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MUSC Student Government Association

February 5th Meeting Minutes


Misha Alexeev, Kids Kickin’ Cancer Charity Soccer Tournament, Allocations Request:  A couple of guys from the COM 1st and 2nd years decided we wanted to host a charity soccer tournament.  We had 2 requirements when we were searching for a charity.  1) The charity needed to be local, and 2) it had to be a legitimate charity with a good cause.  Camp Happy Days is located in West Ashley and is a great charity that supports children diagnosed with cancer and their families.  Camp Happy Days is a free week of summer camp for children diagnosed with cancer and their siblings, held every summer at Camp Bob Cooper on Lake Marion.  The kids get to go swimming, tubing, play video games with other kids with cancer and their siblings.  The cost of sending a child to Camp Happy Days is $800, but all of these costs are covered by the Camp Happy Days organization through funding efforts.  All of the money raised by the Kids Kickin’ Cancer Soccer tournament at MUSC will be donated to this cause.  The event will take place on February 23rd in the MUSC gym.  There will be 16 teams; we already have 2 girl teams that have signed up.  We are asking SGA to help us with funds to purchase T-shirts and food and drinks.  One of my buddies designed the shirt and it looks really great.  Please spread the word about the event and if you know anyone who might be interested in participating, please let them know about it.


Old Business

Reading of the January 22nd meeting minutes:  approved

New Business

SGA Officer Elections:  Campaign packets are available in the Student Programs Office.  Applications are due Friday, February 28th at 5pm in the Student Programs Office.  Elections will be held from 8:30am Thursday, March 27th through 5pm Friday, March 28th.  Please ask us any questions you may have. 

Safety Walk:  We need volunteers to participate in our safety walk on Tuesday, February 25th from 5-7:30pm.  We will be meeting in EL109.  Food will be provided.  We will be split up into groups to visit 5 areas of campus to check safety issues such as lighting or broken, unsafe areas.  Please consider participating because this is beneficial for the campus and you.

Committee Meeting afterwards to select a date for the Safety Walk

Please send all future college and organizational reports to Nancy at

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Kelly Wolfe and Heather Spain


Old Business

MUSC Night at the Footlight Theatre Expense Report and Evaluation:  We were $830 under budget.  Although the campus was partially closed that day due to the weather, we still had a good amount of people show up.  We had 130 in attendance.  Does anyone have any comments about how they think the event was?

Regina Brown:  I thought the event was great. The size of the venue was great.  The reception area was full.  The bartenders were great.  Because of the weather some people from Mount Pleasant were unable to make it.  There were still a good amount of people there considering the weather issues. 

New Business

Make Your Own Valentines: Come by the Student Programs Office anytime from 9am – 4:30pm between February 3-14th to be creative and create your own masterpiece.  There are lots of arts and crafts in the office to make something nice.

Valentine’s Piano concert:  Bring your own lunch and enjoy free music in the Hollings Cancer Center lobby on Thursday, February 20th at noon. 

Night at the Halsey:  We have an upcoming cultural event on February 21st.  It is at the Halsey, which is an art museum on CofC’s campus, located on 161 Calhoun Street.  We had this event last year and we are going to try to beef it up this year.  If you enjoyed the Art Walk in the fall, this will be similar to the Art Walk, except you will be walking around the same gallery.  We will have worker spots for the event, which will be sent out tomorrow at 5pm.  Please let me know if you have any issues with you sign up genius.  Please talk this event up to your class.  We had a semi-good showing last year so we want more people in attendance this year.

Fat Tuesday in the Horseshoe:  Tuesday, March 4th from 11:30-1:15pm in the Horseshoe to celebrate Fat Tuesday.  There will be beads, lots of food, and performers.  There will be specialty beads if you bring $2 or 2 can food items.  There will be workers spots for this event.

Committee meeting afterwards to talk about Alhambra


New Business

Constitutional Review:

o   Bill 14-01:  Added “See Appendix A for the algorithm used to determine the number of representatives from each college.”

o   Bill 14-02:  We are striking out “One of the required work events must include a cleanup detail.” Since we have so many worker spots, this is not necessary anymore.

o   Bill 14-03:  We are removing “Elections Committee” and replacing it with “Student Programs Office” since we do not have an elections committee anymore.

o   Bill 14-04: This is a technical amendment to change the wording from “Any officer running for re-election will not be able to participate in the election process” to “Any current Executive Officer running for an executive position will not be able to participate in the election management process.”

o   Bill 14-05:  We made a similar amendment to Bill 14-04 by changing the language for the President as well.

o   Bill 14-06:  To make things consistent with the website and the name of the form we are replacing “SGA Funds Request From” to “Allocations Request Form”.

o   Bill 14-07: In #3, we are condensing the information to say “SGA funds cannot be used to make a direct monetary donation, pay dues, or purchase individual memberships to professional organizations.”  In #4, we are clarifying how often groups can apply for money and we also removed the language “particular event”, so that it now reads, “A group may only receive funds for a particular event no more than two consecutive years.”  This will prevent the same group from continuously receiving funds year after year for different events.  For example, a charity soccer tournament this year, and a charity basketball tournament the next.

o   The group must also be a recognized student organization, not just a group of students.

Katie Herbert:  What about Relay for Life?  Would they be eligible?

James Atkison:  According to the amendment, they would be ineligible because we want to support groups not events. 

Kevin Smuniewski:  You could get a student organization to sponsor the event and ask for allocations through them.


New Business

MLK Day Health Fair:  Saturday, February 8th from 10am-2pm at Meeting Street Academy.  There might be an 80% chance of rain so the event may be moved inside.  In that case, we will not be grilling hot dogs.  Just a reminder that if you just signed up for the 2 hours shifts, you will be able to sign up for the blood drive and fat Tuesday for 1 h shifts.  You are always welcome to do more than 3 hours.

Liz Sheridan:  I have a short presentation about MLK Day.  The event will be held at Meeting Street Academy, but Sanders Clyde and the surrounding community members will be invited.  It is intended to be an outdoor event, but our contingency plan is to move it into the multipurpose room.  There is plenty of parking around on the side streets, as well as a parking lot behind the building.  Two colleges are represented at each booth.  The information and materials are provided by you.  Set up is at 10:30am, and the booths need to be ready by 11am.  The attendees must visit 5 booths to get a free lunch from the SGA healthy snack shack.  They must visit 10-12 booths to be entered into a drawing for gifts. The attire is student dress.  Feel free to wear your white coat if you identify with that.  An MUSC name badge is expected.  You will earn service hours.  We will have an evaluation of the event during clean up.  This event is also sponsored by SIPS.

Blood Drive:  Thursday, February 20th in the HSC gym from 11am – 4pm.  There will be a 1 hour minimum sign up spot.  You can do all 3 hours that day if you want.  There will be more events to make up your hours.  Sign-ups will be sent out on February 6th for the shifts.  For the college with the highest percentage of donors, there will be a drawing for an Alhambra ticket package.


No Report

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Volleyball Champions are Business Time, captained by Timothy Tate.

Indoor Soccer:  Indoor soccer starts on Sunday.  If anyone still wants to play but they do not have a team, they can still sign up on the free agent list. If you have a team, you can still register by next Wednesday. 

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan: The student blood drive challenge is coming up on February 20th from 11am-4pm at the Harper Student Center gym.  You can sign up for an appointment at with the sponsor code MUSC.  The appeal for blood is currently in our area of the country due to the bad weather and the flu depleting supplies.  Please try to be a blood donor or tell someone else to donate if you are willing to do so.

Student Programs – Dr. Willette Burnham: Nominations for Earl B. Higgins Achievement in Diversity Award are due by Monday, February 10th at 5pm. 

We had a wonderful speaker for Black History Month today. Every Wednesday at noon we will have our annual black history month series with noon day speakers presenting on disparities in health care.  Lunch will be provided. 

Dental – The 4th years are looking for patients for their licensure exam in the spring.  They will be screening patients for free and they will fill your cavity for free.  Screenings take place Monday through Thursday, 5-7pm.  Patients must be 18 years old and can be anyone, not just students.  For further questions, email or ask one of us!

Psi Omega is hosting a casino night on the York town on Saturday.  This event is not open.

Graduate Studies

Health ProfessionsJoe Gulick:  Mr. MUSC is going to be a Wolfe St. Theater on February 20th and the theme is Great Gatsby.  We have contestants from 6 different schools (PA, OT, CON, COM, CGS, and CDM).  Tickets will be on sale in the library on the 11th, 13th, 18th, and 19th.  Tickets will be $12 presale and $15 at the door and will be divided up evenly among colleges.  Penny wars will start on February 5th and will be set up in the library.  All proceeds go to the Cutting Edge Foundation.

The PA class is participating in the Miracle League spring open house game and carnival day on February 15th.  There will be games, face painting, a bouncy house, etc.  The Miracle League is a group of people with any disability from kids to adults who play baseball on the weekends.

International Student Association

Medicine – Sharbel Elhage:  Service Learners International, a group that sends students to Haiti, is having an event at Mynt from 7-11pm to help pay for students to go on the trip.  Happy hour will be extended until 8pm.  There will be drawings for gift certificates from Hall’s, Trader Joe’s, etc.  There will be student bands playing and the regular DJ will also be there. 

Layne Madden:  Ed LINK is an opportunity to volunteer at local schools, such as Sanders Clyde and Burke.  We currently work with 3 math teachers and 1 Spanish teacher.  Whoever is interested; contact the team leaders to set up a time to go to a classroom where you will spend 1-3 hours working with students either in small groups, one-on-one, stations, or giving presentations.  If you are interested, we need about a dozen volunteers this semester.  The commitment is to go 3 times per semester.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board - Christopher Smith: I want to encourage attendance at black history month series.  Although it is focused on the progress of minority groups, black history is also your history.

Nursing – Toya Williams:  MNSA will be volunteering at the Annual Delma Woods & Aleta McLeod Health Fair on February 22nd from 9am – 3pm at the Arthur Christopher City Gym on 265 Fishburne Street.  If anyone is interested in fine tuning some of your skills or getting engaged with your community, we encourage you to participate.

Pharmacy – Charlene Gravgaard:  A group of pharmacy students are interested in starting an A cappella competition.  Please let me know if there are any interests in the other colleges.


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