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Student Health Services

Medical Records Management in Student Health Services

How long are medical records available at Student Health Services?

Medical records are available for 10 years from the date of your last visit. For example, if you graduate Spring 2005, but your last medical visit was Spring 2004, your medical record will no longer be available as of Spring 2014.

How do I obtain a copy of my immunization records and / or complete medical record?

A signed and witnessed "SHS Authorization to Release Confidential Information Form" must be submitted. Immunizations will be faxed if requested on the authorization form. No other medical information from your record will be faxed. Any other information requested from your record will be mailed to the address indicated on the authorization form or available for you to pick up personally at Student Health Services.

PLEASE NOTE: A reasonable cost-based fee (fee schedule available at Student Health Services) for copies of protected health information and postage fees will be charged in accordance to SC law (SC 44-115-80). Fees must be paid to Student Health Services in advance before any records will be released.

State and Federal regulations allow thirty to sixty days to respond to an individual’s request for a copy of their medical records. For an actively enrolled student Student Health Services attempts to complete the request within two (2) business days. Please understand that all medical records of students that have graduated, withdrawn, or are on a leave of absence are not physically housed at Student Health Services.

SHS Authorization to Release Confidential Information Form (.html)

SHS Authorization to Release Confidential Information Form (.pdf)

If you are unable to access this form in a PDF format or any format, please contact Dorothy at 792-3664 in the Student Health Office to have a form mailed to you.


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