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MUSC Student Handbook

College of Medicine

College of Medicine Student Council

The Student Council serves as the official means of communication between the student body of the College of Medicine and the faculty, administration, and MUSC community. The Council encourages the intellectual, social, and personal development of students in the College of Medicine, and above all, promotes the high esteem and ideals of the medical profession. The Student Council sponsors various social and service events during the year, such as orientation for incoming freshman, Careers in Medicine, Faculty Excellence Awards, Medfest, and the Charity Ball.

The College of Medicine Student Council receives mail and messages through Artice Smith in the College of Medicine Dean’s Office at 792-2063 or

Executive Officers

PresidentTravis Benzing
Vice PresidentRobert Razick
Secretary/TreasurerCameron Whihoit
Event CoordinatorJoshua Visserman
AdvisorGabrielle Redding

Class of 2018

PresidentChris Attaway
Vice PresidentTindal McLaurin
Secretary/TreasurerMegha Penmetsa
SGA RepsCaroline Hendricks
 Chris Azuzu

Class of 2017

PresidentMegan Fuqua
Vice PresidentLouise Wannamaker
Secretary/TreasurerChase Yonce
SGA RepresentativesHallie Bagnal
 Donna Fewell
 Sharbel Elhage

Class of 2016

PresidentMarshall Oelsen
Vice PresidentLavern Keitt
Secretary/TreasurerBrielle Weinstein
SGA RepsParas Patel
 Daniel Baker
Selectives and Electives Committee RepresentativeKatie Gray
Clinical Science Planning and Evaluation Committee Representative

Akash Naik

Hassieb Din

American Medical Association, Medical Student Section

The American Medical Association Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS), a division of the American Medical Association, represents the student voice in organized medicine. Its purpose is to provide medical student participation in AMA activities by providing meaningful input into the decision and policy-making processes of the Association, improving medical education, furthering professional excellence, and promoting activity within organized medicine on local, state, and national levels.

Each year, delegates from the chapter attend two national conventions to discuss and vote on student resolutions which are then referred to the AMA House of Delegates.  Members receive weekly issues of the Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Medical Newspaper and are entitled to AMA membership benefits. This chapter has strong ties to the South Carolina Medical Association, and members are encouraged to participate in its activities.


Kaileen Yeh


 Rachel Ellen 
Vice PresidentRobert Razick 
TreasurerAdam Welteler 
SecretaryVirginia Barton 
AdvisorRobert Sade, MD 

American Medical Student Association

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA), with a half-century history of medical student activism, is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States.  AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing your concerns.  With a membership of nearly 60,000 medical students, pre-meds, interns, residents and practicing physicians from across the country, AMSA continues its commitment to improving health care and health care delivery to all people;  promoting active improvement in medical education;  involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine;  assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems;  contributing to the welfare of medical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees;  and advancing the profession of medicine.

Student members have the opportunity to get involved with the wide range of programs sponsored nationally and locally.  Some local projects include the Sugar Free Fall Festival, Residency Fair, National Primary Care Week, Cover the Uninsured Week, lots of various service projects, and Action Committees on Community and Public Health, Global Health, Medical Education, Advocacy, Humanistic Medicine, and Health Policy.  National opportunities include numerous leadership trainings and conferences on all the above listed topics, as well as the yearly National and Regional Conventions, which are definitely the most fun you will have in medical school.  Members also receive the award-winning monthly magazine, The New Physician, as well as numerous other benefits and discounts on textbooks, medical supplies, hotel and car rentals, and other items.

For more information, please see the website at, or contact one of the local officers listed below:

Vice PresidentMorganne Phillips 
VP Service CoordinatorNarjah Martin 
VP of MembershipLavern Keitt 
Secretary/TreasurerBradley Saylors 

American Medical Women’s Association

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is a national organization of 3,000 women physicians and medical students. AMWA was founded in 1915 and is dedicated to promoting women’s health, improving the personal and professional well-being of its members, and increasing the influence of women in the medical profession.  AMWA’s target issues include women’s health issues such as breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, violence against women, tobacco, gender equity, reproductive health, and osteoporosis.  AMWA offers the following member services and programs to its national members:

  • Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association (JAMWA), a peer-reviewed, scientific, bi-monthly publication

  • What’s Happening in AMWA, AMWA’s newsletter

  • Recently established Gender Equity Awards which recognize faculty members who promote a gender fair environment for the education and training of physicians

  • Janet M. Glasgow Essay Award for the best essay identifying a woman physician who has been a significant role model and the Carroll L. Birch Award for best original research paper

  • Medical Education Loans

  • Bed and Breakfast Program when traveling for residency or job interviews.

The MUSC local AMWA branch provides positive role models for female medical students by putting them in contact with women physicians in the area and provides service to the community by supporting programs that emphasize women’s health needs.  AMWA  invites speakers and holds panel discussions throughout the year to promote awareness of women in medicine, to inform students of current issues in health care, and to provide ways for students to become involved within the community.  MUSC female medical students may join AMWA  by becoming either a national member or a local member.

Co-PresidentsSydney Ramsey 
 Rali Peneva 
Vice PresidentElizabeth Bassett 
Secretary/TreasurerKate Meason 
AdvisorDr. Gweneth Lazenby 

Alpha Omega Alpha

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is a medical honor society established to recognize medical students for scholarship and academic excellence and to recognize alumni and faculty for contributions to medicine and medical education.  The society elects its members from the upper one‑twelfth of the junior class and one‑sixth of the senior class.

Vice PresidentAlex McGaughey 
SecretaryJessica Kandl 
AdvisorDr. Chris Pelic and Dr. Alan Brown 

Anesthesia Interest Group

The Anesthesia Interest Group is open to all students in the College of Medicine who are interested in learning more about this specialty. The primary goal of AIG is to offer discussions with current anesthesiologists to define the role of the anesthesiologist, discuss the field and its subspecialties, the daily life, and the future of the profession. We will provide information on the match process, residency programs, and how to become a stronger candidate. To help accomplish our goals of what it means to practice anesthesia, we offer shadowing and hands-on workshops.

Co-PresidentsAlex Wharton 
 Xiya Zhu 
Vice PresidentLizzie Myers 
Treasurer / SecretaryJugal Dalal 
AdvisorsDr. Hebbar 
 Dr. Tobin 

Cultivating Health Among Medical Professionals (CHAMPs)

CHAMPS is a student-run interest group that stands for Cultivating Health Amongst Medical Professionals.  As aspiring physicians, our mission is to create healthy lifestyle habits, so that we can pass along these ideas to our patients in the future.  Eating healthy and exercising are critical elements that are often overlooked in healthcare, so we want to increase these positive lifestyle choices from the top down by starting with healthcare providers.  As a group we have meetings and lectures relating to health and fitness, along with discussions of how we can come together as medical students to help achieve certain fitness goals.  We're also active in community service with our Charity Basketball Tournament being the centerpiece, along with the Clash of the Classes competition.  These events are athletic competitions and events where students participate to help raise money for charities and other organizations.  For example,  thanks to our first ever basketball tournament last year, we were able to donate $1000 to an Autism program that is organized and run through the MUSC Wellness Center.  Next, we are hoping to get involved with local schools in the Charleston area to provide them with education and guidance in terms of eating healthy and the importance of exercise.  CHAMPS was recently created a few years ago, and we hope that it continues to grow each year.

PresidentMatt Nodelman
Vice PresidentParas Patel
SecretaryTim Kallgren
TreasurerPhil Kirn
Faculty AdvisorChris Pelic, MD

Cardiovascular Science Interest Group (CSIG)

The Cardiovascular Science Interest Group (CSIG) is open to all students in the College of Medicine interested in gaining additional knowledge of the fields of cardiovascular science including Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Anesthesiology, and Cardiac Imaging. CSIG strives to encourage cooperation among different disciplines of medicine pertaining to the treatment of cardiovascular disease, a necessary multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients with such diseases. The organization strives to accomplish its goals through regular meetings hosting faculty from the different disciplines of cardiovascular science, some of which are co-sponsored with other organizations sharing a common interest. Additionally, CSIG strives to increase knowledge by providing students a way to access shadowing opportunities in the different cardiovascular disciplines.

Co-PresidentsAndrew Renaldo 
 Allison Hajec 
Vice PresidentLauren Talley 
TreasurerDeep Sangani 


Crystal Zhang 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Chiaramida 

The Crucible

The Crucible is the official newsletter and the “student voice” of the College of Medicine. The journal is published entirely by College of Medicine students, and includes personal interest stories about College of Medicine students and faculty. The Crucible also endeavors to highlight issues that affect students at MUSC and address local, state, national, and international news from the medical student’s standpoint.  The Crucible has emerged as an important and effective liaison between students and faculty.  Print distribution is campus-wide, and all editions are available online at the College of Medicine Student Council web site.  To ask a question, make a comment, or get involved, please contact the Crucible staff online at or Editor, Ryan Rhome, at

Dermatology Interest Group

PresidentBrianna Ply 
Vice PresidentXiya Zhu 
Treasurer/SecretaryDana Coccola 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Pollack 


Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group at MUSC is a student run organization geared towards those interested in Emergency Medicine as a specialty and career choice. We hold regular monthly meetings that include both hands-on clinical skills labs and interactive presentations with Emergency Medicine Faculty and Residents (from surrounding areas).  We also include topics such as: the history of Emergency Medicine, lifestyle choices of EM physicians, and issues of importance to Emergency Medicine (e.g. litigation and overcrowding).

Third year medical students benefit from information sessions focused on planning their fourth year, choosing the time and location of their EM rotation, and choosing an EM residency.  1st and 2nd years have the opportunity to shadow physicians in a level 1 trauma center during the school year, and rising 2nd years can gain more exposure to EM during the Summer Experience.

EMIG was formed in the Spring of 1995 by Dr. Neil Gillespie, Bob Greaves, Ed Eastman with the help of emergency medicine physician, Dr. Rick Guobaitis, and was recognized by student government in the Fall of 1996. Dr. Francis Tunney is and has been the Faculty Advisor since June 2001.

Goals of EMIG are:

  • Organize, develop, and promote interest in the specialty of emergency medicine.
  • Provide leadership to promote active student involvement in emergency medicine.
  • Establish ongoing student education in the art of emergency medicine practices and procedures.
  • Expose members to the inner workings of a Level One Trauma Center.
  • Provide opportunities for pre-hospital and air ambulance ride-along.
  • Provide observational time in the trauma center and emergency department.
  • Provide workshops to enhance clinical skills.
  • Assist the professional advancement of those students seeking careers in emergency medicine.
  • Promote the high esteem and ideals of the emergency medical profession.
PresidentAdam Sendor 
Vice PresidentAaron Balckshaw 
SecretaryAlexandria Pannucio 
TreasurerDaniel Baker 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Simon Watson 

Family Medicine Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group includes students from all four years in the College of Medicine who wish to learn more about this specialty.  Meetings are held monthly in a lecture series discussing incentives of family medicine, the differences between rural and urban family medicine, residency opportunities, the business aspects of family practice, and health care reform in family medicine.  Members also have the opportunity to attend the state and national American Academy of Family Physicians’ conventions where they meet students and physicians across the state or nation to investigate and discuss the future of family medicine. 

PresidentBuddy Blanke 
Vice PresidentsVictoria Way 
Secretary/TreasurerAlyssa Huggins 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Benich 

Global and Tropical Medicine Interest Group (GTMIG)

The mission of the Global and Tropical Medicine Interest Group (GTMIG) is to stimulate interest in the area of global health through lectures, student interaction, and a developing network through which to find opportunities to be active abroad. GTMIG is open to all students in the College of Medicine who are interested in learning more about global health and/or tropical medicine. We hope each year to provide a series of lectures and discussions that will inspire and empower students to confront the diseases, disparities, and environmental health concerns of nations around the world. We hope to raise awareness of the complex health problems facing people of underdeveloped nations and serve as a resource to enable students to tackle these problems. This idea will also be directed toward a ‘think globally, act locally’ campaign that uses the underdeveloped template for providing healthcare constrained by limited resources to the underserved in the Charleston area.

We are very excited to build on the successes of our first year to make 2013-14 even better!

Vice President  
Faculty AdvisorDr. Andrea Summer 

Gold Humanism Honor Society

PresidentChristian Hicks 
Faculty AdvisorDr. McBurney & Dr. Gordon 

Health Policy Interest Group

PresidentEric Gold 
Co-Vice PresidentsTrinh Chu 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Dan Smith 

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is an organization open to all medical students.  Because the field of internal medicine is vast, IMIG strives to provide education and information regarding not only general internal medicine, but also the internal medicine subspecialties (cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, endocrinology, hematology, rheumatology, oncology, pulmonology, infectious diseases, allergy/immunology, and geriatrics).  This is achieved through presentations by experts in various internal medicine-related specialties and subspecialties, as well as through workshops, career fairs, and monthly meetings.  Students who choose to participate in the Internal Medicine Mentoring Program gain valuable insight from current MUSC internal medicine residents regarding residency applications, the match, and careers in internal medicine.  In addition, students are able to network and build valuable relationships with MUSC Department of Medicine faculty.  In addition, opportunities for shadowing can be coordinated for members who desire additional exposure to this exciting field.

PresidentKelsey Wilson 
Vice PresidentAshley Smith 
TreasurerChristopher Nguyen 
SecretaryLindsey Shehee 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Jairy Hunter 

Medical Student Alumni Council

Consisting of approximately eight students from each class, the Medical Student Alumni Council’s primary functions are to help ease the transition from medical student to active alumnus and to serve as liaisons between the student body and alumni.

The council assists the Office of Alumni Affairs in hosting student and alumni functions such as monthly Specialty Seminars, and regional receptions for alumni. One of two campus groups involved in the Charity Ball benefiting low-country charities, the Council is responsible for planning the Silent Auction accompanying the Charity Ball.  The council co-chairs also attend Alumni Association Board of Directors meetings to report on student activities and help with the reunion weekend, as well as various alumni functions.

Interviews for freshman membership are normally held in September and monthly luncheon meetings throughout the year.

Class of 2015

Co-chair (2012-2013)Andrew Baker
Co-chair (2012-2013)Lauren Benner
 John Campbell
 Raena Hariharan
Co-chair (2012-2013)Jennifer Haughney
 Katherine Herbert
 Sylvia Lee
 Dil Patel
 Nikesh Patel
 Jonathan Rollins
 Kendall Wannamaker

Class of 2016

 Tejbir Dhindsa
 John Capelle
 Ann Kelly
 Benjamin Muller
 Joshua Pope
 Goran Rac
Co-Chair (2013-2014)Garrett Rowe
Co-Chair (2013-2014)Sudeep Sunthankar
Co-Chair (2013-2014)Juliana Sobczyk
 David Williams

Class of 2017

 Travis Benzing
 Donna Fewell
Co-ChairMatthew T. Floyd
 Megan Hohenberger
Co-ChairSarah Maxwell
 John Murray
 Vincent Palmieri
 Coti Phillips
Co-ChairCarolyn Rogers
 Tyler Vines
 Phillip Westbrook
 Cameron Wilhoit

Class of 2018

AdvisorJeannie Grooms

Medical Student Business Association


Medical Students for Choice at MUSC

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) at MUSC is a member of the national MSFC organization that is committed to ensuring that all medical students receive basic instruction in the ethical, medical, legal, and psychosocial aspects of family planning.  Here at MUSC, MSFC works to create a supportive atmosphere for students interested in reproductive health. Projects include sponsoring speakers on topics such as RU486, abortion, infertility, forced sterilization, emergency contraception, and adoption; presenting information to community groups; sponsoring a Safe Sex Day; and initiating discussions on local and national views on contraception and family planning. These activities continue to increase understanding about reproductive issues and encourage tolerance in Charleston through discussion and education. Members may also attend the annual MSFC national meeting in the spring, where students and physicians have an opportunity to learn about reproductive health topics.  We invite you to take part in this dynamic group. 


Danielle DesJardins
Faculty AdvisorDr. Angela Dempsey 

Medical Student Ophthalmology Society

The Medical Student Ophthalmology Society (MSOS) was formed in 2004 to promote interest for eye care among medical students.  A major program established by the MSOS was Fight for SIGHT.  Fight for SIGHT is a community-focused organization, established by medical students and residents, dedicated to improving the eye health of medically underserved individuals in Charleston, South Carolina.  Indeed, a significant number of people in Charleston County have inadequate access to quality eye care services, including medical and surgical treatments.  Significant disability and decreased quality of life can result from visual impairment, thus highlighting the need to prevent vision loss among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. 

Fight for SIGHT’s mission is to promote Service for the medically underserved, Initiatives for the preservation of functional vision, Growth and renewal in underserved communities, Health education and advocacy, and Training for compassionate physicians.  To accomplish these goals, we organize and run comprehensive eye care screening and education clinics at sites around Charleston, bringing our services to where they are needed most.  For each of the residents and medical students involved in its far-reaching mission, Fight for SIGHT offers an excellent way to become exposed to a very real side of health care.  Staying in touch with the plight of the medically underserved and experiencing the personal satisfaction that comes in tangibly helping this grateful population helps ensure an enduring place for humanism in medicine.

PresidentAdam Pearlman 
Vice PresidentCate Gasper 
 Meghan Hohenberger 
TreasurerKatie Wood 
SecretarySusannah Brown 
Resident AdvisorDr. Edward Cheeseman 

OB/Gyn Interest Group

The OB/GYN Interest Group (OBIG) includes students in the College of Medicine who wish to learn more about this specialty.  Meetings will be held two times each semester in a lecture series discussing topics that will inform students about a career in OB/GYN, including information about the match process from residents and physicians.

PresidentElizabeth Bassett 
Vice PresidentNarjah Martin 
SecretaryAshley Navarro 
TreasurerJulia Devita 
AdvisorDr. Angela Demsey 

Oncology in Medicine Group(OMG)

Vice PresidentSarah Russo 
Secretary/TreasurerMalshundria Prophet 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Petkova 

Organization of Student Representatives

The Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) is a national organization directly affiliated with the AAMC and is composed of appointed/elected student representatives from every medical school within the United States and Puerto Rico.  Each school’s OSR representative serves as a link between his or her respective school and the AAMC, bringing student concerns to the AAMC’s attention, as well as distributing information from the AAMC to the medical schools/students.  OSR representatives have local responsibilities including serving on student council as well as various other university committees.  In addition, OSR representatives participate in and attend regional and national meetings.  MUSC’s OSR representatives are permanent voting members of the College of Medicine’s Curriculum Committee and also serve on the Course Evaluation Subcommittee and other permanent and ad hoc committees relating to the curriculum.  If there are questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the following OSR representatives:

Class of 2015Dil
Class of 2016Taylor
Class of 2017Travis
Class of 2018To be elected 

PATHOS (Pathology Interest Group)

TreasurerBriana Ply 
SecretaryTiffany Baker 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Batalis 

Pediatrics Interest Group

Co-PresidentsJenna Still 
 Kendall Headden 
Vice PresidentAndres Contreras 
Treasurer/SecretaryElizabeth Baker 
Faculty AdvisorDr. James Tolley, Sr. 

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was founded on March 31, 1889, to provide medical students with professional opportunities and social outlets.  On the national level, the organization offers scholarships, the chance to network with other physicians, free housing while traveling, and other benefits. 

The Sigma Kappa Chapter of Phi Chi enjoys being extremely involved at MUSC on many levels.  Socially, our calendar was full from free information luncheons for all those interested in joining the fraternity, to a school wide Back to School Party with over 200 people in attendance, as well as a Halloween Party for members and non-members.  But our role in the community was the focus of our fraternity this year, as we participated in, as well as organized, several philanthropic events that include participating in the MUSC Annual Sugar Free Fall Festival, sponsoring Primary Care Week Lecture Series and Alcohol Awareness speakers, sponsoring families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as co-sponsoring a Mardi Gras party with 100% of proceeds benefiting Hurricane Katrina victims.  We are also proud to be working with the Winwood Boys Home, an educational and rehabilitation center for abused boys. 

Phi Chi is not an exclusive organization and welcomes all medical students.  Our fraternity provides a way for medical students from first to fourth year to get to know and help each other. It is an outlet to relax through social activities and creates opportunities to get involved within the MUSC medical community and become leaders within the Charleston community through service projects.

PresidentW. Kirk Fowler 
Vice PresidentMolly Hook 
TreasurerJohn Synovec 
SecretaryElizabeth Stanley 
Facutly AdvisorEric Larson, MD 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group (PM&R)


The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group is a student-led organization open to anyone at MUSC who is interested in PM&R as a specialty and career choice. The primary goal of PM&RIG is to help students learn more about the field and its subspecialties, the daily life, and the future of the profession. We will offer regular meetings hosting current physiatrists from the Charleston area as they lead interactive discussions on their practice and on issues of importance to the field. We will also offer hands-on workshops teaching the procedures used by physicatrists in daily practice for clinical skills development. We will provide information on shadowing opportunities, the match process, residency programs, and how to become a stronger candidate.

PresidentKristina Drake 
Vice PresidentAshley Smith 
TreasurerElizabeth Baker 
SecretaryJoseph 'Hunter' Tipton 


Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) is an organization open to all medical students. It provides an opportunity to learn more about radiology and further explore what it means to have a career in radiology. There are many benefits of membership in the Radiology Interest Group. The following are just a few:  1) through discussions with experts in the different subspecialties, students are exposed to the wide variety of careers possible in radiology;  2) students gain invaluable advice about preparing for residency from residents and 4th year students, including the facts on residency selection, competition, locations, and how to make yourself a stronger candidate;  3) students are able to network and build valuable relationships with MUSC Radiology Faculty;  4) opportunities for shadowing and research can be coordinated for those members who desire these opportunities. Please feel free to contact any of the officers for more information about RIG, membership, or upcoming events.

4th year Co-PresidentJosh
3rd year Co-PresidentNick
Vice PresidentMatt Kofoed 
TreasurerLee Hewett 
2nd year RepresentativeLauren Snider 
Facutly AdvisorDr. Suranyi 


Sawbones, formed and approved by COMSC in 2006, is a Student Interest Group for those who are interested in Orthopaedics as a career.  Sawbones usually meets about 7-8 times per year at which time we have speakers from the field of Orthopaedics address various topics.  We also provide a casting and splinting workshop that is usually held once a year.  Last year, we were able to attend a couple of regional and national conferences free of charge, which we will plan on trying to do again this year.

Co-PresidentsMikhail Andrew 
 Ashley Anderson 
Vice PresidentLeah Nunez 
TreasuereHunter Matthews 
SecretaryEmily Green 
AdvisorDr. Lee Leddy 

Student Interest Group in Neurology

The Student Interest Group in Neurology was established with the purpose of making students aware of opportunities available in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery, and neuroscience.  It furthers the knowledge of neurology among medical students and provides opportunities to participate in neurology related activities including: discussions by neurologists, patient presentations, seminars, journal clubs, interactions with neurologists in the workplace, and research opportunities.  Special benefits for members include travel to conferences, access to scholarships and grants, and a subscription to “Neurology Today.”

PresidentMallory Roberts 
Vice PresidentTommy Hopkins 
TreasurerChris Nguyen 
SecretaryDavid Hartman 
AdvisorDr. Christina Vaughan 

Student National Medical Association

The Student National Medical Association, Inc. (SNMA) was established to increase the number of particularly sensitive and excellent physicians serving minority and indigent communities. These communities suffer disease, illness, and deprivation just as appalling and unacceptable as those in the majority community. In response to these problems, the SNMA was founded to foster an obligation to excellence and to produce high quality healthcare team members armed with the knowledge, skill, and insight to practice medicine within a minority community. The SNMA serves the fraternal needs of minority medical students.

In 1971, the SNMA became an independent, national nonprofit corporation with fiscal integrity and financial autonomy.  During the mid-to-late 1970s, the SNMA directed its energies toward issues addressing health education and healthcare delivery and responsible representation of minorities in the health professions.  The SNMA  has three main levels of operation: the national office, 10 regional offices, and 111 chapters in medical schools.


Brittany Cureton

 Ken Kennedy 
Vice PresidentBethany Carlos 
TreasurerMargaret Ball Dyson 
SecreataryVivian Chioma 
AdvisorDr. James Tolley, Sr. 

Student Psychiatry Interest Group

SPIG was formed to foster in MUSC students a knowledge of current psychiatric practice and standards of care, a desire to pursue a career in the ever-evolving field of psychiatry, and a love of the discipline that will translate to the highest quality of care for those with mental disorders and their families in the future.

Vice PresidentJenna Hislop 
SecretaryBarry Keane 
Department Liason/fundraisingLouise Wannamaker 
CommunityLiasonTommy Hopkins 
Faculty AdvisorsDr. Pelic 
 Dr. Cluver 

Surgical Training Awareness & Residency

Surgical Training Awareness and Residency (STAR) was founded in 1998 to inform and educate medical students about the various surgical specialties and residency programs.  STAR hosts speakers from various surgical disciplines on a monthly basis. We also provide opportunities for medical students to learn surgical techniques including knot-tying, scrubbing, and suturing. In the spring, we offer a residency workshop where speakers provide information on the process of applying for, and securing a position in the residency program of your choice.

Co-PresidentsBeau Kalan 
 Christopher McGee 
Vice PresidentsCaroline Cox 
Secretary/TreasurerJennie Kwon 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Maxwell 

MUSC Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (W.O.L.V.E.S.)

Our acronym stands for Wilderness Medicine Outdoor Learning Via Education and Simulation. Our mission is to provide programs and activities that advance our members' knowledge in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of medical problems away from hospital-based care. We host lectures, training, and scenario-based learning simulations centered on the practical application of wilderness medicine. We also seek to provide a forum for research, education, and exploration of careers related to wilderness medicine.  W.O.L.V.E.S seeks to explore the shared sense of adventure of its members in activities from mountaineering, climbing, sailing, diving, rafting, skiing, and kayaking to adventure travel, volunteer and relief work. Members have a respect for both the outdoors and the practice of medicine; our group aims to intertwine these passions by exposing its members to the practice of survival and austere medicine applicable to life in the great outdoors.

Co-PresidentsJudy Staub 
 Michael Green 
Vice PresidentNick Reaves 
TreasurerJosh Hammonds 
Faculty AdvisorsDr. Simon Watson 
 Dr. Sarah Sterner 

Women Interested in Surgery Experiences (WISE)

The Women Interested in Surgery Experiences interest group (WISE) will strive to increase the opportunities to interact with and learn about women in different surgical fields for the female students of the College of Medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina. Our hope is to provide learning experiences for first and second year female medical students, to encourage more women to consider a surgical career.  We hope to do this by providing educational opportunities, through shadowing, educational sessions, and opportunities for outreach in the Charleston Community.

We also hope to foster mentoring relationship between students and surgeons, to assist students in learning more about what it means to become a surgeon. To accomplish this, we will incorporate lecture and informal sessions with a mentoring program. The mentoring program will consist of medical students attending surgeon’s clinics and following them into the operating room. These experiences will hopefully encourage them to learn more about surgery as a potential career and become involved earlier than third year students.  It is our goal to empower female medical students with the information to make an educated decision on whether surgery is the appropriate choice for them, and if so, to help them learn more about the surgical specialties and surgery lifestyle issues.

Co PresidentsAndra Oprisan 
Vice PresidentRali Peneva 
TreasurerKristin Miller 
SecretaryAshliegh Van Metre 
Faculty AdvisorDr. Stephanie Montgomery 

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