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MUSC Wellness Works

A Better You

This category focuses on both the emotional and physical side of personal well-being which plays a significant role on the ability to focus on one’s academic responsibilities. There is also a focus on the level of positive feeling about the life they live as well as the energy it takes to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides help to students whose concerns range from normal social or developmental issues to serious psychological problems. Common issues for which students seek assistance can include: dealing with a crisis (e.g., a broken relationship or the death of a loved one, legal problems), academic performance, poor self-confidence, stress and anxiety, substance abuse, sexual concerns/sexual identity, relationship/marital/family issues, eating disorders, depression, self-defeating/injurious behaviors, personal growth, perfectionism, procrastination, anger management and issues affecting learning.

ALCOHOL Advisory Group (AAG)

This group is charged with the task of finding effective ways to promote responsible alcohol use and reduce problematic drinking among MUSC students. Initiatives include tasking each college as well as some non-college programs (such as Interprofessional Education, Student Programs, and Public Safety) with adopting a month to host at least one activity to promote responsible use of alcohol or raise awareness about the issue of problematic drinking and campus resources that provide treatment.

Student Health

Student health provides health services to those students who are actively enrolled in semester course work and have paid a Student Services Fee. Health Services include Outpatient Medical Care, Preventive Medical Care, Laboratory and Radiographic Studies, Immunizations and Health Education.


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