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MUSC Student Government Association

2015-2016 College of Health Professions SGA Reps

Name: Ryan Maddrey

Undergrad: Clemson

Fun Fact: I was born without 7 teeth and now have 3 replacements.


Brien Hollingsworth

Undergrad: Univeristy of South Carolina

Fun Fact: I can do a pretty good impression of Cookie Monster.

Maggie Becker

Undergrad: University of South Carolina

Fun Fact: I hiked the Grand Canyon last spring.

Alexa Neiling

Undergrad: Clemson

Fun Fact: My favorite season is football season.

Carter Martens

Undergrad: Clemson

Fun Fact: I like to surf!

Celena Gordon

Undergrad: Clemson University

Fun Fact: I've been to five continents.

Kyle Maynard

Undergrad: University of Delaware

Fun Fact: I am the only person on earth who does not like Dave Matthews Band. 

Hayne Clifton

Fun Fact: I am from Kentucky and grew up competing at the national and worlds chapionship for horseback riding.

Laura Wilson

Undergrad: Bloomsburn University of Pennsylvania.

Fun Fact: My sister and I share the same birthday but aren't twins.  We are 2 years apart.

Rebekah Burr

Undergrad: Missouri State University

Fun Fact: I have run 3 marathons.




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