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MUSC Student Government Association

March 5th Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – March 5, 2014


Dr. Darlene Shaw, Associate Provost for Education and Student Life and Dr. Connie Best, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Gender Equity Officer: Dr. Best is developing new policies and procedures to foster a safer campus.  The Cleary act is making changes in safety requirements and Dr. Best is staying on top of the changes to keep the campus safe.  We know MUSC’s campus is safe, but no campus is immune from acts of violence.   Some new students may have seen a video of what steps to take when there is a danger, such as an active shooter.  I want to get your feedback on this video, “Run, Hide, Fight” and whether it is something we should show our students.  I have a couple of disclaimers, it is graphic, and it is set in an office setting so not set in a classroom or hospital setting. 

The video was shown to SGA reps.

Dr. Shaw:  Do you think this is a suitable video to show students?

SGA reps:  Yes.

Heather Spain:  Is there a school version?

Dr. Best: There are some, but they are usually not very brief and not as good.  They are usually for younger kids. 

Dr. Shaw: Anyone think it’s too graphic or scary?

SGA reps: No.

Dr. Shaw:  Would you favor providing our students with access to it?

SGA reps: Yes.

Dr. Shaw:  What other information would you like to come with this?  One of the things we are thinking about including is whether to call Public Safety or 911.  The answer is either.  Public Safety is probably the fastest, but 911 will also immediately call Public Safety.

Philip Sobolesky:  You could provide a map with all of the public safety buttons on campus.

Dr. Shaw:  Call boxes that is a great idea. In some places you can lock down a campus. We have an open campus.  We can’t really lock down our campus although some doors can be electronically locked.

Frankie Duperreault:  What happens in a lecture hall where there is limited hiding space?  What would you recommend students to do in an active shooter situation?  Do the lecture doors lock?

Dr. Shaw:  That’s a good suggestion.

Dr. Best:  Today the Emergency Department had a 4 hour table talk exercise run through with campus security, city police, hospital police and we found glitches in what we would do.  One of the reasons for showing this even though the event of this happening is unlikely is because there is a high response risk if it does.  Run, hide, fight is something in your head, like a medical code, that would give you tools so that you at least have something in your head of what to do when you’re freaked out.  A lot of people think that law enforcement will help if you’re injured.  They will not.  They learned from Columbine that killing the bad guys should be a priority.  Virginia tech didn’t get the message out early enough.  You learn from these scenarios and try to build your system a little better.

Dr. Shaw:  It would be important to include information on how to sign up for our emergency messages.

Dr. Best:  Yes, our emergency system is currently opt-in, and only 30% of students have it.

Dr. Shaw: I think it is now an opt-out system, but you have to provide your phone number.

Philip Sobolesky:  Do we have an alarm system campus wide? 

Dr. Best: There are 4 buildings on campus that have an overhead PA system:  ART, Charleston Memorial, Children’s Hospital, and the Main Hospital.  There are no code announcements they will say active shooter in Main Hospital, for example.

Dr. Shaw:  We also have a PA system in the wellness center, but no siren.

Leonardo Gonzalez:  Google or cell carriers send out emergency alerts. 

Dr. Shaw:  We have that capability now with MUSC emergency alerts. 

Dr. Best:  its opt-in if it is on your personal phone.

Dr. Shaw: Can we send out an email to all students with a reminder for what to do to opt-in for emergency messages.  It was very helpful on the snow days.  These are great suggestions. Anything else?  Any particular settings to have the video shown in? We thought about showing the video at orientation but then we thought it would be too big and would be better in colleges.

Paul Tripp:  What about how to respond to SWAT team and personnel?  There can be a lot of confusion. You are a prisoner.

Dr. Shaw:  That is a good point to suggest being cooperative, showing your hands, etc. 

PRESIDENT:  Danny Vo is being replaced by James Atkison

Old Business

Reading of the February 19th meeting minutes:  approved

New Business

SGA Officer Elections:  Elections will be held from 8:30am Thursday, March 27th through 5pm Friday, March 28th.  The candidates for President are Stephen Thompson and myself.  For academic, Sumeen Maur is running unopposed.  For Service, Ashley rogers, Destine Hoover, a COP rep, and Holly Berry.  For Communications, Kayla is going for the 3-peat.  Good luck to everyone. 

Safety Walk – Kevin Smuniewski:  Thank you to those of you who came out.  I want to go over some things that didn’t get addressed, specifically bicycle safety.  Do you know of any locations where bike rack locations are unsafe and where there may be a lack of bike racks?  

Natalie Vajta:  By Baruch.

Regina Brown:  By Walton Research. There was a lot of construction there previously.  There is only one rack and bikes end up being on top of each other. 

Kevin Smuniewski:  Other than that, we found a lot of lights being out, sidewalks being broken, etc.

Toya Williams:  Can this be addressed later on?  CON is homeless for the time being.  We don’t know if we need more bike racks.

Kevin Smuniewski:  We will do a formal report to public safety so we can include that on there.

Regina Brown: When Natalie and I finished the safety walk, we talked about the intersection by the gym and how the light never changes and if you don’t jaywalk then you wait forever.  The cars are really dangerous.

James Atkison:   A lot of that will be the city problem. 

Kevin Smuniewski:  It still helps to address that problem.

Student parking – Nancy Lemon: March 24th – 26th.  An email will be sent out with directions and rankings for when you can register.  I will need 6 volunteers coming back next year to register for parking on Friday to test the parking system.  You have to be ready to pay, and have your badge with you.  See me after the meeting. 

Please send all future college and organizational reports to Nancy at

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Regina Brown and Natalie Vajta

Next meeting:  March 26th


Old Business

Night at the Halsey expense report and evaluation:  Our net expenses were $6296.04.  We were $796 over budget and about 215 people were in attendance although it felt like more.  Please fill out the review sheet and provide any suggestions.

Steven Holshouser:  I think it was great. It was similar to the Art Walk, just not as much walking.

Stephen Thompson: I thought it went well.  If anyone knows who threw up in the men’s restroom let me know.

Kevin Smuniewski:  Special thanks to Stephen for cleaning it up. 

Fat Tuesday in the Horseshoe:  It was cancelled.  We spent $1800.  We were $1100 under budget.  Because of the late notice we had to pay for rentals.  We will reuse a lot of what we had this year for next year.  The event was also cancelled last year so I guess it’s a sign that we are not supposed to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

New Business

Alhambra:  April 12th at the Windjammer on Isle of Palms.  The theme is “Made in the 80s”.

Masquerade Jewelry Sale:  March 17-19th in the Horseshoe and March 21st in ART from 7am – 6pm.  Worker sign ups might be sent out tomorrow afternoon or Friday for 4-5 more worker spots. I know some people are worried because they can’t attend Alhambra so let me know if you can’t attend. 

Regina Brown:  Gluten free people asked about beer options.  They say they have to spend the same amount as everyone else, but can’t drink the beer.

Stephen Thompson:  We can discuss that.  Thank you for bringing it up.  We decided that ticket sales will go on the week after spring break, so the 17th.  Normally we don’t sell out in the first week, so I wouldn’t be too worried about that for those of you who will be on spring break on the week of the 17th. 


New Business

Library Update: There have been two thefts: laptop and headphones.  The headphone thief was apprehended and charges are being pressed.  The HVAC installation will probably run until October rather than just until August. 

Natalie Vajta:  On the side that they are on now until October?

James Atkison:  No, they will complete it in October.

Natalie Vajta:  When will they switch sides?

James Atkison:  I don’t know.

Honor Council meeting: March 19th


Old Business

Blood Drive:  Feb 20th in the gym.  Does someone want to give us some feedback on how the event went?

Natalie Vajta:  I felt like a lot of people came out, especially since we made it a competition in our college.  It could’ve been more efficient.  People using the same machine’s iron was low so if we could switch the machine next time.  The winner of blood drive was COM.  The drawing of the 4 pack ticket to Alhambra and gift bag was Shannon Miller. 

Fat Tuesday Low country Food Bank Collection: Our other service event was rained out, but we moved it in the lobby of the library.  We received 77 lb of cans and $112 for beads.  We will be able to provide about 672 meals.

Regina Brown:  I thought it was a good time to move inside because people were coming in and out of meetings or lunch. 

New Business

Kids Run:  Friday, April 4th for 4 hours, signup 21st

Relay for Life:  Friday, April 11th for 4 hours, Friday before Alhambra.  Sign up by the 14th.  SGA registers you for the team; we pay the registration fee for you.  We encourage you to do fundraising on your own, but it is not a requirement. We suggest that you to sign up for the t-shirt.


Website update: Worker and service hours have been updated.  Please let me know if I made any mistakes so I can make sure to give you credit for your efforts.

SGA Fundraiser:  Dorothea and I have been pursuing a new fundraiser for SGA selling sketches of different places on MUSC’s campus on cards as well as 8x10 and 11x14 prints.  We have spoken with the owner of Low country sketches about sketching some buildings at MUSC.  Many of you may be familiar with the sketches of the horseshoe that are sold in the bookstore.  We want to have newer sketches of the updates on MUSC’s campus as well as some different images of buildings that students in each of the colleges have a connection to.  For example, we are looking at a having a sketch of the new dental clinics building for the CDM and one of the CHP atrium for CHP.  We also want to know what other areas on campus students feel a connection to and may be something students would want to purchase for graduation, holidays, etc.  We want to ask you for any suggestions you may have.

Toya Williams:  For CON, we have a statute of Florence Nightingale’s lamp on our building and that would be nice to sketch. Also, our entire building is in the shape of a nursing cap.

Kayla Hill:  For now, we think we will delay the sketch of CON since there is a lot of construction going on there, so we may include that next year.

Leonardo Gonzalez:  BEB and Drug Discovery, the old front doors of the Pharmacy building on Calhoun.

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Winter Basketball Champions:  Prime Time. Captain, Terrance Walker.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan: Share with your colleagues to check out the award opportunities on our website.  We have the Charles H. Banov award which is a $1000 award.  Last year’s recipient Jake Al Sarraf is here. 

Student Programs – Nancy Lemon:  This is a reminder that I need 6 volunteers to see me about parking.

Dorothea Gadsden:  The 2014 commencement speaker John R. Seffrin, the chief executive of the American Cancer Society.

Dental – Substitute Rep: The 4th years are looking for patients for their licensure exam. This is the last week! They will be screening patients for free and they will fill your cavity for free.  Screenings take place Monday through Thursday, 5-7pm.  Patients must be 18 years old and can be anyone, not just students.  For further questions, email or ask one of us! 

Graduate Studies

Health ProfessionsDeidre Tindal:  Elections for exec officers are ongoing.

International Student Association – Jake Al Sarraf:  There is an upcoming salsa ballroom dancing event on March 22nd from 6-8pm at Elite International Dance Studio in Mount Pleasant off of Hwy 17.  Email me for questions at $5 for MUSC students.  You can buy tickets online.


Multicultural Student Advisory Board

Nursing – Toya Williams: Roddy white from the Atlanta Falcon’s football camp is on June 25th at James Island High School.  We need cheerleaders, football coaches, yoga instructors, etc.  We need people to come speak about healthcare professions.  We need representatives at first aid.  Email me at if you are interested.

Steven Holshouser: What are the dates?

Toya Williams:  June 25-27

Pharmacy – Leonardo Gonzalez:  There is a golf tournament on April 13th for Louis Kids Foundation.  There are currently 4 teams setup and we need 7 teams.  Email me if you are interested at  It is at Oak point on Kiawah. 

Caleb Fackler:  The cost is $75 and includes BBQ dinner, 2 drink tickets, and a round of golf - $75.


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