CGS, and CHP election processes to allow new officers to be elected based on graduation cycles, which is due to their irregular graduation times based on rotation schedules, etc.

Bill 12-06:  to amend the SGA representative volunteer service requirements to complete 3 SGA-sponsored service hours per semester.  There is no maximum number of hours a representative can complete as long as there are enough opportunities for all representatives.  (clarification that there is also a requirement for a clean-up spot, but this has not been enforced due to the limited number of clean-up spots available.  This will be discussed with the Academic Affairs Committee).

Bill 12-07:  to amend the presentation of the SGA budget to include the Executive Committee preparing the budget rather than the treasurer alone.

Bill 12-08:  to amend the representation policy for individual colleges.  If no student can serve for a college class, this will go to an at-large seat for the college.  The numbers are based on the academic years for the SGA term.  Elections are to be determined by each individual college. 

Service Vice President
:  Kate Hicks

Old Business
Coupon Book Return:  please return them to me this evening!

Night at Charleston Stage Expense Report:  we were $400 overbudget, which we expected.  This evened out with past events where we were underbudget.

Blood Drive in the gym was yesterday.  CHP won with the most students participating, and Allison Wilder from CHP won two free Winetasting tickets.

New Business

Upcoming Service Events
Blood Drive: Tuesday, 2/21-23 from 10am-4pm at Hospital Fixed Site.  We will have a drawing for Alhambra tickets!
Mardi Gras Festivities: Tuesday, 2/21 in the Horseshoe; we still have one worker spot available.  Please remind your classes about this food drive!
MLK Service Project/Kids Expo on Saturday, 2/18 Healthy Snack Shack at City Gym.  An email with details will be sent out in the next day.  There are two different 3.5-hour shifts available.
Relay for Life SGA Team sign-up tonight.  SGA pays your registration fee to participate on Friday, April 13th.  We will register for you.

Service Committee Meeting

Allocations Requests – 2nd reads:  General Q&A period

  • Stephen Thompson (COM Rep):  how much is allocated in this fund ($1500 per semester).  Why is this so small when our overall budget is so large?  (Remember the SGA reps did vote on this budget.  This is something we look at in the future, but we can’t give funds to everyone.  We do give most organizations funding that request funds).
  • Kevin Smuniewski (SPO):  we have only had an allocations fund for 4 years.
  • Stephen:  Why is there a rule about requesting funds in consecutive years?  (Because we want the events to become self-sustaining).  For Relay, they need outside sources.  I don’t understand this rationale.  (This becomes a problem when new events are introduced and we are unable to help them because the same groups continue to request funds each year).
  • Nicholas:  If there is information that can be shared with the new reps when we are elected, that would be great.  I had no idea that we had such limited resources and I would like to know about the funds available.  (In the future, we will try to have a better orientation where we let you know about events that have already happened and what kind of funding requests are anticipated, but we also discuss the budget each semester at SGA meetings).
  • Anna Baur (COM Rep):  Does the budget get emailed out?  (Yes, and it is also on the SGA website).
  • Brandon:  As an FYI, Mr. MUSC can request funds again next year.
  • Daniel:  we have had a lot more fund requests this semester, so could we cap the money given each semester?  (Yes, we already do this.  There is a cap of $1500 per semester and whatever is left is rolled over to the next semester.  We really encourage the reps to notify classes that we have these funds available.  If you have suggestions on how to get this information out, please let us know).
  • Erin:  all events are a first-come, first-serve.  We have already had a request for June.
  • Carol:  many organizations wait until the last minute to request funds.
  • Cason Hund (CDM Rep):  We could give each organization their full request?
  • Emily Allen (CGS Rep):  It is only February.
  • Joey Powell (CON Rep):  it would be helpful to get a sheet each semester with the fund requests from last year (we passed this out this semester)
  • Kevin Smuniewski (SPO):  everyone who requested funds last year requested again this year, too.
  • Carol:  We have to vote on each allocations request separately, so we have to vote on them separately.  We have no other allocations requests at this time.
  • Jake:  is it unrealistic to expect some of the Relay funding to come back to them to cover their expenses because they are giving so much to charity and they also have so many donors?  Clash for the Classes needs inertia to get going.
  • Cody Chiuzan (ISAB Rep):  Relay cannot use funding from previous years to fund their event.  All of the fundraising has to go to ACS.
  • Stephen:  Relay has to ask separately for funding for the event itself.  In the past, CofC has given more money, but they want to make it a more even split with CofC and MUSC since it is a joint event.
  • Kate:  There is a large funding source for Relay.  We cannot serve as this source unless this is written into our budget and not an annual allocations request.
  • Irfan Rhemtulla (COM Rep):  can we have the money roll over to this semester (yes, we have.  There is $900 left and $1000 in reserves, which is a completely separate fund.  So if you would like to give each organization the full amount, it is possible).
  • Austen Carter (COM Rep):  does Relay have corporate sponsors (we do not know)
  • Irfan:  is CofC paying at all?  (about half).  I think Relay needs the funds from us.  Maybe we could take $100 from the reserve fund.
  • Carol:  how often have we used the reserves?
  • Kevin:  This has been very rare and only when we have to pay more than anticipated or if we lose money due to a natural disaster or if ticket sales are low.
  • Daniel:  I am opposed to using the reserves because you never know what will happen.  Clash of the Classes sounds flexible and both of these organizations have requested for two years in a row.
  • Cason:  we didn’t give Mr. MUSC the full requested amounts because we were anticipating these events.
  • Meg Croom (Communications VP):  I am concerned because it is only February.  I am also concerned because Relay has other funding sources, such as CofC.

MUSC/Colleges of Charleston Relay for Life:  requested $1400, but we are supplying a PA system, so they are requesting $700. 

  • Kathryn Holt (COP Rep):  this is a worthwhile, charitable event.  It is interprofessional, and SGA also has a team.
  • Cason:  SGA representatives support every event we give funds to, so we should not give them the full amount because we aren’t giving other organizations the full amount.
  • Vote:  denied.  (Yes:  12  No: 22)
  • Cason:  motion to give $550 for Relay for Life.
  • Kathryn:  then CofC will be giving more than half the amount, so it is more like their event.
  • Daniel:  Cason brought up a good point that we took money away from Mr. MUSC.  We do have limited resources, but Relay has resources outside of SGA.
  • Kate:  also remember we are providing a PA system.
  • James:  we should give less than $550.  Proportionally we should give $400 because that is in relation to Mr. MUSC.
  • Irfan:  I think it should be $550 or $600.

Vote for $550:  approved.

MUSC Clash of the Classes:  requested $500 from SGA.

  • Irfan:  $350.
  • Nicholas:  do we have any of the equipment from intramurals they could use (yes, we have cones, but not stopwatches).

Amended to $350 after vote of $500 denied.

  • Motion to withhold period of question and debate. (Reversed).
  • Cody:  general observation, let’s not rush through this tonight.  It is getting late, but all of this is very important.
  • Daniel:  this is bringing many students together and this is a new event.
  • Kathryn:  this is the second year that this is the COP spring break and our schedule is listed through 2016.  This is the second year in a row this has happened. 
  • Kate:  When we planned this event in the summer, we looked at every weekend possible and every college was going to be affected in some way no matter what weekend we chose.
  • Irfan:  we are really sorry about this.

Vote for $350 approved.

  • Carol:  thank you all for your time and for asking questions tonight!

Communications Vice President
:  Meg Croom

New Business 
Communications Committee Meeting

:  Kevin Smuniewski

Indoor Soccer Captains’ Meeting – Tuesday, Feb 28th at 5:15 in HSC.  
Softball rosters are still being accepted in Student Programs.  Games start this weekend.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

  • Blood Drive:  32 units were raised, which almost met our goal of 35 units.  Please come out to the fixed site next week!  Meg will send you a reminder email.
  • 2012 Global Health and Humanitarian Summit April 13th-15th.  Email for more information or to RSVP.

Student Programs:  Dr. Willette Burnham

  • Black History Noon Day Lecture Series
  • Women’s History Month Art Reception March 1st 5-6:30
  • Reminder to respect one another!  Thank you to Cody for reminding us of this this evening.  The budget is very important, and we always run through this.  Be sure to read the minutes and read the budgets thoroughly.  Reminder you are here representing all of MUSC, not just the organizations you are interested in.

University Wide Committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions:  Kacy Pearman; chili cookoff February 23rd  from 11:30-12:45 in the horseshoe for $5  sponsored by OT.  College deans are serving as judges.  It’s not too late to enter the contest.  Contact Kacy Pearman with questions.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board


Pharmacy:  Kathryn; COP SGA is having an Outback cookout in the horseshoe February 28th from 11 am – 2 pm. Be on the lookout for an email with more details because we are pre-selling tickets for $10.


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