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MUSC Copyright Information Website

Higher Education Opportunity Act and Peer to Peer Compliance

Welcome to the Medical University of South Carolina’s Copyright Website

As stated in the MUSC Copyright Policy (2007) “ all members of the community- faculty, staff, students, volunteers and patrons- are expected to make a good faith effort to respect the rights of copyright owners.”   This site provides guidance to MUSC students, faculty and staff on the usage of copyrighted material.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive site for all resources and policy regarding copyright law and regulations.

This site is designed to provide campus copyright policy and guidelines in accordance with the HEOA P2P compliance mandate. For more information about HEOA please see the U.S. Copyright Office memorandum at AND

Illegal downloading is a federal violation and can lead to loss of MUSC network privileges.  Students may be sanctioned by their Colleges for unethical and unprofessional conduct.


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