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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - November 9, 2011

Speaker:   Stanley Sulkowski:  Speaking on behalf of  I work with Mary Mauldin in the library and I am very involved with Moodle.  I am helping in the transition from WebCT.  We are also transitioning to to help against plagiarism.  Instructors can upload documents and compare them to other online sources to see if there is potential plagiarism.  It is important to have student representation on this committee.  We plan to have this program in place in January.  We have representatives from upper level students, and I am looking for other volunteers to ensure this is implemented.  Meetings are to be determined, and the number of meetings will be determined at this time as well—potentially 4 to 5.  The committee will be deciding how this program is implemented and if it will be involved with Moodle.  We also want to ensure proper training for instructors.  (

  • Carol:  I have used this program before and it actually allows you to access the papers that may have been plagiarized.  It also provides a percentage of how similar the documents are.

President:  Carol Brown
Old Business

Reading of October 26th minutes:  approved
Greenberg dinner:  thank you all for coming and for your great attendance!  I think this was a great event.

  • Dr. Burnham:  Thank you for your attendance and for representing your colleges so well!

New Business

Clinics Recycle Day, Tuesday 11/15 in Horseshoe 11 am-2 pm
Exchange an unusual item you think could be recycled for a FREE gift!  This includes faculty and students and there will also be food in the horseshoe.

Student Welfare Committee meeting
Reps (2) to clean up after meeting
:  Emily Allen (CGS Rep), Kristen Long (CHP Rep)

Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue
 Old Business:

Gameday Evaluations:  around 400 people were in attendance.  We could have accommodated more students, so please respond with ways to increase attendance (e.g., due to Research Day, Saturday event, the type of event, etc.) for next year!

New Business

CofC Monday Night Concert Series, Monday 11/14 at 8 pm at the Simons Center, 54 St. Philip Street
Tyler Ross – Jazz Guitar
FREE advanced tickets available for MUSC students only in Student Programs (2 per student ID)  
This is done every Monday night at CofC with different musicians for $15

Charleston Symphony Orchestra
Free vouchers for MUSC students only (2 per MUSC ID) available in Student Programs; these are provided by Dr. Greenberg.  The Office of the President also supports the chamber music in the library.  Around 100 tickets are remaining, but a Broadcast email is going out tomorrow so they will go fast!

MUSC Oyster Roast:  Tickets on sale 11/14:  early sales since this event is so soon after the new year.  Please tell your classes these tickets are on sale on Monday, 2 per ID at $12 each for students, $15 for non-students.  Part of this money is going towards the Library Commons.  Please remember that the event sold out last year and we didn’t have any tickets sold at the door.  1600 people came last year.

Academic Vice President:  Brandon Hagan
New Business

Academic Committee:  I will be sending you an email, so be on the lookout for this.

Treasurer:  Kate Hicks
Old Business


  • Charleston Senior Center:  November 8th
  • Sugar Free Fall Festival:  October 26th

Expense Report:  MUSC Gameday:  Net expenses $12000 and we budgeted $15000.  Cost per person was around $30.  Please fill out the evaluation as to why attendance was low.

  • Brandon Gates (CON Rep):  Is this a permanent event?  It could be good to have the Back to School party there.
  • There is a noise ordinance in this area at 9 pm, so that’s why we had to do this event earlier.
  • Carol:  Friday versus Saturday for attendance?  (no response)

New Business

Annual MUSC Tree Lighting, Wednesday 11/30, 3:30-5 pm in Horseshoe:  Irfan won the Ho Ho contest to be Santa.  This will count as service hours.
2nd Read – Allocations request:  Phi Lambda Sigma is requesting $1350 for a leadership conference among healthcare professionals.  Pros/cons?

  • Thomas Tyner (COM Rep):  This was a good event last year.  Will deans be appointing students to attend again?
  • Carol:  We suggested that the deans not appoint because the same people may be selected, so we are hoping to have a lottery and then have deans appoint after this if needed.  PLS wants to encourage participation and not actually make money from this event, so SGA does have the authority to decide how the students are selected to attend.
  • Kate:  We do have money in the budget to support this.
  • Unanimously voted in favor.

SGA Fundraiser:  coupon books with food, golf.  We will be selling these and you will have order forms to sell them to your friends and family at the next meeting.   The person who sells the most will get a giftcard.  If you sell 5 books, you get a book, and if you sell 10, you get a Target giftcard.

Secretary:  Meg Croom
New Business
:  Nothing to report

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Flag football championships this weekend!  North Charleston High School from 1-6 pm.  Thomas is on the COM team who is undefeated this year and won last year.

College and Organizational Reports

  • MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan; I encourage all of you to attend the Tree Lighting and attend the reception.  Please encourage your classes to attend and greet our visitors around 3:45 pm.  Email MUSC Gives Back if you would like to participate.  We will be celebrating all holidays.  I need volunteers to light in celebration of each holiday.  Anna Baur (COM Rep) for Advent.  Irfan, see me after meeting.  The elf costumes are one size fits all.
  • Student Programs
  • University Wide Committees
  • Dental
  • Graduate Studies
  • Health Professions
  • International Student Association
  • Medicine
  • Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Sub for Daniel Odongo; fall semester service project is a mentoring program and we are also going to a conference.  The fall social will be in December with more details to come.
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy:  Caroline Hoover; we partner with Carolina Youth Foundation to sponsor a Christmas for these children.  We sponsor a bar crawl, which will be next Friday, the 18th at 6 pm starting at Mad River.  Christmas trees will be up around campus with the kids’ gifts, so you can bring a gift or bring $15 to Mad River to participate.  Be sure to dress up in Christmas outfits!  It’s a really fun event and many bars in the market area are participating.

Carol:  Reminder the next meeting isn’t until November 30th and then we won’t meet again until January.

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