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MUSC Student Government Association

April 9th Meeting Minutes


Old Business

Reading of the March 26th meeting minutes:  approved

New Business

SGA Officer Elections:  778 students voted, which is awesome.  Stephen Thompson is the new President, Regina will be the new Programs VP, Holly for Service VP, Sumeen for Academic VP, and Kayla for Communications VP.

MUSC and Cof C update:  The lawmakers realize that there is no support for it.  They are proposing new legislation that will change CofC to become more of a research university.  We had a good role in saying what we thought so thank you for that.  For more information on the new proposal, follow this link:

Parking registration:  640 registered. Now open to everyone including new students.

Nancy Lemon:You need to have your student ID badge to register.  We have been told that new students can request a copy of their badge from public safety and public safety will send them an email and they can take a picture of it to show parking management in order to register for parking early.

Presidential Search:  SGA exec and some reps have been asked to participate in the interviews for MUSC Presidential candidates.  We will keep you updated on what’s going on and who the candidates are and what we think. 

End of year survey:  The survey will be sent out electronically this year. Keep a look out on that.  You can evaluate us as honestly. 

Final SGA Dinner:  Our final SGA dinner will be on April 23rd at The Alley.  The dinner will start at 6pm, but you can arrive at 5pm to purchase happy hour drinks on your own. A signup sheet is going around for your RSVP.  Try to make it if you can.  If you have never been there, it is an awesome place with bowling, arcade games, etc.

Nadia Mariutto:Happy hour is a cash bar on your own. Across from the alley is a small parking lot that is part of the alley so you can park there if spaces are available.  Please let me know no later than next Friday if you can make it or not because we do pay ahead.

 Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Jacob Self and Julia Brenner


New Business

Alhambra:  April 12th from 12-5pm at the Windjammer on Isle of Palms.  The theme is “Made in the 80s”.  Tickets are sold out.  There will be beer, BBQ, several bands, fun games, activities and giveaways, including this free T-shirt for the first people to show up.  There will be a shuttle running from campus. There are 3 worker spots currently open.  If you need your hours, get on sign up genius and take one of those.

Spoleto Vouchers:  Come by the Student Programs Office to pick up your $20 Spoleto voucher for only $5.  Limit 2 vouchers per MUSC ID. 

Kelly Wolfe:Do we have any resolution about the gluten free beer?  Two more of my classmates asked me about it.

Kevin Smuniewski:We are looking at getting some kind of alternative secret beer behind the bar.  We had some discussions about this in the past and we will talk more about it next year.  Are these students gluten intolerant?

Kelly Wolfe:One of the two is, but I don’t know the reason for the other student.

Kevin Smuniewski:We are working on it.  Bud light lime has no gluten in it.  They don’t serve it in kegs.  There will be secret beer.  We’ll see how it pans out. 


New Business

Honor Council meeting: Wednesday, April 30th at noon

Library Updates: The very noisy work of drilling through the roof columns to create anchor sites for the heavy HVAC units will not take place the week of April 14, as we had announced.  This work will be done the week of April 21 or 28 and will be completed before exams begin on May 1 — or we will postpone the work until after exams.  As soon as we know the specific dates, we will publicize those.  The noise and vibration will last 2 to 3 days.  Rain will delay this work.

These update messages can now be found on the HVAC project website.  We have also added an image gallery to the site:


Old Business

Kids Run Evaluation:  Friday, April 4th for 3 hours.  Around noon we had kids bussed in from area schools and in the afternoon we had the actual run for those who registered.  I was there for the local area school run.  Each school had different colored t-shirts so you could see where the kids were from.  The evaluation is going around.  There is also an appreciation for volunteers party on Tuesday, April 14th from 6-8pm at the Edisto Shelter at James Island County park.

Joe Gulick:I was there for the registered run.  There was a ton of food, face painting, etc.  We were on the first leg of the race.  If you clapped for them they ran 2 times faster.

New Business

Relay for Life:  Friday, April 11th for 4 hours,5-9pm on the Friday before Alhambra.  Sign up by the 14th.  SGA registers you for the team; we pay the registration fee for you.  Katie Herbert is our team captain.

Katie Herbert:You are all registered.  We are going to meet briefly after the meeting to go over logistics.  If you still want to sign up, it is not too late.  It is a fun way to get service hours and it’s really easy.  The entire event goes until 2am.  You can stay the entire time or as long as you want.  We are getting dinner too.  The theme is a beach movie.


The final website update will be posted next week.

Intramurals - Kevin Smuniewski: Summer 5-on-5 Basketball Captain’s Meeting:  May 27th.  The season will run from June to July on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:45-9:45.  It will be full court. 

 College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan: Student Leadership Society awards will be given out on April 16th from 5:30 -7:30.  Thank you for the MUSC Gives Back Service Awards Committee today for their work in selecting some of the awards.  We will have a light reception and a night filled with lots of elements of surprise with the Banov Award, outstanding service awards, and SLS inductees.  I will send out an email reminder today or tomorrow.

Student Programs – Nadia Mariutto:  I won’t be at the last meeting because it will be my wedding week so thank you to all of you. Good luck to those graduating.

Dental Medicine:  The Women’s dental group is having another fundraiser.  We are selling hair bands.  $1 for plain, $1.50 for patterns

Graduate Studies

Health Professions - Heather Spain:  This month is OT month so we will be giving out goodies next Wednesday somewhere near the library with brownies cookies and OT facts. 

International Student Association

Medicine – Regina Brown:  The Emergency Medicine Interest Group is having a dodgeball tournament on April 26th benefitting kids of pattison’s academy, an education and rehabilitation program. Signup takes no time; you don’t have to worry about putting a team together if you don’t have one. 

Stephen Holshouser:  How many people per team?

Regina Brown:I’m not sure, but I think it is 5.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board – Christopher Smith:  Elections are on Monday.  If you have any questions about MSAB let me know.


Pharmacy – Leonardo Gonzalez:  On Friday, there is a fundraiser for the Haiti trip at Mad River.  Professors from COP and COM will be serving drinks. 

Heather Spain:  I am making pins for a medical mission trip to Uganda.  I am asking for a donation of $5.  I can make them in all different patterns and fabrics.




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