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Plan for Dissemination of HEOA Peer to Peer Compliance Mandate

The U.S. Department of Education has issued  a federal mandate to college and university campuses effective  July 1, 2010 for compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) and in particular, with the provisions related to combating copyright infringement on campus networks.  To this end, the following campus policies are implemented to ensure compliance with the HEOA P2P mandate.

  1. All MUSC students will be notified twice annually (July 1 and January 15) via their individual email addresses and Student Broadcast announcements, to disclose copyright law and campus policies related to violated copyright law. 
  2. Campus policy will be accessible at the following web sites: Division of Education and Student Life Homepage, MUSC Student Handbook, MUSC SGA Homepage, Student Programs Homepage, the OCIO website and the MUSC Bulletin.
  3. MUSC will employ two types of technology-based deterrents to copyright abuse. First the University has established procedures for accepting and responding to DMCA notices.  Second, the University uses technical measures to block the use of P2P file sharing protocols on the campus network.
  4. Alternatives to illegal downloading will be maintained on sites most frequently used by students that include:  MUSC Copyright Toolkit and a list of alternative sites for legal downloading.
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