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MUSC Student Government Association

November 13th Meeting Minutes

PRESIDENT:  Danny Vo is being replaced by James Atkison

New Business

Dinner with the Sothmann’s: Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30pm at the American Theater on 446 King St.  Please RSVP on the Sign-up sheet.  It’s important that you show up if you sign up.  If you are not sure you will attend, don’t sign up.  

Nadia Mariutto:  The main entree is fish. The vegetarian dish is pasta. Keep that in mind when you decide whether you want a vegetarian dish. Come dressed appropriately.  It doesn’t take too long.  I will send out directions next week. If your plans change, let us know because it looks bad if your name tag is sitting there but you are not there.

Next Meeting: December 4th

Please send all future college and organizational reports to Danny. 

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Natalie Vajta and Regina Brown


Old Business

MUSC SGA Winetasting Expense Report and Evaluation: Let’s all give a round of applause to Frankie. She got Westbrook Brewery to donate beer to the Winetasting and worked the event as well.  We were $3000 over budget, mostly from extra food costs.  This is due to limitations of the aquarium because we can only use certain preferred vendors. We may have to re-evaluate that in the future.  I thought the food was good and it was on the cheaper spectrum of what they were offering. The full expense report is being passed around.

Frankie Duppereault: I’m going to pass a thank you card around for everyone to sign for Westbrook.

New Busines

Chamber Music Charleston Concert: Thursday, December 5th at noon, bring your lunch and enjoy free music in the Colbert Library lobby.

Exam Break:  The final event for the semester is the exam break on Dec 9th.  It will take place from 7-8pm.  There will be 12 spots. The sign-up Genius will go out on December 25th at 5pm.  There are 12 reps who haven’t gotten their worker spots completed. Three of them are new reps so we don’t expect you to finish all of your worker hours. I will send an email out to all of those reps and let you know how many hours are needed from each of you.  Worker spots will be sent out to the reps that need them first and then I will pester you until you sign up before I send it out to everyone. We are on track for completing our requirements.

Oyster Roast:  Tickets are $15 and will go on sale December 2nd. The event will take place the first week we get back on January 10th from 7-10:30pm. Worker spot sign up will be sent out before the break.  We have a meeting right before the Oyster Roast in January so I will be able to remind you of your duties then.  ~1500 tickets will be on sale.  Employee tickets will be limited. This is a popular event and sells out pretty quickly.  It is on the evening after Interprofessional Day.


New Business

Honor Council Meeting:  No cases.  Abuse of prescription stimulants without a prescription is considered cheating and will be considered as such if a case comes up.

Academic Affairs Committee Meeting Afterwards


Old Business

Sugar Free Fall Festival Evaluation:

Sumeen Maur:  The event was held in gym from 5-7pm.  We had a corn hole game and little kids came by and played and got a treats. There was also food, drinks and a DJ.

New Business

Habitat for Humanity:  Saturday, November 16th.  There will be 15-20 spots. 2 spots are still open. Benson Langdon and Sid Sehgal volunteered. The other 9 are eligible for the Holiday Dinner: Danny Vo, Jill Hubbuch, Kristin Dickman, Hallie Bagnal, Sharbel Elhage, Lindsay Dangerfield, Kenneth Gordon, Jake Al Sarraf, and Lindsay Kaufman. 

Liz Sheridan:  An email regarding the Habitat site location will be sent out.  There are also some online safety precautions as well.  Please wear appropriate clothes and closed-toed shoes.  There is a 30% chance of rain.  We will be completing a house: cleaning up, landscaping, touch up etc.

Tina Wagner:  Where is this information?

Liz Sheridan:  I will send out an email tomorrow.

MUSC Children’s Hospital Dinner with Santa and Friends:  Tuesday, December 3rd.  There will be limited sign ups with 9 spots.   This event will take place from 5-8pm in the Children’s Hospital. 

Santa Claus – Kenneth Gordon

Elves – Jill Hubbuch, Lindsay Kaufman, Hallie Bagnal, Kristin Dickman

Servers for dinner set up for patients and their families and friends:  Danny Vo, Sharbel Elhage, Lindsay Dangerfield, Jake Al Sarraf


New Business

Website update:  The website has been updated with the worker hours completed from the Sugar Free Fall Festival and the Winetasting. 

SGA Google Calendar:  I created an SGA Google Calendar for SGA reps on the website.  From the SGA homepage, it is located under the Rep Info tab.  You can view upcoming events either in calendar and agenda view to see what is coming up.  You can also add the calendar to your own Google calendar to view through your iPhone by clicking the “Add Google Calendar” button at the bottom right of the calendar.  This calendar includes SGA meetings, events, and service events.  You will be able to distinguish between service events because they are labeled “Service”.  If there is any other information that would be useful to add to the calendar, please let me know. 

Communications Walk: My committee will be going on a Communications Walk next Tuesday, November 19th at 5pm.  We will be meeting on the first floor lobby of the ECL Library.

INTRAMURALS:  Kevin Smuniewski - Don’t squeeze the juice won flag football.  It is their fifth championship.  They are a team composed of faculty members and residents.  The Dental dominators also won the non-competitive league. 


MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan:  World Aids Day will take place on Monday December 2nd at noon, in this auditorium (HSC 204).  There will be limited boxed lunches, so please RSVP via email. There will be a panel of people living with HIV.  There will also be poster presentations. 

Student Programs


Graduate Studies

Health ProfessionsHeather Spain:  OT is holding a “Party for a Purpose” on November 21st from 6-8pm at Mad River.  One of our Professors is receiving the highest award in OT and we are raising money to support her to attend a conference.  The cost is $5 and you will receive 10% off food. 

International Student Association – Nadia Mariutto: The world culture fair will be held  on Tuesday November 19th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Citadel Buyer Auditorium. 

Medicine – Layne Madden:  The CHAMPS basketball tournament is happening this Saturday.  You can still sign up.  Sign up at the library during the American lunch hour.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board – SAT/ACT prep will be held this Saturday morning and email will be sent out with more information.


Pharmacy – Leonardo Gonzalez: Christmas Crawl to support CYDC will be held on Friday, November 22nd from 7-11pm.  This event is supported by the COP.  The bar crawl starts at Mad River, and we go to Tsunami, Wild Wings, Molly Darcy, and Mac’s Place.  There will be drink specials at each place. Two of the bards will have food specials and two will also have DJs.  

Charlene Graavgard:  There are T-shirts for sale for the Christmas Crawl and you can also dress up.  There is also a speaker that will be coming to campus in January on Tuesday, January 14th at 4pm in the Bioengineering Building.  I am currently in the process of reserving the room and need to know the approximate number of attendees. If you could please spread the word to your peers and let me know how many people are interested.  The guest is Dr. Josh Danny from Vanderbilt, an associate professor in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics and Medicine.  He is part of the Pharmacogenomics Research Network and program at Vanderbilt which screens patients to tailor drug response.  I worked with his this summer and it should be a great talk. 


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