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MUSC Wellness Works

Office of Health Promotion

This category focuses on all aspects of health, wellness and well-being. Just as the wellness wheel suggests that total well-being is holistic in nature, the Office of Health Promotion seeks to create a culture of total wellness throughout the MUSC community. Employee Wellness, the MUSC Urban Farm and Pitch the Pack are some of the components of this category.

Employee Wellness (Open to Students Too!)

Seek to create a culture of wellness that encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle by integrating activities, resources, and policies designed to enhance the health & well-being of the MUSC community. We coordinate Wellness efforts across MUSC, utilizing MUSC talent whenever possible - making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Urban Farm

MUSC has developed a half-acre of the North Garden as an educational garden with the goal of creating opportunities for our community to learn how to eat for health. The MUSC Urban Farm is designed to be a living classroom where students, faculty, staff, and the community come together to explore the connection between food and health through hands-on learning about the many varieties of vegetables, fruit, and herbs grown in South Carolina.

Pitch the Pack and Smoke Free Campus

This is a free smoking cessation program offered to MUSC employees and students. Classes, counseling and a one-month supply of medications are available to eligible participants. Receive a complementary "success kit" with enrollment filled with gifts! In addition, as of March 1, 2012, MUSC became a smoke free campus! Additional info on this initiative can be found at:


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