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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - November 30, 2011

Speaker: Dr. Mary Mauldin:  I chair the steering committee for the Apple Tree Society, which helps faculty improve teaching.  We had a noon session today on giving effective feedback.  There are many faculty members who participate in this Society.  We want to recognize the faculty for their efforts, but we need your feedback.  I need ideas on things that would be helpful for the faculty to work on.  We would like to have the students come to one of the sessions to discuss feedback that would be helpful from a student perspective.  If you have suggestions for topics, that would be great.  We have previously discussed effective communication, Moodle use and the Turning Point system.  My email is or you can email Carol.

President:  Carol Brown

Old Business
Reading of November 9th minutes:  Approved

New Business
Thank you from Dr. Greenberg for the movie passes from the dinner at their home.

Two new bike racks will be placed between the College of Pharmacy and the Anderson House in the next two weeks.

Reminder if you have suggestions/comments regarding the students, please let me know or report during College Reports (ex:  vending machine issues, etc.)

Educational Technology Focus Group in early December at lunchtime or early evening with food provided; ideas for useful technologies that aren’t currently provided for studying

Student Health Insurance Focus Group in January at lunchtime; provide info for Student Health Insurance Literacy Program in March
Need volunteers with or without P & P Insurance but not on their parents’ insurance; they have previously found the College of Medicine is highly dissatisfied with Pearce and Pearce, so they would like to work on this.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Katherine Shugart (COP Rep), Walt Tollison (COM Rep)

Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue

Old Business
Game Day Drawing Winners:  one student from CHP and one from COM won free tickets to the MUSC Winetasting.  Three students also won Oyster Roast tickets. class="apple-style-span"

New Business
12/1 - Chamber Music Charleston Concert Series:  12 - 12:45pm in the ECL lobby

12/5 & 12/12 - Exam Break in the ECL Lobby
Free Chick-fil-A, snacks, & coffee served at 7pm; food goes fast, so be sure to let your classes know!
Workers will receive a reminder email before the event

1/6 - Oyster Roast @ the Visitor's Center Bus Shed
Tickets on sale now - $12 in Student Programs (2 per Student ID) and will be on sale in the horseshoe the week of the event
Chili, sides, oysters and live music from the New South Players!  We will also have a photobooth.
Worker sign-ups will be emailed tomorrow

Academic Vice President
:  Brandon Hagan

New Business
Library/Learning Commons Update:  new carpet has been placed, and new furniture will be placed over Christmas break.

Turn it Update:  Would anyone be interested in serving on this committee on the plagiarism software?  We are looking for 1 to 2 students for this committee.

Academic Committee meeting:  if you have your updated Constitution reviews, email me or turn in the hard copy to Nadia.  I need these by tomorrow because we will be working on this Friday.

:  Kate Hicks

Old Business
MUSC Tree Lighting Evaluation

New Business

SGA Fundraiser: Coupon books
Sign-up to sell books Tuesday, 12/6 and Friday, 12/9 11 am-1 pm; books are $20 each and are only good in Charleston
Books will be sold in the Children’s Hospital Lobby
1st 25 Reps to sell 5 books get a guaranteed worker spot for the Wine Tasting, which is the equivalent of free tickets
Additional promotions from the book company
If you sell 5 books, you can keep your book

Secretary:  Meg Croom

New Business – Nothing to report

:  Meg on behalf of Kevin Smuniewski

Flag Football Championships
Competitive league winners:  Dental All Stars with captain Paul Lambert. 
Non-competitive league winners:  DPT 2014 with captain Brad Tucker; this was the first time in 4 years the med student/resident team was defeated!

Winter Basketball Captains’ Meeting Thursday, 12/5 at 5:15 pm in HSC Auditorium

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Carol on behalf of Liz Sheridan
World Aids Day Thursday, 12/1; remember to wear red
12 pm; Lunch and Learn
4 pm guest speaker in Bioengineering Building
5:30 pm Annual Community Vigil COC Cistern

Student Programs:  Dr. Willette Burnham, Nadia Mariutto, Dorothea Gadsden

  • Charleston Symphony Orchestra tickets:  these free vouchers have been given out, but be sure to turn in your vouchers to get the show you would like to see!  Thanks to Dr. Greenberg for providing these.
  • Dr. MLK, Jr. Student Essay Contest:  sponsored by MSAB and the Office of Student Diversity.  You will get an emailed flyer to forward along to your classes.  Cash prizes are offered for the top 3 essays and the winner will read the essay at a noon program in January.  The Gospel Choir will be in attendance and we will have lunch for the 1st 50 people.
  • Student Programs Office Holiday Hours:  after December 19th, we will not be in the office all day.  The hours will be advertised on the SPO door.
  • Tobacco Free Campus Initiative has been started!  We are asking you to forward this along because this was an SGA-driven initiative.  The deans should have emailed this out to you.  This will go into effect on March 1st.  We may have a focus group to get students involved on March 1st, when the smoking huts will be down.  This impacts the entire university, and we know this will be a challenge for some people.  This will be affecting all MUSC properties, including those properties in Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston and places on-campus vendors such as Halo and the Wickliffe House.  Smokers will be directed to another location off-campus.   This will be very well-advertised.
    If there are any students trying to quit smoking, let Nancy know (  We will be working with CAPS and the Student Wellness Center to help students quit smoking.
  • SGA Fundraiser:  we are looking to make selling the Lowcountry Fun Saver books an annual event.  Please turn in your orders by the 9th so you can have them prior to the Christmas break.  You will have the books by the 2nd meeting in January otherwise.
  • Service:  thank you to all of you who have met your service requirements!  We really appreciate your time.  Enjoy your holiday break!

University Wide Committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association:  Cody Chiuzan; bake sale on Friday 11:30-1 pm in front of the library to benefit the Hope Lodge.  We will have ethnic bake goods, such as a delicious Austrian chocolate cake!


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Dr. Burnham; Holiday Social on Friday night

Nursing:  Brandon Gates and Cyd Mooso are graduating!

Kappa Psi “Help End Hunger Campaign” for Low Country Food Bank
Donation barrels around campus 11/28 - 12/12
Most needed items: tuna, grits, cereal, oatmeal, dried or canned beans, rice, peanut butter, canned fruit/vegetables, diapers, and personal hygiene items; they do accept expired goods

Gospel Choir concert on Sunday at St. Luke’s; Brandon Hagan is singing a solo!


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