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Student Health Services

Student Health Services

Services Provided

Services are available to all students actively enrolled in a degree seeking program.

  1. Outpatient Medical Care - diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, as well as minor injuries.
  2. Preventive Medical Care - routine physical exams, cholesterol screening, annual pap smear/pelvic exam, etc.
  3. Laboratory and Radiographic Studies-routine laboratory and radiographic studies appropriate for diagnostic purposes. Students are responsible for any charges not covered by their health insurance. 
  4. Immunizations - once the pre-matriculation requirements have been met, Student Health Services will provide annual Flu vaccines and TB skin tests as needed at no  charge.  Tdap boosters, Hepatitis B vaccines, and travel vaccines are available at cost. 
  5. Health Education - publications and materials are available at Student Health Services on a variety of health topics.

Services Not Provided

  1. Surgical procedures (Outpatient and Inpatient)
  2. Cost of inpatient medical care and hospitalization
  3. Payment of prescription drugs
  4. Routine eye care (refraction, prescription glasses, contact lense care, etc.)
  5. Routine dental care
  6. Ambulance services
  7. Obstetrical care
  8. Male and female fertility evaluation
  9. Dependents' health care      
  10. Laboratory or radiographic studies ordered outside of Student Health Services
  11. Laboratory or radiographic studies not felt to be medically indicated by Student Health Services


Information regarding the physical or mental status of students is strictly confidential. Information regarding a student will not be released to persons outside of Student Health Services without the students written consent, unless legally mandated.


Student Health System works on an appointment system. You can call the clinic to make an appointment or walk in to schedule an appointment. Be aware, if you walk in for an immediate appointment, most likely you will not be able to be accommodated since other students have previously scheduled appointments.  You can be scheduled for the next available appointment. Exceptions may be made for emergent visits.

There are a limited number of web-based appointments that can be scheduled through LifeNet.  If you do not see the time you would like or your health concern listed, call the clinic. There are additional times available that are not available on the web.

Please, cancel appointments you are unable to keep so another student may use that time slot.


Students are responsible for notifying professors or instructors of absences caused by illness or injury. If instructors require written documentation of a clinic visit to Student Health, due to the confidentiality of medical information, only the date and time of the visit will be provided.


The cost of Student Health Services visits is included in tuition. There is no additional fee to students for any visit, regardless of the type of insurance coverage they carry. However, all students will be billed for the balance of any lab, x-ray, or referral charges incurred.



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