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Student Diversity at MUSC

Multicultural Student Organizations

Alliance for Hispanic Health (AHH)
The Alliance for Hispanic Health of MUSC was created to provide a forum for MUSC students, faculty, and staff to collaborate to address the health needs of the Hispanic community including health care services, cultural awareness, student needs and recruitment, and research.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is an organization of both gay and straight students at MUSC designed to provide a sense of community, support, and advocacy for lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in any medical profession.

International Student Association (ISA)
The International Student Association welcomes and assists international students as they arrive on campus and plans and promotes opportunities for cultural exchanges among international and American students.

Mulitcultural Graduate Student Association (MGSA)
The objectives of the Multicultural Graduate Student Association (MGSA) are
to enhance the well-being of all graduate students presently enrolled at the Medical University of South Carolina with particular concern to specific needs of students of color.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board (MSAB)
The Multicultural Student Advisory Board (MSAB) is composed of representatives from the minority student organizations in all six of the university’s colleges.  MSAB provides opportunities for social activities and strives to improve the recruitment and retention of minority faculty and students.

Multicultural Student Nurses Association (MSNA)
The Multicultural Student Nurses Association (MSNA) sponsors social activities and educational programs which target students who are licensed registered nurses.  Activities and programs are open to all students and faculty.

Student Health Professionals United in Recognizing Diversity (SHPURD)
The Student Health Professionals United in Recognizing Diversity (SHPURD) is an organization within the College of Health Professions at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) with an organization geared towards awareness of diversity related issues while providing service to underserved communities in the Charleston area.

Student National Dental Association (SNDA)
Student National Dental Association (SNDA) was created to encourage and promote minority recruitment/retention, to meet dental health needs of minority and underserved communities, and to create a relationship between the National Dental Association members and the students of this organization.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
The MUSC chapter of SNMA is committed to addressing the health care needs of the minority populations in Charleston, SC through actively participating in and sponsoring local health fairs, bone marrow drives, sickle cell testing, and a large number of other community service activities. We are also committed to informing minority students, on both the secondary and college school level, of the many employment opportunities available to them in the health care profession.

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)
The Student National Pharmaceutical Association is an organization of minority students enrolled at schools of pharmacy throughout the country.  It is devoted to developing a positive image for minority health care professionals and promoting health awareness in the community.  SNPhA’s parent organization is the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPhA), composed of licensed pharmacy practitioners.

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