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Insurance – MUSC Student Health Insurance Plan

All MUSC students are required to carry health insurance as mandated by the college deans. Every semester, all students are offered a choice to waive out of student health insurance and continue coverage under a private plan (parents’, spouse’s, or personal private plan) or enroll in the student insurance plan. Students who do neither, will automatically be enrolled in the student health insurance plan.  (See details under Signing Up).

All students may use Student Health Services regardless of their health insurance plan. All visits are at no cost to students. However, health insurance may be necessary to cover expenses for care beyond what can be offered at Student Health Services (cost of labs, imaging studies, specialty referrals for care that is beyond the scope of services provided by Student Health Services, medication, emergency medical care, hospitalization, etc.)

Please, be aware, Student Health Insurance is different than MUSC Employee Health Insurance.

STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN :The University offers an affordable Student Health Insurance Plan which is comprehensive and meets the needs of most students.  This plan is available to enrolled students who are in a degree- granting program, taking 6 or more semester hours. 

MUSC participates in a consortium of South Carolina schools (USC, Clemson, Citadel, Winthrop, and Coastal Carolina) to collectively negotiate for an affordable insurance plan to meet the needs of its students.  This insurance plan offers more benefits at lower cost than comparably priced private insurance plans. To keep the premium costs low, this plan provides its best value for health conditions managed at Student Health. Students should understand the benefits and limits of this plan (as outlined below) before enrolling to ensure this plan meets their needs.
Signing Up: Students will be billed for Student Health Insurance on their tuition bills. That does not activate coverage. Students must sign up. Those who wait until the sign up deadline for automatic enrollment (which is after the effective date) will appear to have lapsed insurance between the prior semester’s expiration date and the automatic enrollment date. Until you sign up and print out your insurance card, you will not be able to get prescriptions filled, labs processed or insurance coverage for medical care given outside Student Health.

Advantages of the Student Health Insurance Plan for services evaluated and ordered by MUSC Student Health Services:

  • Routine diagnostic lab tests are covered at 100% of allowable charges.   
  • Preventive healthcare and screening testing stipulated under the Affordable Care Act are covered at 100 %.
  • Women’s’ Health Care – including contraception (IUD placement, Nexplanon placement, Oral Contraception, etc.), preventive care (Pap Smears, STD screening) are covered at 100% of allowable charges.

Considerations for students evaluating the Student Insurance Plan:

  • Student Health Services becomes the primary care provider for students enrolled on the Student Insurance Plan.  Primary care delivered outside Student Health Services is not covered by the insurance plan other than the specified exceptions (when students are > 30 miles from campus, urgent care needed when Student Health is closed, etc.).  
  • Medical services and labs performed by providers outside Student Health are subject to additional charges: Annual Deductible (In-Network: $750 for policy year 2017-2018, $1,500 Out-of-Network), Co-Pays, Co-Insurance (80% In-Network, 70% Out-of-Network).  
  • Students Health Services and CAPS do not manage ADD/ADHD medications. Students requiring stimulant medication management may self-refer to an in-network mental health or  primary care provider without a referral for this condition.   Insurance coverage through a primary care provider is limited to ADD/ADHD management, and will not cover unrelated primary care conditions. 
  • Referrals to specialists must originate from Student Health Services after initial evaluation at Student Health and deemed medically necessary.  Students on the Student Insurance Plan who bypass this procedure are liable for all charges incurred.
  • The MUSC sponsored Student Health Insurance plan may not provide optimal value for students who wish to keep their local healthcare provider(s) for routine primary care or who wish to self-refer to specialists without first being evaluated at Student Health. 

Students are encouraged to know the benefits and limits of the various insurance plans that are available, and choose the plan that best meets their healthcare needs.  Students can review the benefits of the student insurance plan online @:

To Purchase and Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan

Students taking 6 or more credit hours and enrolled in a degree seeking program are eligible to purchase student insurance.

  1. Create a new account
  2. Follow the instructions and submit
  3. Print insurance card
  • If you are a returning student, log into your account
  1. You will be given the option to show proof of insurance (waive) or enroll.
  2. Select Enroll
  3. Follow the instructions and submit
  4. Print insurance card

To Waive Out of Student Insurance/Provide Proof of Insurance

The waiver process must be completed each semester to remain effective. Before you begin, please make sure you have your current insurance card and nine digit Student ID number available (also known as “PVID” number which starts with 90xxxxxxx).

  1. Create a new account
  2. Follow the instructions and submit
  • If you are a returning student, log into your account
  1. You will be given the option to show proof of insurance (waive) or enroll.
  2. Select Waive and if you had an approved waiver the prior semester you will only verify that the information is correct for this policy year.
  3. Follow the instructions and submit

You will receive a confirmation email that your waiver has been approved within 24-72 hours. The charge will be removed from your account only if your waiver is approved. Pease allow up to 5 business days after your waiver is approved for the charge to be removed from your account. 

Student Health Insurance Plan Information

Insurance cards

Please be sure to carry your insurance card with you at all times.

Enrollment for spouses and dependents

Students who are enrolled in the school-sponsored plan may also enroll spouses and dependents under the plan by paying CHP directly.  
CHP Contact Information
1-877-657-5030 CHP customer service
Insurance website:
Insurance email:
MUSC Student Health Insurance Contact Information
Insurance email:
843-792-4402 or 843-792-2532

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