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MUSC Student Government Association

Meeting Minutes - September 14, 2011


  •  Dr. Darlene Shaw, Associate Provost for Education and Student Life:  My main role is to head up services to ensure your personal and academic success (Student Programs, Wellness Center, CAE, etc.) to help ensure you have the best environment.  I just wanted to say hello and thank you for serving as advocates for your classes.  The University values your voice and we pay attention to you.  Through Carol you have a voice at the monthly Board of Trustees meetings, so through us you have an important voice.  The students make this University and you are the core of our mission.  From Education and Student Life, 95% say they made the right choice in coming to this University.  We want every student to be satisfied, and we are here to ensure we continue to provide the same services.  Please stop and say hello to me, and my email is
  • Julie Reese, Associate Director of Student Health Services: The SC Consortium of schools will begin work in October for the bid, which will then be sent to procurement in 2012 and we will find out who has the bid spring 2013 and will go into effect fall 2013. 

Questions from the students:  Major concern of prescription coverage maximum, many students want more coverage.  Each university sent a survey to the students with student insurance and we looked at what was important at each school.  Each school wanted more, but no one wanted to pay more.  To increase prescription coverage to $2000, premiums would go up $100.  Most students do not come close to the maximum of $1000; only about 15 or 20 do, so this is not fair to the 1600 students on the policy.  The pharmacy does work with you financially if you exceed your maximum.  We can look into this again this year.

  • Concern of maximum hospital/ER/surgery coverage:  The max payout is $100,000.  Again, we look to see how many students reach this value, which is maybe one student.  There used to be a cap on outpatient surgery of $5000 which was removed this year.  This was enacted on August 20, 2011.  Claims cannot be resubmitted under this new claim if filed previously.  Another improvement in the policy is women can now receive gynecological exam at their private physician if you first contact me, and I will submit a referral.  You will be billed separately for the pathology because this is separate from physician charges.  We also added vision benefits ($300, which includes contacts/glasses), dental benefit (2 cleanings, bite wing X-rays, 2 exams, 100% reimbursement).  I also sent an email with this information and how to file the claims.
  • Description of the bid process:  There is a base policy and benefits can be added to this.  We currently have Pearce and Pearce.  I spoke with their CEO and we can look into a two-tiered plan, but this will be expensive.  There will be base plan and you will pay the company for excess.  The laws from Obama-care have not gone into effect yet.  The only part that has gone into effect is for students to stay on parents’ plans until age 26.  In fall 2012 there will be no pre-existing conditions on the policy, so the law will officially be in effect.  In 2014, the maximum insurance caps will go into effect.  Be sure to read so you are informed about what you are purchasing and so I can help you.  I check emails regularly and I am willing to help you (! 
  • Poor customer service with Pearce and Pearce:  Please let your classes know that if this situation arises, contact Mrs. Reese, who can contact them. 
  • Please come get your flu shot!  It is free!
  • Katherine Shugart (COP Rep):  MUSC’s coverage costs is higher than other universities.  Is this because we use more services or how have lower student fees?
  • This is because we use the services more than other colleges.  Students want to be seen and want referrals to other specialists.  The policy cannot sustain us; we are the third highest participant in claims.  Being part of this university consortium is the best deal for us.

President:  Carol Brown

Old Business

Reading of August 31st minutes:  Approved

New Business

Introductions:  Reps, Student Programs
Liz Sheridan:  service, MUSC Gives Back; Nadia Mariutto:  housing, cultural events, SGA advisor; Nancy Lemon:  communications, Broadcast emails; Kevin Smuniewski:  social and recreational programming

SGA Retreat Part II: Saturday 9/17, 8:15 am to lunch
Liberty Square (next to SC Aquarium).  There will be an SGA sign.  SGA tshirts can be picked up Saturday morning.  You have a map of the course in your paperwork tonight.  Street parking and a parking garage will both be available.  Please take the number of participants into consideration with the parking!  Food will be available the morning of, and the walk will start at 9 a.m.  Food orders from Ted’s Butcher Block

Smoking Resolution update:  This is moving forward and a committee is being forward for a tobacco-free campus with the first meeting in October.  This may go into effect March 1st, but this is tentative.  Originally we thought we needed legislation for the University to be smoke-free, but the legislators have not been involved in this decision from the Board of Trustees.  MUSC is only 5% state-funded now.

Committee descriptions and sign-up:  Each committee will briefly meet this evening.  We would like one rep from each college on each committee.

  • President:  Student Welfare Committee; we address student concerns that are not curriculum-related (campus complaints, suggestions).  In the spring we will have a safety walk.
  • Academic VP:  Acadamic Affairs;  we are involved with the library, administration; this year we will review the SGA constitution and make revisions and make sure the laws are in effect.  By the end of February we will update the SGA student algorithm for representatives.
  • Secretary:  Communications Committee; we work to better on-campus communication through emails, Broadcast emails, Facebook, campus flyers, etc.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve communication, let me know!
  • Programs VP:  Programs Committee;  social/cultural events; a lot of these have been set, but we need to develop themes and decorations, planning the revised Back to School Party.  You also help organize Alhambra and we select the wines for the winetasting.
  • Treasurer:  Service Committee; a lot of the events have been set.  We try to organize events and each rep will

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Emily Allen (CGS Rep), Will Wantland (CHP Rep)

Program Vice PresidentErin Pardue

MUSC Student Activities Fair evaluations
iPad winner:  329 people signed up; CHP student won class="apple-style-span"

New Business

SGA Alcohol Awareness Month:  Wednesdays at lunch (12-1pm in BSB 100)
“Alcohol: Separating Myth from Reality,” Wednesday 9/21; Dr. Viktoriya Magid, Assistant Professor for the Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs in the Department of Psychiatry
“From Folly: Life Experiences of Being an Addict,” Wednesday 9/28; Matthew Pridgen - Author

Art Walk, Friday 9/30, 5-8 pm:  This will be the 2nd year and is similar to the French Quarter walks.  This is a free event for MUSC students only.  Each worker spot will entail working at a gallery and giving students stickers, which will be how we gauge attendance.  There will be food and wine at the galleries.  The worker list has been emailed.  Email me if you are a new rep and didn’t’ get the email.  Remember you will need 3 events per semester, and there are a limited number of events left:  the make-up Back to School Party November 4th and two exam breaks.

Kayak Trip, Saturday 10/1 at 10 am; Herbert H. Jessen Boat Landing:  this will be freshwater; $25 to rent, $20 if you own.  Three-hour event.  Sign up in Student Programs.

Academic Vice President
:  Brandon Hagan

New Business

9/11 Commemorative Lecture and Poster Session:  Tuesday 9/20, noon-1 pm in Storm Eye Auditorium

University Honor Council meeting, Monday 9/19

Robert’s Rules of Order presentation

Treasurer:  Kate Hicks

New Business

Pop Culture Palooza:  MUSC vs. Charleston School of Law Trivia Night & Karaoke Contest; Midtown Bar and Grill, Thursday 9/15 at 7 pm with trivia starting around 7:45 pm; tickets $10
Please remind your classes!!  The top teams will go into a lightning round for the final winner.  We have not sold enough tickets!

AHA Heart Walk sign-up:  Select “Join Our Team” in middle of page.  Please ask for donations!

Habitat for Humanity, Saturday 9/24, 8 am-noon

Blood Drive, Thursday 10/13, noon-5 pm in gym AND 10/18-10/20, 10 am-4 pm at fixed site

Allocation of $500 for Dodgeball Tournament:  OT and COM submitted a request for this funding.  If a request is sent for an amount less than $1000, Exec can approve the request.  This is an interprofessional event going to charity, so we approved this request.  This is in support of the Pattison’s Academy for handicapped children.

  Meg Croom

New Business

Website update:  The website ( has been updated to reflect the Activities Fair worker spots.  Please check this website regularly to make sure things are updated; I try to update the worker and service spots regularly!

Rep Reports:  There has been some confusion about this, but make sure when you email your classes you CC so we know the information is getting out!  It’s really important you send this information along to your classes.

SGA Oath of Understanding:  Please sign this and give to your committee chair.  If you are a new rep, see Nadia immediately after this meeting to get your SGA notebook, which has a copy of this oath.

:  Kevin Smuniewski

Nothing to report

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs:  Charleston Concert Association tickets on sale through 10/14, $43 - $159, series of six shows

University Wide Committees:  Waring Library Society Student Open House Thursday 9/15, 4 - 6 pm.  Harry Potter lecture by Dr. Weart at 5:30 pm with wine and appetizer reception

  • Waring Library Society Student Medical History Club first meeting Wednesday, 9/21 at noon; Susan Hoffius will present, “The History of MUSC."  For FREE lunch RSVP to or 792-2288 by 9/16.


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