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Social Networking

MUSC Guidelines for Student and Alumni Groups

The advent of new methods of electronic communication and social networking (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) presents unique challenges in education and health care.  This new technology is popular and has many useful features for students and healthcare professionals.  However, it opens the door for possible serious ramifications related to professionalism, boundaries, confidentiality, and a myriad of other problems.

Most universities and health centers have not developed policies to guide students and staff on appropriate use of these varied, ever-evolving technologic resources.  When put to good use, these new methods of electronic communication have the potential to enhance a student’s educational experience.  Yet, without guidance or a formal policy, students and staff will be navigating in uncharted waters opening them and their institutions to medicolegal or disciplinary consequences.

Student Electronic Communication Policy Committee

The charge of this committee is to develop an MUSC policy to help guide students’ use of electronic communication and social networking tools.  The policy should discourage inappropriate use, preserve students’ freedom of speech, and be compatible with MUSC IT policies.  In addition to educating students about the appropriate use of these technologies, the committee’s work will position MUSC to be a leader in this arena and a model for other schools.  The committee will report to the Associate Provost for Education and Student Life.

The committee will:

  1. review many of the new methods of electronic communication and social networking available to better understand the potential pitfalls;
  2. search the literature on this area and survey other schools and health care institutions regarding existing policies; and,
  3. formulate an MUSC policy that is practical, clear, and allows for adaptation as new technology is released.   

Committee Members

Darlene Shaw, PhDEducation and Student
Chris Pelic, MD (Chair)College of
Sally Kennedy, PhD, RNCollege of
Cami MeyerCollege of Health
Cathy Worrall, PharmD, BCPS, BCNSPCollege of
J. Robert Holmes, DDSCollege of Dental
Adrian NidaCGS
(John) Michael Barraza, Jr.COM
(Jenny) Rebecca FreemanCON
Jacqueline EckertCHP
Evan SmithCDM
Ashley M. FortressCGS
Mike Wheeler, MAUniversity
Joe Good, Esq.University
Candace Moorer, MLISLibraries and Learning
Resource Centers
Kevin SmuniewskiEducation and Student
Barbara BozarthEducation and Student


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