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MUSC Student Government Association

December 4th meeting minutes


Old Business

Reading of the November 13th meeting minutes:  approved

New Business

Next Meeting: January 8th

Congratulations to the Nursing graduates!

Please send all future college and organizational reports to Danny. 

Student Welfare Committee Meeting afterwards

Mid-year Evaluation to make SGA improvements will be sent out sometime tomorrow.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Jill Hubbuch and Charlene Graavgard


New Busines

Chamber Music Charleston Concert:  Thursday, December 5th at noon, bring your lunch and enjoy free music in the Colbert Library lobby.

Exam Break:  The final event for the semester is the exam break on Dec 9th.  It will take place from 7-8pm in the library lobby.  All worker spots are filled.  Everyone has completed their worker spots for the semester except for the new reps. Get there really early or be 20 minutes late because the line tends to get really long.

Oyster Roast:  Tickets are $15 and are sale now in the Student Programs Office. The event will take place the first week we get back on January 10th from 7-10:30pm. Worker spot sign up will be sent out this Thursday at 5pm.  If you work the event, you will get in for free.  We have a meeting right before the Oyster Roast in January so I will be able to remind you of your duties then.  If you are unable to work your spot, please let us know.  ~1500 tickets will be on sale.  Employee tickets will be limited. This is a popular event and sells out pretty quickly.  It is on the evening after Interprofessional Day. We have already sold 300 tickets.  Employee tickets are $20.  No tickets will be sold at the door.

Philip Sobolesky:  Has the issue been solved with emails being sent out sporadically.

Sara Garret:  Alternatively you can also sign in to your account on Sign up Genius to sign up without receiving an email.

James Atkison:  When will students not be able to come into the Student Programs Office to buy tickets due to the holidays?

Kevin Smuniewski: Between December 23 – January 3


New Business

Honor Council Meeting:  Next meeting is December 9th.

Library updates:  A survey was given out for students around the library today regarding the new HVAC updates for next semester.  The official plan will be sent out to all of you when I get it.  Basically, they will be closing half of each floor at some point next semester.  Please bear with it and understand it won’t last forever.

Natalie Vajta: Is it going to be really loud?

James Atkison:  They will put up screens and try to do things at night to help alleviate noise issues.

Regina Brown:  How long will it take?

James Atkison:  It is supposed to be done by June, but you never know how long it will last. 

Regina Brown:  Is there any way to schedule that to avoid 3rd and 4th floor for board studies.

James Atkison:  Yes, if there are dates like that, perhaps we can ask them to shut it down at that time.


Old Business

Habitat for Humanity Evaluation:  Saturday, November 16th

Benson Langdon: We put the finishing touches on the house.  We stained the deck and crawled under the house to put up insulation.  I rolled in some kind of fecal matter.

MUSC Children’s Hospital Dinner with Santa and Friends Evaluation:  Tuesday, December 3rd

Kenneth Gordon:  I was Santa.  It was very different.  I don’t do children so it was out of my comfort zone.  They were appreciative, especially the families.  We wished them a good recovery and a good holiday.

Thank you for completing your service hours.  We have 99% compliance.


New Business

SGA Google Calendar:  I created an SGA Google Calendar for SGA reps on the website.  From the SGA homepage, it is located under the Rep Info tab.  You can view upcoming events either in calendar and agenda view to see what is coming up.  You can also add the calendar to your own Google calendar to view through your iPhone by clicking the “Add Google Calendar” button at the bottom right of the calendar.  This calendar includes SGA meetings, events, and service events.  You will be able to distinguish between service events because they are labeled “Service”.  If there is any other information that would be useful to add to the calendar, please let me know. 

Communications Walk Update: My committee went on a Communications Walk on Tuesday, November 19th.  We walked around the first floor lobby of the ECL Library to compare SGA bulletin boards to General Student bulletin boards.  We also replaced broken bathroom flyer signs and assigned bathrooms to committee members.  We also discussed getting students more involved with the Facebook Page.

Heather Spain:  We went around and looked at all of the SGA bulletin boards, and we were assigned bathroom door flyers to put up next semester.

Kayla Hill:  We also talked about how we could improve communication in SGA, and Ashley made the suggestion that SGA reps could help promote the SGA Facebook page so please LIKE the Facebook page and encourage your classmates to do so as well! 

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Basketball Captain’s Meeting:  Tuesday, January 7th at 5:15pm in the HSC auditorium.  We will play that first Saturday after the oyster roast. 

I have complimentary Gibbes museum tickets.  Come see me after the meeting if you want any. If I have some leftover I’m going to send out a student broadcast. 

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs – Dr. Willette Burnham: Thank you so much for coming to the dinner with the Sothmanns. I hope you enjoyed the meal and the time there.  Thank you for a wonderful semester.  You have completed your hours and we genuinely appreciate all that you have done this semester.  Be safe while you enjoy the holiday season.  Please join me in congratulating Kevin in his new position as Associate Director of Student Programs.   Kevin works really hard at everything he does. I know he is prepared to take on everything I have for him.  On another note, Nancy will be back on January 20th.  She and Rosa Lee are doing well. 

Dental – The 4th years are looking for patients for their licensure exam in the spring.  They will be screening patients for free and they will fill your cavity for free. 

Graduate Studies

Health ProfessionsDeidre Tindal:  On Tuesday, December 10th at 7:30am, we will be having an exam break breakfast for CHP students.

International Student Association

Medicine – Katie Herbert:  The COM is having a holiday bowl event at the Alley. We are raising money for Toys for Tots. If you want to make donation we are collecting them in the COM Dean’s office.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board




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