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MUSC Student Government Association

April 10th SGA Minutes

PRESIDENT:  Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the March 27th minutes:  Approved

New Business

SGA 2013 Elections Results:  
President – Danny Vo
Academic VP – James Atkison
Programs VP – Stephen Thompson
Communications VP – Kayla Hill
Service VP – Holly Berry

Thanks for everyone for campaigning and voting!

SGA Allocations Request 2nd Read:  The 2nd Annual Shots with a Spin held on June 15th is requesting $1200 from SGA.

Question and Answer session:


3 minute period of Pros and Cons:

Thomas Tyner:  It’s a great issue and they are doing a great job of branching out to MUSC and the community.  They are asking for a lot of money, but it’s a good cause. 

Regina Brown:  It seems like they have good plans for sustainability for the next year.

Kathryn Holt:  How much money do we have left in our allocations fund?

Brandon Hagan:  We have spent $2210 and have $1290 left.   According to SGA rules we have no other organizations to give money to since this is the last meeting that they could request funds.

James Atkison:  Call the question.

The allocations request was passed.

Commencement Flag Bearers Sign Up:  This year’s graduation will be on Friday, May 17th.  A rep from each College is needed to hold the flag in front of their college.  They will need to be at Citadel’s McAlister Fieldhouse by 8am for the ceremony which begins at 9am.  There is also training the day before at 10:30am in the lobby of the field house.  Men are asked to wear suits and women Sunday clothes.  CDM and one other college, maybe CON has not signed up.  If you have not signed up I will be getting on to you to do it.  Someone from SGA needs to do it so if you cannot you need to find a replacement. 

SGA Final Dinner:  Our final dinner will be on Wednesday, April 24th at Five Four Nine on 549 East Bay Street at 5pm.  We give out awards and it is mandatory.  I’m passing around a clipboard to confirm your attendance. 

Nadia:  if your plans change, let me know by Friday, April 19th. Please email Kayla or myself so we can have an accurate headcount for the meeting.  Kayla will send out instructions to the venue.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:   Thomas Tyner and Jake Schubert

Student Welfare Committee meeting


Old Business


New Business

Spring Piano Concert:  Thursday April 11th at 12pm in the ART Atrium.  Bring your lunch and enjoy free music!

Alhambra:  “Peace, Love, and Alhambra”:  There are only 6 tickets left!  If you have any friends or classmates that still need a ticket tell them to go tomorrow morning.  Tickets are now on sale in the Student Programs Office!  Tickets are $15 each and 2 per MUSC ID.  The event will be on Saturday, April 13th from noon to 5pm at the Windjammer.  Ticket cost includes 5 hours of beer, non-alcoholic beverages, bands, DJ, food, and limited T-shirts.  I need 2 spots filled!  There is a photo booth from 2-3 or 4-5 for signups.  T-shirts will be available for the first people that show up until they are gone.  Shuttles leave every 30min starting at 11:15.  They line up pretty early so if you want to get on the first shuttle I would get there around 10:45.

Jordan Price:  The flyer says the shuttles leave every 15min.

Kevin Smuniewski:  They will be around 15-30min. 

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding Trip:  Sunday, April 21st at Shem Creek. The cost is $20/person (2 tickets per MUSC student ID) and will be limited to 40 participants. Tickets are still available.


Old Business


New Business

University Honor Council meeting:  The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 25th at 12pm in EL 103.

There have been issues with the 2 microwaves in the lobby of the library.  Please wipe it out if something explodes in there.

Regina Brown:  People in my class have been having stuff stolen from their carrels.  Is there anyway to have the 2nd floor of the library locked more frequently?  Some people got their Ipads and pens and markers stolen. 

Cason Hund:  I would advise them not to leave their Ipads, their phones, and wallets unattended.  Closing the 2nd floor would mean that the library would be closed.  When it comes to pens and things, I find that upsetting, but there is kind of an honor code in the library, similar to the noise issue, so I don’t know that there is anything we can do about it.  People just need to respect people’s stuff.

Regina Brown:  Is it possible to let people who have carrels get lockers too?

Cason Hund:  We are on a lottery system and the people who have carrels are already “superior” so we can’t give them both a carrel and a locker.  I’ll tell Bob and see what he says, but I’m sure it will be something to the same effect.  People need to be respectful.

Brian Harley:  It would be a good idea to have a communal locker.

Cason Hund:  I know the carrels have an area for personal items but it is out in the open.  Don’t leave your personal items but it would be good for heavy books. 


Old Business

I have an evaluation sheet from the Cooper River Bridge Kids Run.  Does anyone who was there wasn’t to comment?

Brian Harley:  Thomas and I did the morning set up.  It went really smoothly.  It looked really well set up with a lot of things to do.

Thomas Tyner:  I actually came back with my wife and it was a really great event.

Jill Hubbuch:  It was very well organized.  We registered about 864 people, not including those who pre-registered.  It was full and busy and all volunteers had a lot of fun.  It was not stressful at all.

New Business

Upcoming Spring Service Hour Opportunities:  Relay for Life: Friday April 12th, 5-9pm.  If you have not gotten all your hours please come and make sure you sign up.  There are 19 people signed up right now.  Dinner will be provided. 

Sara Garrett:  Do we have a theme?

Layne Madden:   We talked about doing a Hawaiian beach theme for Alhambra.

James Atkison:  Is there an overall theme so that we don’t stand out like a sore thumb?

Layne Madden:  I’ll check and email everyone.  Can I have a volunteer with a large vehicle help me load on Friday around 4pm?

James and Neal volunteered.

Service Committee meeting


Old Business


New Business


Intramurals – Kevin Smuniewski:  5-on-5 Basketball captain’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 28th at 5:15pm in the Harper Student Center Auditorium.   The season games will be from June 4th – August 1st.  Games will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan:  The Student Leadership and Service Banquet is on Wednesday, April 17th at 6pm at the Charleston Marriott Hotel (170 Lockwood Blvd-not Courtyard Marriott).  Please RSVP by this Friday because we have limited seating.  Make sure and tell your fellow students that are leaders.  We will have a social reception in the courtyard where people will register.   Dinner should start at 6:30pm. 

Student Programs:

Nancy Carney: 
Parking Registration has opened for all students.  Students who still need parking should contact parking management directly at 792-3665.

The new SGA website template is live.  If you see anything that needs to be fixed email me at

Work Study Students needed:  We are still looking for work study students for the whole summer.  If you need a job, come talk to us. 

Books are Fun Sale: This SGA fundraiser is taking place on April 10th and 11th at the ART Portico.  There will not be a payroll deduction for employees.  We get 20% of all sales.

Nadia Mariutto:  MUSC Roommate Finder Party will be on Friday, June 7th at 5:00pm in the HSC Auditorium.  This is a great way to meet potential roommates and check out available Charleston rentals.  Please call Student Programs (792-2693) to attend/sign-up.  We do brief introductions and do a meet and greet.  Last sat we had about 40 people show up so spread the word to your classmates. 

University wide Committees

Dental Medicine

Graduate Studies

Health Professions – Chayla Handley:  Gowns for Giving benefitting Camp Happy Days is coming up on April 19th and 20th.  On the 19th, we will be having a preview from 7-10pm.  The tickets are $20.  On the 20th the event will be from 9am -7pm and admission is free. 

Regina Brown:  This is an amazing charity.  I have been a counselor there.  The girls get there dresses altered and look like princesses.

International Student Association – Cody Chiuzan:  We are having our International Bazaar on April 18th from 11am – 1:30pm in the horseshoe.  It’s our biggest event.  We will have music, food, and cultural tables so please join us next Thursday. 

Medicine – Layne Madden:  The other teams are having themes on different kinds of party so we will have a beach party. 

Multicultural Student Advisory Board


Pharmacy – Holly Berry:  On Friday the Center for Development in Central America is having a global health speaker in BSB100 from 12-1pm.  Lunch is provided if you RSVP and you can email me if you are interested in going. 

Chayla Handley:  Everyone this is Deidre Tindal who will be replacing Cacey and I next year as SGA president.

Kevin Smuniewski:  If anyone didn’t get a shirt come see me after the meeting. 


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