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MUSC Student Government Association

September 25th Meeting Minutes


Caroline Davila, Communications for Sustainability Program:  Our campus is 7.8 million square feet and has over 12,000 employees and students, thus sustainability is important both to our environment and to our health.  Keep in mind that as future health care providers, you have options to be more sustainable in your practices. This not only helps the environment, but will also benefit your patients’ health as environmental health and patient health is related. 

We have several sustainability focus areas at MUSC. One of these is climate.  The 4 past EPA administrators have admitted that climate change is an issue and that we as humans are contributing substantially toward this global climate change.  Climate change has impact on human health, as evidenced by the increase in allergies, colds, infectious diseases, and respiratory diseases, among others.  MUSC signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment.  We started out by taking a MUSC greenhouse gas inventory. 

We are also focusing on energy and green building.  The Bioengineering Building is an LEED Gold building.  It has 21.5% energy cost savings due to thick wall insulation, reflective windows, etc.  We have also changed out all of our light bulbs around campus as well.  This has saved us $664,700 annually.  We also upgraded the fume hoods around campus.  This helps save energy because the fume hoods suck up cold air and heat.  This saved us $288,523 annually.  Overall, we save $2.5 million per year in energy and water costs. 

We need to focus on energy and transportation. I use the CARTA bus to go to work and then use my bus once I am downtown and around campus.  I know most of you walk and bike and really help out with this issue.  I hope that the trend will continue and we can get more carpooling and bikers.  Telecommuting is also importance.  Next time, instead of attending a conference, try videoconferencing and attending webinars instead to reduce our impact.

We are also promoting saving energy by turning off lights and appliances.  We have stickers that we can provide anyone if you email us at  A major focus area is also water.  We have implemented flow restrictors that have helped with water leaks and saved us $509,760 annually. If you see a leak anywhere on campus contact us at 2-4119 and we will send someone from our office to take care of it. We also have a deep well under the Children’s Hospital for emergency situations so that we are sustainable if there is a storm or other emergency. 

We also focus on waste and reusing items that can be saved.  We keep reusable office supplies that are free to students, faculty, and staff.  This includes binders, staplers, notepads, etc.  If you have donations, call us and we can pick up your things if you have a box or more. When professors change offices or move around campus, they can donate their old supplies. MUSC is also focusing on recycling.  Unlike the residential areas, we keep our recycling separate.  Since our paper is nice, we have it separate from cardboard, plastic, etc.  Our cardboard is baled together along with paperboard.  Glass, plastic, and cans can be put in one bin along with other types of plastic as well.  We typically come to empty out recycling bins once a week or sometimes more. We try to keep paper recycling bins near copiers/fax machines, etc. and plastic, glass, and steel bins near breaks rooms, meeting rooms, and beverage machines.  If you have a lunch meeting and have cardboard boxes, please recycle them.  All it takes is one person to do it and everyone will follow.  Also remember to remove the food from the box before you recycle it.  Just remember that we do not recycle Styrofoam or any plastic wrap.  We recycle all plastics other than clingy plastic.  We are also now focusing on recycling electronics, such as printers, CDs, etc.  We will be collecting these things at the Technology fair.  We also recycle batteries.  Last year, we collected 7 tons of batteries.  We also recycle tires from our fleet of vehicles.  This past year, we recycled a ton of tires. 

Finally, we are also trying to become more sustainable in our grounds.  We have an arboretum on campus.  We are trying to increase the number of trees, but also diversify the number of trees.  The butterflies and bees need to interact with a variety of plants, not the same ones. We are also focusing on emphasizing native and local plants as well.

The MUSC cafeteria has done a great job of being ecofriendly and making changes according to the students’ requests.  They are not using compost containers for pre-consumer waste.  We have not gotten to post-consumer waste yet. 

We have also become eco-friendly in our regalia for graduation.  The robes are compostable.  You as a student are in charge of what changes we make on our campus.  If you see something that needs improving, please let us know.  As employees, we don’t have a say, but as a student, they will listen to you.  There is a sustainability Pledge offered on-line and I encourage you to take it. It has small things like taking shorter showers, turning off the light, etc.

We also have several environmental and eco-friendly research going on.  If you are conducting this type of research, please let me know!  Contact our office anytime at 4066 or recycle  We are 4 people in the office and 4 workers around campus.

Heather Spain:  It is a bit confusing that the plastics recycling bins around campus just say bottles when you can actually throw away all plastics.  Is there any way that we could change the signage?

Caroline Davila:  There is definitely a problem with signage on our recycling bins.  I will try to fix this issue and unify our signage.

Gabe Segarra:  Do you also collect reusable medical supplies?

Caroline Davila:  Yes, we can collect anything that you want to collect.  We can help out with that.  We just need to make sure that the supplies go to something.

Kevin Smuniewski:  Do you want to talk about the water filling stations?

Caroline Davila:  Yes, we have several water stations around campus. These allow you to fill the water bottle up completely rather than just half way. If you see an area that needs more water bottle filling stations please let me know!  The locations for these stations are on the map I passed around.

Clay Taylor, Office of the Chief Information Officer:  I, along with 4 other employees, manage information security for MUSC.  I work 24 hours a day and get up ~3-4 times a night to address a cyber-attack issues.  Right now, I am on 2 hours of sleep.  In order to prevent phishing attacks and further strengthen access to sensitive data, the MUSC board of trustees and VP’s council approved the implementation of the 2-factor authentication system for remote access to MUSC resources.  Already this year, 75 peoples’ emails have fallen for phishing attempts. This change will affect more than 13000 MUSC employees, faculty, and students. This prevents hackers from accessing your email and any PHI in those emails.  If you are going to be working off campus for an extended period of time, using VPN is recommended.  It allows you to have continuous access from the same IP, for 24 hours at a time, without having to re-authenticate using 2-factor. The IOS7 upgrade broke 2-factor.  We knew this was going to happen and contacted Microsoft 2 months ago and they never responded.  Now you have to re-activate 2-factor by deleting your account on your phone app and then re-registering through The other day a woman was really upset at me because her phone kept notifying her throughout the night.  I had her switch to phone call instead and immediately, the phone started calling.  I looked into it and it turned out that she was being hacked by someone in Vietnam.  Vietnam is not on our hacker list.  If someone is accessing your mail, do not authenticate them.  You can hit *# through the phone call or hit deny and report on the phone app.

Kristin Dickman:  What is VPN?

Clay Taylor:  Virtual Private Network.  It enables your home or private computer to act as it is an MUSC network computer. This allows you to securely access MUSC’s network while outside of campus.  It lasts for 24 hours so I recommend that you set up a VPN connection.

Stephen Thompson:  I have had trouble setting up VPN.

Clay Taylor:  You have to register for it first from on campus.  You can go to, and then you have to set it up from off-campus.  You can always call the IT help line.

Charlene Gravgaard:  If you do not respond to the phone call then you are not allowing them to access your account, right?

Clay Taylor:  That is correct, however, if you do not hit *# or deny and report, we do not find out about it and therefore cannot address it. 

Mobile Device Management allows only authorized individuals to access MUSC systems that contain sensitive data, PHI, or any other records.  There is significant risk of unauthorized access to sensitive MUSC data if a mobile device is lost or stolen.  If devices are lost, users can lock their device, locate their device, wipe their device completely, or wipe only MUSC data from the device. MDM does not allow administrators to see users’ private data stored on their phone such as texts, emails, phone calls, videos, and pictures. We can only see device data such as battery life, UDID, phone number, applications, passcode, and location.  It is important for us to know battery life because it allows us to see if someone turned off the phone on purpose or not. I have also heard issues about battery not lasting long.  This is because applications are trying to fight each other.  For iPhone, the location services and the Find my iPhone application fight each other and drain the battery.  On Android, the mail application and the new worx home mail application fight each other, draining the battery.  You will need to turn off these applications to save your battery life.

Natalie Vajta:  What do we need to turn off to save battery on IPhones?

Clay Taylor:  Turn off location services and use My IPhone.  They fight each other, draining the battery. 

Natalie Vajta:  How do we access location services?

Clay Taylor:  Through Worx Home.


Old Business

Reading of the September 11th minutes:  Approved

New Business

SGA Retreat: Thank you to all who came out.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Kevin Smuniewski:  Student Welfare Committee won.  They will receive a $25 gift card.  2nd place was Programs, followed by Service, Communications, and Academic Affairs.

Faculty Senate:  Does anyone have any questions or concerns for the faculty senate?

Commencement Speaker Suggestions:  Please provide your suggestions for Commencement speakers on the sheet being passed around.

Dorothea Gadsden:  In the past years, the commencement speakers have been someone that SGA reps have suggested so please take this seriously as the board members really listen to you.

Petition for Commencement Changes:  I would recommend that no one sign the petition to change the location of commencement to the North Charleston Coliseum.  Administration is looking at moving the commencement back to the Horseshoe, where it is traditionally held. 

Dorothea Gadsden:  The petition is to move commencement from the Citadel to address the limited ticketing issues to the North Charleston Coliseum where unlimited family and guest would be able to attend.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Kristin Dickman and Natalie Vajta


Old Business

Activities Fair Expense Report: We were $567.17 under budget.  The total expense was $4062.83 and the total income was $630 for a total next expenditure of $3432.83.  Roughly 1500 people were in attendance, as well as 24 community agencies, 38 student organizations, and 21 student service offices.

New Business

MUSC Art Walk: The MUSC Art Walk is on Friday, September 27th from 5pm – 8pm.  Appetizers and drinks will be provided.  Show up to the event wearing your wristband to get access to all galleries. Thirteen worker spots have been filled so far.  We still need more workers. Workers will get their wristband when they get to their shift spot.  If you are working during the 2nd shift, you can pick up your wristband at the gallery you will be working at.  A map of the art galleries will be sent to you via email.  We really need SGA reps to step up and work the Art Walk, especially since there is a big change up this year and we need to make sure to enforce it. Please sign up because there are limited worker spots left for the semester to fulfill your requirements.  We only have the Winetasting, exam breaks, and the Improv comedy night.  Both the exam breaks and the comedy night have very few worker spots and this year at the Winetasting we will have fewer than normal as well.

Nadia Mariutto:  Your main job will be to hand out maps, check for wristbands, and make sure that no one takes wine out of the building.  Public Safety will be around monitoring as well if you need help.

Michael Occhipinti:  Can we have 1 hour shifts rather than the 1.5 hour shifts that we currently have?  I can’t do an entire hour shift. 

Christopher Smith:  I second that.  I have an obligation on Friday evening so I couldn’t stay for the full 1.5 hours.

Stephen Thompson:  I understand, but if we changed all of the spots to 1 hour spots, there would be nearly 50 worker spots and every SGA representative would need to work the event.  We need all of the help that we can get, so if you can only stay for an hour, please email me and we can work something out.

Regina Brown:  Do we only work one gallery? Is that why there is only one spot per gallery?

Nadia:  Yes. The advisors, exec, and Public Safety will be around to help out at the galleries as well.

Improv Comedy Night:  Improv Comedy Night will take place on Thursday, October 17th at Theatre 99. Tickets will go on sale next Tuesday, October 1st. A reception will take place from 7-8pm.  It includes 1 drink ticket and appetizers.  A cash bar will be available.  The show will take place from 8-9pm.  Tickets are $5.  2 tickets per student ID.  The Sign-up Genius will be sent out after our next SGA meeting on October 10th.  There has been some confusion going on, so to clarify you can get 2 tickets with one student ID, and each ticket comes with 1 drink ticket.

Nancy Lemon:  Also, you can get 2 tickets with one student ID, but each ticket you get is $5.


New Business

Honor Council Meeting:  The next Honor Council meeting will be held on Monday, October 28th.  There are no cases.

Constitution:  Please look over the constitution and let me know if there is anything questionable on there so that my committee can address it.


Old Business

Marsh Sweep Evaluation – Michael Occhipinti:  We gathered 10 bags worth of trash, including a couple debit cards, tires, plastic and Styrofoam.  There was a researcher there from the Citadel who weighed the trash.  I got stuck in the mud, but someone helped me out.  We were there until the tide ran us out.  Overall, it was a great experience.

New Business

Blood Drive:  Tuesday, October 1st. Please sign up for 1 hour shifts.

Make a Difference Day:  Saturday, October 12th

Sugar Free Fall Festival:  Thursday, October 24th. There will be multiple 1 hour shifts for this event so that you can fulfill your 3 required hours since some of you may have 1 hour spots from the Blood Drive.


New Business

Website update:  The website has been updated with the worker spots completed from the Jewelry is Fun fundraiser and the Marsh Sweep.  Please check the Rep Requirements page under the SGA Rep Info tab on the SGA website and let me know if I need to make any changes in your worker hours.

SGA Pictures:  We will take SGA pictures at the October 9th SGA meeting.  Please dress appropriately.  You don’t have to dress up too much; just don’t wear your work out gear to the meeting that day.  We will be taking the pictures before the business portion of the meeting begins.  This means that if you would like to get out of the meeting in a timely manner, we need you to show up early around 5pm. We will be taking individual rep photos, college photos, and an SGA photo.  If your college can try to all get there early we can get your individual and college photos done.  It will make things go a lot faster. 

College Reports:  I also want to remind everyone again that this year we are asking that you provide your college reports to us in advance so that they may be included on the agenda.  Please send any reports to myself or by noon the Tuesday before the SGA meeting.

INTRAMURALS:  Kevin Smuniewski

No report


MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan:  The MUSC Blood Drive Challenge is on October 1st from 11am – 4pm in the Harper Student Center Gym.  Earn college bragging rights for the highest percentage of student donations.  Donors will be entered into a drawing for 2 free winetasting tickets. Please set up an appointment to donate blood to the American Red Cross at  Search 29425 or MUSC. They also accept walk-ins, but appointments will have priority.

Student Programs

Dental:  This Wednesday the American Dental Education Association held a lunch and learn with Yvonne Knight, Senior VP for Advocacy and Government Relations at ADEA, on the importance of advocating at the federal level for dental education.

Next week is CDM’s Rush Week!  We have 2 dental fraternities at MUSC, Delta Sigma Delta and Psi Omega.  The first years are invited to various events during the week to get to know both groups and on Friday, October 4th they are welcomed to join either group.  Both fraternities hold various social and fundraising events throughout the year.

Graduate Studies

Health Professions – Deidre Tindal:  CHP will be hosting a Halloween Party at the Joe Riley Stadium on Friday, October 25th.  We will be selling tickets (price TBD, likely $10-$15).  Proceeds will benefit the CARES clinic. 

Stephen Holshouser:  Where exactly is the event?

Deidre Tindal:  It is located on the upper deck of the Joe Riley Stadium.

James Atkison:  When will tickets go on sale?

Deidre Tindal:  They will go on sale 2 weeks prior to the event.

Philip Sobolesky:  Where do the proceeds go to?

Deidre Tindal:  CARES clinic. The event cost us $5000.  We are hoping to break even.  In order to break even, we need 300 guests in attendance.  Last year, we had 250 guests so I think we can make it to 300.  The extra money we make over $5000 from ticket sales will go to the CARES clinic.

International Student Association – Jake Al Sarraf:  We will be attending the MUSC Art Walk!

Medicine – Katie Herbert: Heads up for an exciting event for Medical Students for Burn Care International! The First Annual MS4BCI Oyster Roast will be held on Sunday, October 6 around 5 pm on Bowen's Island. Come join us for an evening of shucking oysters and raising money for compression suits and other needed supplies for a pediatric burn clinic in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Tickets are $20 and will get you all the oysters you can eat, a delicious item from the grill, and a feeling of satisfaction for helping out a worthy cause with all your friends. There will be live music and a lovely low country sunset. Tickets will be sold the next three weeks in the library lobby at lunch. Please contact Caroline West at for any questions. Thanks!

Philip Sobolesky:  Where can you purchase the tickets?

Katie Herbert:  The bottom of the stairs at the library lobby.

Join the CARES Clinic for a night on the water complete with dinner, dancing, drinks, and donations!  The CARES Clinic will be hosting our annual Boat Cruise aboard the lovely Spirit of the Low Country on Thursday, October 3rd.  The cruise boards at 7:30 and cruises around the harbor from 8-10:30.  Dinner and cash bar will be provided.  Additionally, a silent auction will be held on the cruise that will accept cash, check, and credit cards.  Tickets are $20 ($21 for credit cards) and will be sold during lunch in the library lobby starting September 23rd.  If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Sergi,

MEDICAL SERVICE TRIP TO HAITI: INFORMATION SESSIONS AND APPLICATIONS - Service Learners International is having two upcoming events to talk about the week-long trip to Haiti (June of next year).  In conjunction with the MUSC Center for Global Health, on September 26 at 12pm in Graves Auditorium there will be a student panel discussion about the trip this past summer.  On October 1, 2013 at 5PM (location TBA), there will be an interest meeting to go over the logistics of the trip and answer questions for those who are interested in applying.  If you are interested in being involved on the leadership team for SLI, applications are due October 6, 2013.  We will continue to take applications for the trip after October 6th, but all interested in leadership should apply by that date.  Please see the attached application and e-mail Luke Dong ( if you have any questions.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board – Christopher Smith:  Our next meeting will be on October 7th from noon – 1pm in ECL 107.


Pharmacy – Leonardo Gonzalez: We have a new 1st year rep, Caleb Fackler. 


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