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MUSC Student Government Association

October 23rd Meeting Minutes


Old Business

Reading of the October 9th minutes:  Approved

New Business

Allocations Request, 2nd read – CHAMPS is asking for $900.

Pro vs Con:

Deidre Tindal: When he presented the event information, I thought it was a great organization to contribute to.  Not only would we be presenting to a great organization, but it will contribute to a great program and to great cause in our community. 

Layne Madden: Is anyone from the CHAMPS committee here? (There was no one) This is a vote right, no discussion?

James Atkison:  Yes, we are voting, but it can be voted down and we can have a discussion.

Layne Madden:  It doesn’t seem like the most efficient fundraiser, but maybe for a first event it is justifiable.

Katie Herbert:  The COM student council is giving them $500. 

Stephen Thompson:  When did they get it?

Katie Herbert:  Probably Monday.

Sumeen Maur: Can you remind us how much they are asking for?  How much do we have set aside for allocations in our budget?

Danny Vo:  They asked for $900 and we have $1500 in our allocations fund.  We are nearing the end of the semester--we only have 2 more meetings left.  A request must be made 2 meetings prior to the end of the semester so this meeting is the last chance.

James Atkison:  The funds do roll over into the next semester and we typically get more requests in the spring semester.

Deidre Tindal:  I would suggest providing $400 rather than $900 since they received $500 from COM.

Frankie Duperreault:  They are putting sponsors on the t-shirt, correct? 

Kristin Dickman:  That is why they are making the T-shirts, so that the sponsors that contribute will have their name on it. 

Frankie Duperreault: Are the sponsors paying for t-shirt then?

Kristin Dickman:  I think the money is going to something else, like the actual fundraising fo r the program, and we would fund the T-shirts.

Regina Brown:  There goal was to get 20 teams, and they had 10 teams registered last time I checked.  They have been in the library everyday for registration and we have been trying to get more teams together.  They are going to reach their team goal.

Philip Sobolesky: They want to raise $1500 for the program.  They cannot use our money to donate to the program, so why don’t we reduce it to compensate and cover the food costs.

Toya Williams:   Are we sure that they are getting $500?

Kate Herbert:  Yes, it is an award the COM Student Council gives every year.

Danny Vo:  If you want to vote it down then we can change the motion afterwards.

The vote was not passed to give CHAMPS $900

Danny Vo:  Would someone would like to propose a new motion?

Philip Sobolesky: Motion to allocate $500 to CHAMPS.

The vote was passed to give CHAMPS $500.

Next meetings: November 13th and December 4th

Dinner with the Sothmann’s: Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30pm at the American Theater on 446 King St.  Please RSVP on the Sign-up sheet.  It’s important that you show up if you sign up.  If you are not sure you will attend, don’t sign up.

Dr. Burnham:  This is a great evening to spend with the Deans and senior administrators on campus.  We have never been hosted by the Sothmann’s, but it is usually a great dinner.  Each of your will probably be seated with your Dean.  We ask that you dress appropriately, tie and jacket for men.  It is an informal dinner time.  I encourage you to come.  It is a great way to network and spend time with your peers and your Dean.  Susan Master who coordinates the event will make it a really nice event.  It is usually out in a couple of hours.  You are not permitted to bring a guest.  The event is for you. 

Nancy Carney is a new mother! 

Dr. Burnham:  The baby is still in NICU because she was having problems with her lungs so no pictures yet.

Congrats to Steven Holshouser for finishing the Ironman Triathlon!

Liz Sheridan:  What is the distance?

Steven Holshouser:  2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26 mile run.  You have to qualify at a previous race.  There were 700 from the US, and I placed 40th among them.

Please send all future college and organizational reports to me. 

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Lindsay Kaufmann and Mason Castles


Old Business

Improv Comedy Night Evaluation: The evaluation sheet was passed around.  We were $80.65 over budget.  Nadia got too happy at Publix.  She is not here for my joke. 

New Busines

MUSC SGA Winetasting:  The Winetasting will take place on November 8th. Tickets are sold out! There is one sign up opening up from 9-10pm for a wine dump. You will get in for free if you work the event.

Exam Break:  The final event for the semester is the exam break on Dec 9th.  It will take place around 5:30.  There will be 14 spots.

Sign up Genius:  Is 5pm a good time for sign up genius to be sent out?  (Yes by majority) I’ll leave it at 5pm.  I know some people have been getting it later, at 5:14, but I can’t do anything about that. 

Dana Nebergall:  I’m in lab until 8pm and all of the spots were filled.

Frankie Duperreault:  How many tickets were sold for the Winetasting?

Kevin Smuniewski:  800

Danny Vo:  Tickets to aquarium are already $25 so it’s a good deal. 


New Business

Honor Council Meeting:  The next Honor Council meeting will be held on Monday, October 28th.  There are no cases.

Constitutional Review:  My committee will be meeting after the next meeting so please review the constitution between now and then so that it is not too time consuming at the meeting.   


Old Business

Make a Difference Day Evaluation:  Saturday, October 12th.  The evaluation was sent around.  Does anyone want to speak a little bit about their experience?

Katie Herbert:  We had a free lunch and cleaned up Brittle Bank park.  We had 11 bags of trash. 

Philip Sobolesky:  We helped clean up at the Lowcountry Childrens Center.  They told us about child abuse and how much they are under budged.  We cleaned outside, painted inside and cleaned chairs.

Liz Sheridan:  Let’s hear about all of the locations.

James Atkison:  I went to the elementary school in North Charleston.  We re-did their garden.  There were a couple of students from the elementary school who came out and helped us. We took out the roots and covered the plot with fertilizers.  The kids will plant cauliflower and broccoli and the cafeteria is planning on cooking it.  

Liz Sheridan:  It was a science curriculum project and it will continue. This is a school that has Communities in Schools as an asset to help the behavior of the children.  The teacher reported that the students involved in the activity that Saturday were so proud and came back on Monday to report back to their peers and she could see positive changes in their behavior.    

Deidre Tindal:  We went to help with the Charleston Miracle League.  They are an organization that helps kids with disabilities to play baseball.  Some of the kids were so excited you could tell they probably didn’t get any sleep the night before.  It was wonderful! 

Liz Sheridan:  Meals on Wheels referred us to an elderly woman shut in that needed help, so we were there to help clean up her yard. Mt. Pleasant had cited her as a warning.  We cleaned it up and she was thrilled to be with MUSC students, as a former employee of the library herself.

Holly Berry: We painted the Metanoia Youth Center in North Charleston.  It is actually an Americorp project helping Metanoia youth to be self sufficient and to learn skills such as filling out college applications, financial help, encouraging entrepreneurship.  They told us about what they do while we painted.  Please   get involved next year and you will learn a lot about the community. 

New Business 

Sugar Free Fall Festival:  Thursday, October 24th. There will be multiple 1 hour shifts for this event so that you can fulfill your 3 required hours since some of you may have 1 hour spots from the Blood Drive. The sign up was sent to the blood drive first so they could get their hours. There are still some spots left.  The sign up sheet was passed around.  I am also passing around a sheet with your hours so you can see who should sign up.

Habitat for Humanity:  Saturday, November 16th.  There will be 15-20 spots.

MUSC Children’s Hospital Dinner with Santa and Friends:  Tuesday, December 3rd.  There will be limited sign ups.   

Regina Brown:  Is there a theme for tomorrow?

Liz Sheridan:  Yes, it will be crazy bones in the graveyard.  We will have Cornhole that looks like a grave and skeleton bones to toss.  There will be prizes. 

Holly Berry:  You can wear a costume. 


New Business

Website update:  The website has been updated with the worker hours completed from the Improv Comedy Night and Make a Difference Day.  Nancy also updated your individual photos on the website if you want to check them out.

College Reports:  I also want to remind everyone again that this year we are asking that you provide your college reports to us in advance so that they may be included on the agenda.  Please send any reports to Danny at by noon the Tuesday before the SGA meeting.

INTRAMURALS:  Kevin Smuniewski

Volleyball Captain’s Meeting:  There were 15 captains, so it will be a full league.  If you missed the meeting and need information, you can come to the office or look at the intramural website.  Rosters need to be in by October 30th at 3pm.  If you don’t have a team, you can sign up as a free agent.  Games start November 3rd and will be on Sundays from 1-7pm.


MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs – Dr. Burnham:  Thank you for responding so quickly to my request for the student panel.  Today Citadel seniors that are biology majors and interested in science and health-related careers came to campus.  You were fabulous.  I also want to give my annual reminder to drink responsibly at the Winetasting.  We continue to hold this event at the aquarium because we leave it how we found it.  We tend to behave appropriately, but we have had some instances, particularly with our women drinkers who drink too much and get sick.  We want you to have a good time, but it is a classy event, so please act as the professional men and women we know you are and ask your guests to do the same.  The problem we have had is with the people you bring.  Their behavior reflects on you. It is important to treat the property with dignity and not scare the creatures.  Don’t abuse our right to be there.  There are rules about touching the cages.  Please be mindful of that because we want to continue to come back.  We have limits for our tickets because he aquarium has fire codes.  

Dental – Sumeen Maur: This weekend, the 1st years are holding a Halloween party for the dental school.  Next week, the Women’s Dental Association will be having a Halloween Bowling Party.   

Graduate Studies – Philip Sobolesky:  We want to say thank you to SGA allowing board breakdown worker spots. 

Health Professions – Deidre Tindal:  CHP will be hosting a Halloween Party at the Joe Riley Stadium on Friday, October 25th.  We will be selling tickets for $15.  Proceeds will benefit the CARES clinic.  There will be a group costume contest for groups of 2-10 people per group.  You will get to walk across the dugout when you parade your costume.  There will be a DJ, dancing, etc. This event is not limited to MUSC students.  Still have tickets left.  I have tickets with me. The cost covers food and beverages.  We have good prizes for costume contest winners.  Especially since the Winetasting is sold out, come get Halloween party tickets!

International Student Association

Medicine – Layne Madden:  The American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) is hosting a Women's Health Fair in the horseshoe in front of the library on Thursday (Oct 24) from 10am-2pm. There will be lots of student organizations and outside organizations with booths that will have information regarding a topic in women's health.

Refer anyone interested in the CHAMPS basketball tournament to Matthew Nodelman at

Regina Brown: They will be in the Library from noon-1pm.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board




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