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Student Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions for Candidates and Graduates

As students approach graduation, several questions relating to insurance, coverage, and medical records come to mind. Answers to these frequently asked questions can be found here.

1. When am I no longer eligible to be seen as a patient at Student Health Services?

Eligibility for routine health care at Student Health Services ends the last day of your classes.

2. How do I get a copy of my immunization records and/or complete medical record?

Immunization records can be accessed through a secure on-line portal ( using your MUSC student ID and password. Students requesting hard copies of medical records must submit a signed and witnessed Authorization to Release Medical Information form. Once authorization is received, the requested information will be available within 48 hours if your record has not already been archived at an off-campus location. If already archived, there is a retrieval fee which must be received by our office before your record, complete or in part, can be requested from the archive facility. Since the courier from the archive facility delivers records once a week, there is a minimum of 7-10 business days (maximum of 60 days) before your record request can be completed. Immunizations will be faxed if requested on the authorization form. No other medical information from your record will be faxed. Any other information requested from your record will be mailed to the address indicated on the authorization form or available for you to pick up personally at Student Health Services.

3. How long are medical records available at Student Health Services?

Medical records are available for 10 years from the date of your last visit. For example, if you graduate Spring 2005, but your last medical visit was Spring 2004, your medical record is no longer available as of Spring 2014. Please remember that inactive records are archived at an off-campus facility as indicated above.

4. If I have the MUSC-sponsored Student Health Insurance with Pearce and Pearce, when is the policy cancelled?

Students who enrolled in the MUSC-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan during the Spring Semester have an automatic insurance cancellation date of August 19. Students on the MUSC-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan who graduate in December have an automatic insurance cancellation date of January 1. This allows ample time for graduates to enroll in another insurance plan of their choosing without a lapse in coverage.

5. If I have the MUSC-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan and am no longer eligible for medical care at SHS, where do I go for my health care?

You can go to the health care provider of your choice, without a referral.  For maximum benefit coverage, you should choose a health care provider within the AIG PPO network. A list of providers is available on-line at the website:

6. What do I do if I have forms from my new employer/residency program that require a physical exam and/or documentation of immunizations?

If a physical exam is required, you must make an appointment with one of the providers at Student Health prior to the end of the semester. If you need immunization documentation only, you must bring your forms to Student Health Services at least 48 hours in advance. Information from your record will be transcribed and verified by our nursing staff. If the form requires information (immunizations, titers, etc.) not required by MUSC, and therefore, not contained in your record, you are responsible for acquiring the additional information.




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